Do you like this silly pome for people who love spelling?

Asked By: C.S.Scotkin
Other Words That sing…Of Other Things Inspired by TD and Elaine P. A Medicalese Pome By C.S. Scotkin Appendectomy Tracheotomy Herniorraphy Biliary Colic Hysterectomy Gastrectomy Oophorosalpingectomy, bilateral Venipuncture Vasectomy Hypertensive crisis Testicular torsion Cholecystectomy Laparotomy Tonsillectomy Laminectomy Carotid Endarterectomy Now, if I could just remember how to spell common English….
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Can one tell a story in one's Poetry ?

Can one tell a story in one's Poetry ?
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POEM about african american discrimination plz plz help i'll give u best answer?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have to write a poem about african american discrimination between the time period of 1920-1960 plz can any one start me off make up the poem urself dont copy it off a site i can do that i want it to be my own i just need a sense a direction to start anything wud halp thank you
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i finally finished my poem{so relieved}...do you like it.?

Asked By: V
i see your eyes. so unforgivable, so condescending of everything i did. i hear your words. cutting through me, breakin down every defenses. it was all i had. i feel your hands. just itching to touch me, impatient to satiate your need. why do you want me so? i sense you behind me. weak and silent. wanting and waiting for me to notice you. i watch your every move. quiet and probing, letting me have the last word. " I love u" do you the last part?????? =] thanx
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An ocean of pain?

Asked By: meat
its late at night and she is sitting in her room the tears are falling on the ground forming a puddle she is holding the blade in her hand she feels the pain so deep inside her so deep...like the bottom of the ocean where noobody can see and nobody knows whats there.. just like her soul... but maybe its just empty maybe there is just nothing the puddle of tears is building into the ocean deep but empty.. she just wants it to stop she doesnt want to cry anymore.. or hurt anymore but pain is everywhere inside her.. it flows in her veins day after day.. deep.. she looks at her hand picks up the blade.. and presses it on her wrist where the branches of pain grow day after day..her veins.. her blood... and she cuts deep as she can... deep into the pain..into her empty soul that nobody ever got to know.. just like the bottom of the empty ocean.. that just lies there like her with no life at all yet its still there.. and so am i..
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poem on schizophrenia....or the beach or....?

Asked By: goldenn.eyyes
im writing a peom on schizophrenia its so hard for me because ive gone to a french school my hole life until the last three years ...so writing is my worst like...thing. s plz help it would be much apreciated.( it could also be a peom on the beach,about a son,or a wife) ideas ...
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i need help with the last 4 lines for this love poem!?

Asked By: Francesca T
anyone have ideas for the last 4 lines? please help! and i will greatly appreciate it! and it has to rhyme.
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Help me improve this poem please!?

Asked By: Nicole
Left behind Out of mind So easily replaced It all went to waste Not good enough Try and act tough Don’t let them see You cry and plea What went wrong Was it a lie all along Was it something you said Or your fault that she fled Happiness was so close But now it all goes To hell with a bow With one heavy blow A dent in your heart Now that you’re apart Everyone swears Time will answer your prayers You’ll learn to live on Even though she’s gone You’ll put time to the test Or put a bullet in your chest Because you can’t go on like this You just miss her kiss tell me what you get from it and how i can make it better
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In the poem-"the ancient mariner" why does the mariner stop 1 of the 3 guests?

Asked By: sana h
i mean-why does he stop that particular man?
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Tell Me what you think of this poem...written by a 14 year old?

Asked By: Anonymous
Been Here for a While… Yahoo or Hotmail, Myspace or Tag. Nikes or Reeboks, Mercedes or Jags? I reside in these likes, dislikes, and styles. Don't know where to move, cuz I've been here for a while. My peers seem to accept me; for what, I don't know. Cause of the Nikes that I'm rockin'? Or cause my personality has a glow. I'll never find out, because I've been here for a while. That stuff doesn't matter; I have someone else's style now. I'm known for what they see, not for "who I be"-Hold up! Did you hear that? That's not the way I was raised to speak. But I've adopted their language-I've adopted thier style. And I'll never give it up, cause I've been here for a whole. Can't define the word leader, cause I've followed for so long. Did everything they did- whether it be right or wrong. It was like I lost my virginity, the guilt lay inside. But that will never change me, cause here is where I reside. I'm messin' with my life now, just to gain a friend or two. Smokin' weed and sellin' crack- stuff I know I don't do. But I think I'm at that point now, where I'd die and walk the mile. I want to stay in this place I call home, cause I've been here for a while. I've tried to return to the normal life- trust me, I've been walking for miles. But once I get to the borderline I remember- I've Been Here For a While...
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