I think my hamster has a cold! PLEASE HELP!!!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok i think my hamster has a cold. i was watching him giving himself a bath and i think he started sneezing! is there any medicine i can buy at petsmart? it is a black bear hamster that is close to six weeks old! 20 POINTS TO BEST AWNSERER!!!!!!
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need guinea pig help?

Asked By: Plaid and skinnies
Ok so i decided i am getting a guinea pig and i have a chage in mind alos a list 1)the cage is 38 by38 or there is one that is 76 by 76" 2)supplies food bowl water bottle hide out using towl for bedding toys food hay anythink else i need to add also if i have a male shouldi get one or two becasue people have said oneadn others two Thanks Kim =) also if u hae anytips on handling don't worry i will do more research
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It's been 10 days-1week and 3days (my new baby hamster.....)?

Asked By: jnqross
why my baby syrian hamster still not use to me he still run like im after her he will let me feed him out my hand but he runs like as if he don't like me. he's still acting brand new.....should i give him back and get another one?
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How much does a hamster cost$ at petland & petsmart?

Asked By: Andy G
How much does a hamster cost$ at petland & petsmart?
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Mating robo hamsters?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have 3 robo hamsters they are almost 3 months old and 2 of them are always sniffing under each other and following each other they never fight could they be mating? I also need more signs to see if they are mating thanks!
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Syrian hamster plastic cage, what measurement box?

Asked By: Ami Baabaa
I am going to make a hamster cage from a plastic storage box and wire lid. What measurement box should I buy?
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Got Attacked By A Rat?

Asked By: Anonymous
My mothers pet rat saw my pet rat, went running after mine, so I picked him up to stop him, and he attackedd my hand. I have an inch deep gash in my hand, along with about 20 scratches. Was it normal for him to act that way? he's never hurt anyone before. and is very sweet. and also, now I'm kind of scared of him, so you think I have a right to be scared of him? or do you think I should just let it go? By the way, NO rude comments. I love these rats, no matter what. they've never hurt anyone before, are very sweet, so no rude comments, please. Or I will report it.
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Help me find my squirrel!?

Asked By: Anonymous
You see, I have a Flying Squirrel, and well, she kind of escaped her cage. Does anyone have any idea where she might like to hide? Like under my bed, behind a book case, etc. Please and thank you!
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

My hamster is wet on the upper half of the body. What does that mean?

Asked By: Anonymous
It's wet only on the upper body. It's as if he can't reach those areas to groom himself. He's also sort of like clearing his nose by frequently breathing out air like when you've got a runny nose. Those that mean he's sick? I've read about wet-tail, but that mentions the lower body. Note: I haven't seen ANY signs/symptoms of wet-tail.
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Do all guinea pigs stop eating before they give birth.?

Asked By: Terrance
I have a guinea pig who is due any day now and she still eats.
1 Answer(s) · 13 years ago