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Does anyone have a link to the Dr.Phil episode "A boy in trouble" that I can watch?

Asked By: fishie:3
I really want to watch that episode..I'm curious about it. Do not send to me, because besides you wouldnt be answering the question. I want to be taken where the episode is...and you cant watch it on I only want replies that answer my question thanks!
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Where all do they go on at for the American Idol tour? Need states and cities please! Thanks bunches.?

Asked By: misscaseyld04
Where all do they go on at for the American Idol tour? Need states and cities please! Thanks bunches.?
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Asked By: D K
Is there too much reality TV on the tube?
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Who is on I'm a celebrity get me out of here this year?

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I'm a celebrity get me out of here starts soon I saw an advert today . what celebritys are on. please answer thanks x
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Where can I watch "Frontier House" that was on PBS in 2002 online?

Asked By: Anonymous
Frontier House ... a mini series that was on PBS back in April of 2002 there was 6 each an hour long ... I tried Youtube.. and it only gave me parts of the episodes
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Rock of Love?????

Asked By: ?
I've always loved Bret.....I have since I saw him in 1988. But this show makes him look so shallow. Every time he is talking to one of the ho's (sorry, ladies) his eyes aren't even looking in the vicinity of their faces. Granted he's a boob man, but there is more to life that just that. What do you think?
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Does anyone know what the new RealWorld/RoadRules challenge is called?

Asked By: Big Andy
I've heard there's a preview for the new challenge but I don't know what it's called and I don't know when it starts and I don't know who's in it!!!! Can anyone answer all three of those questions???
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Who got voted off project runway last night october 1st?

Asked By: Sharon M
Who got voted off project runway last night october 1st?
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Who do you want to win on survivor and what do you think will happen next?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm glad that somebody finally got James out, they should have blindsighted him earlier since he was to strong with the 2 Idols. I think Courtney and Denise should go. Courtney does nothing and is only around because of her alliance with Todd. Denise is really just along for the ride IMO. Erik really doesn't do anything either except flirt. Todd and Amanda seem to be the masterminds here, but I don't like Todd since he is so annoying. PG is playing a good game, but she is getting desperate, but she has stayed here this long, so it will be interesting. So I would like the Final Four to be Todd, Amanda, PG, and Erik just because Courtney and Densie are lazy and don't pull their own weight. If it wasn't for Todd they would have left long ago. The previews looked interesting. It seemed like Amanda was thinking about allying herself with PG and Erik against Todd and I guess Courtney since Densie said she was a swing vote.
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Real Housewives of Atlanta: does anyone know who Kim's first husband was?

Asked By: Mary Alice_1979
I know Kim is divorced, but who is her ex husband? Someone has to be paying for the kids' dolce & gabbana dresses and chanel items. Or is it Big Papa?
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago