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I'm leaving my job of 6 years...?

Asked By: R
This was my first professional job after graduating from college, and I'm just wondering should I write goodbye letters to the people that I care about at this company? Or would that be weird? I don't know what the etiquette is? (There is only 2 people I actually like at the company, and they are purely professional relationships. These 2 people have taught me a lot)
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How much do you tell the employer you are having an interview with?

Asked By: Anonymous
I had enough room on my resume to list three jobs. I've had about eight different jobs over the years, but those are the only three I want them to know about. I got an e-mail from a company I'm interested in and they said they want me to fill out some information online before they do a phone interview this week. So I go online and fill the stuff out. In the process it asks me to put down all my previous jobs. I should just stick to what I want them to know/what's on my resume, right?
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how much money does a A.C. repair dude make?

Asked By: Anonymous
how much does a person in air-conditioner repair and maintenances make by the hour i dont know what i want to do with my life ,so i just decided to have a career or job in a.c. repair what kind of high school courses do i have 2 take? and do i have to go 2 college to get this job?
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how do i answer this interview question?

Asked By: Insert Name Here
If you had to live your life over again what would you do differently?
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I'm due my final paycheck and it's been more then a week...?

Asked By: millenium_ryan
I was released from my job on December 23rd (I know, sucks huh but I hated the job AND the boss so no big deal) anyways, according to Oregon law (where I live) says "If an employee is discharged, the final paycheck is due not later than the end of the next business day. " which would of been about 1230, December 24th. Because of the mutual dislike that my boss and I have for each other, on the day I was let go my boss said "I dont have your check for you today because I'm not prepared but I'll have it for you tomorrow" and I specifically asked "Can you mail it" because I didn't want to see my boss ever again at that point and he replied "Yes"...it has been more then a week since that and I have yet to receive a check. Oregon law says "If an employer willfully fails to pay any part of an employee´s final wages when due, then, as a penalty, the compensation of the employee shall continue from the appropriate due date, at the same regular hourly rate, for eight hours per day, until the wages are paid or until an action for collection is filed. The maximum penalty is for 30 days compensation" I'm very tempted to send my boss a letter saying I've waited more then the lawful time and I'll seek legal action. I have no interest in talking to him on the phone. Even with the holidays, it only takes a few days from when the check is dropped in the mail to when I receive it. Even if mailed on December 24th, I should've received it by the 27th. Is sending a letter quoting the law a good idea? Also if I do try to seek legal action for the days from 24th to now, should it be done prior to receiving the check?
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can you get unemployment if you are relocating and quieting your job and are going to school?

Asked By: Becka
I am moving to the bay area and I wanted to know if I can get unemployment because i am leaving my job to move and have yet to get a job, and i have no more time left too get a job be for i move i am also going to school but that's the easy part.
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how early can teens get jobs???

Asked By: !@#$%^&*
Hi, im 13 years old and i was just wondering about what age do places start hiring, and what places start younger than others? What r some fun and good places to work at while ur a teen?
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What questions do they ask at an interview?

Asked By: faith♥♪♫
Target specifically.......
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What kind of job could I find with a BSc(hons) Animation?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hello I am wondering where and how I should look for a job after getting my Bachelor degree. Also I want to know if connections are important in getting a job, or is creativity and talent more important? Thanks a lot in advance and if you are helpful I will give you best answer thanks.
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What is "internship" in a job search?

Asked By: Anonymous
What is "internship" in a job search?
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