What linken park song will be in guitar hero world tour?

Asked By: Anonymous
What linken park song will be in guitar hero world tour?
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seductive emo music. need help?

Asked By: Rachel
i like some emo music but i don't know what bands r good. i don't like really hard rock music.i used to date this guy that was emo and i like his music. i cant remember the name of the bands/singers or the words to the songs.
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In the the James Blunt song 1973, he says they would sing a song called here we go again?

Asked By: DwightTheDragon
does anyone know what song or whatever hes reffering to?
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new country song, last call.

Asked By: Anonymous
i was wondering who sings the song "last call" i think that'd what it is called. it's saying how he must be at a bar, because she's always his last call. anyone know the singer ? thanks guys !
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Where does Tim Burton live ?

Asked By: DZV14
I always wanted to be in his movies. So I made a CD with me singing some songs from his movies and i would love to send it to him. So please if you know it i would be the happiest person ever. Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving
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What do You Think About The Song "Georgia On My Mind"?

Asked By: hi
Sung by Ray Charles,of course
7 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

country music...who sings this! so honey turn the lights down low?

Asked By: wendy a
we dont have know place to go, i just want to be your man,,,,something like that.......thanks yall
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I am trying to think of a country song that would be good for a father-daughter dance.?

Asked By: Anonymous
The song goes through the various stages of the daughter's life, then ends with her mother looking down from heaven on her wedding day. I'm not sure, but it might be that the daughter is wearing her mother's wedding dress (so am I)! So, it would be the perfect song for me and my dad - - I just can't remember the name or artist!! Ugh!!! :)
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Why are all the babies girls?

Asked By: 哈哈哈 ^_^
Why are all the babies in country songs girls? I have all boys so I guess i'd notice more, it just seems strange.
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looking for 2 country songs, please help?

Asked By: AmBeR
the first one is called she never cried in front of me but i cant find it anywhere the second i dont know the name of but its talking about a girl who is tellin her dad he can let go and how she is ready it goes threw her learning to ride a bike to gettin married if you know where i can find either of these songs please answer thanx :)
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