The best jumping saddle for me?

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I own a crosby equilibrium right now, I'd guestimate it to be at least 5 years old, but it's in fairly good shape despite the fact that half the d rings fell off :[. I really like the deepness of the seat and the closeness you get in it, and I've rarely felt insecure in it. I jump 3 ft right now (thats all my horse can do) and I will probably go higher, and I'd bet we're doing at least level 3 dressage, probably higher. The point is should I keep my crosby? (which I love BTW BUT it is getting old) or is there another saddle that I would enjoy?
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I've got this awesome horse you can do anything with.....but what are some fun things to do with her?

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I've stood up, stood up and walked, round the world, sidesaddle, bareback, jump, trail, spin, slide, gallop, and done obstacle courses. I show horses, but right now when the weather's cold, I like to do 'tricks.' Do you have any ideas for some really cool, fun, and different things to do? Last night when I was riding with my friend we did lots of fun and crazy stuff - she jumped and cantered without holding on while I was working on the poles pattern. So you have any ideas of things for obstacle courses? Or western events? Or things to do when you jump? I'm willing to try anything you throw at me - I'm a daredevil but I'm sensible and responsible at the same time so if something really is stupid I won't do it. I won't endager my horse or myself. I've been riding for longer than I can remember and along wtih 4 others I am the 'head wrangler' at a barn with nearly a hundred kids in and out. I've definetely got experience. I've been training horses since I was eight. I've only fell off twice.....and there have been times when I almost have, but I've caught myself. I'm sorry if I sound conceited, but I just wanna make it clear as long as it won't hurt me or my horse, I'll do it! My friend and I are just trying to come up with some fun things to do. I can never come up with any, that's why I'm asking you!!!!!
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Please Help with this Horse Question?

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so my mare Bella is eight, had a baby once long long time ago. she is NOT preggers. I was cleaning her udder today and I squeezed one because it felt a little puffy compared to the other one, and instead of the clear, milkyish type of liquid that usually squirts out, this really thick, white discharge came oozing out instead. She does not seem to be in any pain and it was just really nasty. It doesn't smell, it looked like the stuff that comes out of pimples. Again she did not seem to be in any pain, but this was just out of the norm. I don't think it could be mastitis because the only time she got that her back legs became swollen. Any suggestions??
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Things you can only say in a horse barn?

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I found this site and I think it is pretty darn funny. After reading these, I relized I was using some of these quotes without even noticing what it might sound like if I were talking to a non-horse person. I don't know, I just thought I'd share them with all you other horsey people. If you have anymore feel free to share.
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How can I spend Christmas with my horse?

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Well, hopefully I'll have my horse by then. I saw a cute Santa Hat that hangs on a horses ear, and that my be an option as well. Can you think of any gifts that would be on a horse's wish list?
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Would you pick a discipline on what you wanted to do or what your horse would be good at? I wanted to do dressage but my gelding would probably be better at jumping because of of his go-go-go attitude...I've been told that he would be good at endurance because of his speed, the muscle mass in his legs and he can run for long distances. Should I be considering eventing to get a mix of all 3 disciplines and if so, should I get an a/p saddle or do I need individual saddles for each discipline? I feel like banging my head against the walls somedays thinking about what we should do. Right now we're working on his attitude issues in the round pen. I would like to make this decision before I buy a saddle and start training for a discipline once we fix this attitude problem. PLEASE HELP before I end up going crazy!!
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What bit to use?

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All my years ive used a snaffle. I never had a horse that didnt do well in one, and ive reused snaffles etc. So literallly i have thousands of them. Although my horse, is very resistant. Hes not sensitive and often trys to get away with everything. So i admit ive been a bit heavy handed. Which ive been improving so its not a issue anymore. I need a bit that is mild, yet id have plenty of control. I used a eggbutt, didnt work. Used a fullcheek, didnt work. What are the combination bits like? What bit do you use and what is it like? PLEASE DO NOT answer if you have no clue. And dont answer with 'snaffle' i want a full explanation of a bit. thanks.
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Care to answer a few random horse-related questions...?

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Hi. I have a few questions relating to horses... Number one: Im getting a used saddle. Its in very good condition, actually. Its a 2 year old collegate. Its my friends, but shes selling it to me for $400. However, shes only 11 and didnt really care about cleaning it or anything... Anyway, theres some marks and wear from the stirrup leathers. What can I do to remove that? Also, how often do you think I should clean it with a glycerin bar and conditioner? I know im going to clean it right after I get it. But I ride 3 sometimes 4 times a week. Theres usually a lot of dust, unless it rained a day or two before. I plan to keep it at the barn with a saddle cover. Any opinons? Number Two: I noticed that the one lesson horse, Chase, has been kind of... I dont know... out of it. Hes naturally lazy (lol) but lately he's been stubborn. I think he might be depressed. Out in the field, he always stands up against the fence with his ears related and... well, just stands there. When another horse comes by, he pins his ears back. Could he be depressed, or just in need of some TLC? What could I do to make him feel more loved if this is the case? And finally, my last question... Am I still considered a beginner rider, or what? My ex-trainer saw me again (-_-) and she asked me how my riding was going... I said, "Great. My new trainer moved me up to her intermediate (middle leveled) class." She said, "That was a bad idea- youre still a beginner." So, heres what I know: Ive been riding since I was seven- Ive been riding for about 2 and a half, maybe 3 years straight now, well, atleast once a week. I have two ponies... I can walk, two-point trot, posting trot, sitting trot, canter, simple lead change, flying lead change... Ive jumped probably about 2'6" at the highest, maybe even a bit higher since my pony jumped higher to clear it. I can clean a saddle, put a bridle together, groom a horse, give a horse a bath, muck stalls, fluff stalls, bed. Ive fed before as well. I help let the horses in a lot. So thats a brief history of my riding... What would you consider me? Im just curious to know if im still considered a beginner. I also have a video of me jumping here, if it matters at all- Thanks so much!!
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What are play days? For horses?

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I have been looking at adds today for horses and this is the first time I have ever seen this! In the description it would say..."been run in tons of play days by eight year old girl..." or somethig along those lines...So what are they? I saw like three or four of them today when I was on the intenet...
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Is 35 too old to take riding lessons?

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I'd like to eventually lease a horse. I had a horse about 10 years ago but I wasn't ready to own one and he was way too much of a horse for me (a spirited Arab out of Bask lines, enough said). I boarded him. I stupidly picked him 'cause he was so beautiful when I should've taken a lot more lessons and then got a nice Quarter Horse that was good for novice riders. I've been riding off and on and taking lessons since 9 but I've never really stuck with it 'cause I took English lessons and they were sooo hard! I couldn't get the ryhthmn down. I'm thinking maybe Western is more for me. I used to think hunt seat was so fancy but I just want to have fun! About how many lessons should I take before I look into even leasing a horse? I need to re-learn how to tack a horse for one. I've also been thrown alot (mainly by my nightmare Arabian) so I have to get over my fear. I still love horses so much! I want to try leasing for a while to see if I do want to maybe buy another horse and board it but I really need to see if I'm serious about it. How much should I pay for lessons now? And how do you go about leasing a horse or maybe co-owning one? Also, I'd have to board, I live in an area where livestock isn't allowed. THANKS!
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