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What 10 things must be done to be always happy?

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What 10 things must be done to be always happy?
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Compare and Contrast the Love Triangle in the Tales of King Arthur, & the story/film of Tristan & Isolde?

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Compare and Contrast the Love Triangle appearing in the Tales of King Arthur, and in the story/film of Tristan & Isolde
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did anyone read a book called The Chocolate War?

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i kind of have to answer questions about it and i would like to know whats it about=]
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If ppl know they like to be viewed a certain way when they are alive?

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wouldn't this be the same ppl that also life to be viewed the same way when they are(dead) passed on to their next life. For instance someone that leaves a will, Are they doing that so they can still have that same title that they have when they are alive a good provider even thought they are not her to provide emotionally anymore, but still can provide financially. How about some ppl that don't leave anything was they selfish here on earth and leaving this world selfish was to be accepted.
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I'm looking for a site that allows multiple people to upload photos to share with one another.?

Asked By: K. M
We went on a school trip and I'm looking for a site where we can all put our pictures and share with each other. Help@!
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why do people find security in god/religion?

Asked By: Nevermind
why do people find so much security in got/religion? please explain in detail i have studied four main religions and i don't understand why people follow any religion. im not having a go at people i dont care what people do. people can do anything they want dosent bother me i just want to know what people think because i cant understand it
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Which books should i read? (List)

Asked By: vannah
Okay so for my english 2 honors class we're supposed to read a couple off this list. Boyd, Any Human Heart Camus, The Stranger Cervantes, Don Quixote Dante, Inferno Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo Golding, Lord of the Flies Grass, Tin Drum More, Sir Thomas, Utopia Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front Sartre, No Exit and Three Other Plays Swift, Gulliver’s Travels vonGoethe, Sorrows of Young Werther Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek which ones do you recommend? i'm a pretty diverse reader. i am a 15 year old girl, but i enjoy politics, civilization; etc. if you've read any, or recognized an author, let me know :)
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When your a true genius, nobody understands a thing your doing

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Discrimation Against Jews...?

Asked By: Gia
Two questions: 1. What were some degrading names Nazis called the Jews at the time of WWII? 2. How were Jews used as scapegoats? 10 points. I <3 you if you help me. :]
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Celebutantes: To The Penthouse by Antonio Pagliarulo?

Asked By: Laura H
How did Poppy know that someone was going to die if she wasn't a real psychic?
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