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Wording for phone msg service?

Asked By: Beauty
Im trying to make my msg service sound professional as iv just opened a buisness. Does any one know were i can get some wording templates as i dont know what to say on my msg service
2 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

What happens if i end item on ebay,but somebody has bidded?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am selling an xbox 360 on ebay,and someone bidded £100.If i end the item,will that person's bidding cancel? or will it give that person an option to pay through paypal?
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

is cigna insurance covered the tubal ligation?

Asked By: alex53597
is cigna insurance covered the tubal ligation?
4 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

what questions can i expect at a social work job interview?

Asked By: Anonymous
i have just been asked to come for an interview by a social services department regarding a social worker job i applied for. As my last interview took place in a supermarket in order for me to pay my way through university i am naturally nervous any ideas.
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

craigs list question? does this sound real. im not sure!!?

Asked By: thanksbeezy!
So I posted a listing for a dollhouse I am trying to sell. I got a few respondants But I am not sure if this one sounds real or not. please help. i have never listed anything on craigs list before! and i dont want to get taken advantage of. Here is the email convo that we have had so far: Good Day, This is Mr. John Terry. I resided at (#### AVONWOOD CT LUTZ,FL 33559 USA). I will like to make purchase of your item on craigslist website and I will like to know if you still have it available for sale. Also are you the real owner of this item? And kindly confirm to me if the price still remain the same. I will also like you to let me know more about its present condition. I will also like to keep you Inform that I will be making the shipping arrangement from your place after you receive the payment and the payment will be made to you by check after you reconfirm the final price to me. I will be awaiting to read from you soonest. Best Regards, John .- - - - - - - Hello John, Yes the item is still available. The price is $80. I hope you are aware that I am in California. If you are still interested in the item I would be more than happy to make arrangments for the sale. Please know I have others who have contacted me about the item also, so I need to know if you are seriously interested ASAP. To answer your questions Yes I am the real owner. I purchased the item last December (2007), and she never really used it. As for the condition: It is in great condition. As I mentioned to you before, my daughter hardly used the dollhouse. It comes with origianl accessories. Fully assembled. I will not be able to take the dollhouse apart, so any shipping arrangments you make will have to be for the item as it is which is approx. 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The price is $80.00 and you would have to pay me the estimated shipping cost, so I could ship it to you. Please let me know if you are still interested : ) Sandra - - - - - - - Thank you this sound good to me, The reason for sending you this email is to make final reconfirmation. Regarding the shipping, I have a Shipper Agent that takes care of the pickup of my consignments for me and ship to my destination in Lutz Florida. More so, you will be receiving an overdraft Cashier's Check from my Associate which will cover the money for the pickup of all my consignments that has already being in transit with my shipping agent and the sale cost, then they will also be coming for your own pick up. So as soon as you received the Check and pay the check into your account, then deduct the money that is meant for the sale of the item and then you effect the balance to the shipper Agent that handles the shipment this should be sent to the shipper by Money Gram Transfer/ Western Union. Below details needed for issuing the Cashier's Check. (1) Your Full Name (2) Mailing address City,State,Zip Code, no please (3) Your direct telephone number both home and cell.? {4} Acceptance of my offer (5) Last price as prescribed on craigslist: Once I have the details, the payment will be issued out on Monday by my Associate and tracking number will be given to you. Hope to read from you immediately you received this email. I will also offer you an extra $20 for keeping the purchase for me till the shipper comes for the pick up and take the sale off the advert. I will be looking forward to your swift response. Best Regards, John .
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

can I change the irrevocable trust my grandfather set up?

Asked By: ksewell1183
my grandpa commited suicide and left me a trust fund that is irrevocable. he was not happy with me at all before he died because I was young stupid and irresponsible. I am now married, have a child and am no longer the same person. I think the way he set it up is harsh. but it was smart in some ways. I want to keep everything the same except take out a little to get my family into a house. is this possible?
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

is there someone interested in investing in my business in south africa it is a landscaping & garden services?

Asked By: vukilemagadla
it is a start up business and i`m lacking collateral to acces banks assistance.
1 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Please help me to understand FDIC insurance?

Asked By: Anonymous
If I have a CD with $90,000 and a money market account with $90,000 with the SAME bank am I insured up to $100,000 for the Cd AND Money Market account or am I still insured $100,000 total leaving $80,000 uninsured?
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

whether service tax payable on sale of computer programme/software on which we have paid sales tax?

Asked By: Anonymous
whether service tax payable on sale of computer programme/software on which we have paid sales tax?
1 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

dumb question #1 can i deposit a check directly into an ATM?

Asked By: jj5jj4jj3jj2jj1
dumb question #1 can i deposit a check directly into an ATM?
10 Answer(s) · 16 years ago