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26: Find the equation of a line containing (-1, 2) and parallel to x - y = -6 y = -x - 2 y = -x + 1 y = x + 3 y = x - 1 27: Find the equation of a line containing (-1, 2) with slope of 0. y = 2 x = -1 y = 2x + 1 x = 2 28: Find the equation of a line containing (-1, 2) with undefined slope. y = x + 2 y = 2 x = 2 x = -1 29: Write the equation of a line with slope of 2 that goes through (2, 2). y = 2x - 2 y = 2x + 2 y = x y = -1x - 2 30: Write the equation of a line with slope of -1 that goes through (2, 2). y = -x + 4 y = -x + 2 y = -2x + 4 y = x + 2
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how do i get into a good business school?

Asked By: Ryan S
ok so i did pretty good in high school but i couldnt get into an ivy leauge school so i went to university of michigan. if i get a 3.9 gpa there and a 750 gmat do i have a good chance at getting into upenn wharton or hbs or any of the other top ten MBA programs? and how much do these top b schools take into account what ugrad school that you went to rather than your grades? i really want to be an investment banker at a bulge bracket firm so it is imperative that i go to an ivy leauge business school or chicago or MIT sloan is this possible?
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Biology Homework, Measuring using metric units HELP PLEASE?

Asked By: Hal
A. Dog B. Virus C. Plant Cell D. Dandelion Seed E. Mushroom Match with: ______Meter (m) ______ Centimeter (cm) ______ Millimeter (mm) ______ Micrometer (um) ______ Nanometer (nm)
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Anybody have any advice?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm writting a ghost story for english. and the plot is, that this girl is wandering down a hall of a mansion and she has no idea how she got there and no memory from b4. along the walls are paintings (of her a some guy... but she doesn't know it yet) and in the end she figures out that the way to get out is to follow the paintings. they are like a timeline of her life with this guy, and it keeps going right up.... to her death. Yes that means she's a ghost. but i'm having a little trouble getting up to that point. heres where i left off at
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what exactly is the definition of bedroom eyes ladies

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i've been told i have them by many women but i still can't figure it out specifically so ladies can you please help.
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does your school talk to you about pearl harbor day?

Asked By: KT
does your school teach you about pearl harbor day on pearl harbor day? if so please tell me where you go to school. 10 pt. will be awarded.
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i am going to teach reading for the first time and i need all the advice possible..?

Asked By: Anonymous
hello, i am going to teach children ages 4-5 who are not english speakers stage 1 from the oxford reading tree. i need all the advice possible on how to begin and how to get them to love me and to love reading and not to loose intrest at any moment.i hope i`d get some advice from qualified teachers and it would be great if u can share some useful websites related to the oxford reading tree. thank you all.
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I guess I'm making an assumption...?

Asked By: Mark
which is that irrational numbers are without representation, even though they may be real, in linear mathematical thinking. Perhaps I am beating a dead horse. Perhaps.
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6 • (–4) – (9 – 5) ÷ 2 help?

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need help, in process .homework. help
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Is UIC a good school for a nutrition major?

Asked By: Alex S
I was just wondering if the University of Illinois at Chicago was a good school to get a nutrition degree?
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