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These questions are to all the shakespeare lover and to people that read othello.?

Asked By: KIKI
Why does lago hate othello? Why is lago pretending to be loyal to the moor? Why did lago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio? Why does Brabantio think Roderigo is there making a fuss How does Brabantio disrespect the Duke?
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how many square miles is 250,000 acres?

Asked By: lugasa3
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how can i learn islamic arabic and islamic studies?

Asked By: Anonymous
how can i learn islamic arabic and islamic studies?
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If i want to be a lawyer.....?

Asked By: I Love Twilight!
If i want to be a Lawyer can i go to UC San Francisco (UC SF) I live in Downtown Oakland.
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Louis XIV accomplishments?

Asked By: cam2006
What were some accomplishments of Louis XIV also what were some of his traits?
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Moths Moths Moths Moths?

Asked By: JustKaitlyn
Does anyone know anything about moth color preference? Also, does anyone know any common moths in Florida. Preferably in South Florida. I'm doing a science fair project on the moth color preference, and I'm seeing which color light (red, blue, and green), attracts the most moths. Thanks, Kaitlyn
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I want to know how to right a biblography? can u just give me a samle so tht i can write.Please help.?

Asked By: tanya h
Am doing a project on Public Limited Company n i need to write a Biblography?I want to know how to write a biblography? please help me.
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Asked By: Anonymous
Has anyone taken their children out of public school to homeschool? Has anyone done it more than once? What made you take them out of public school?
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Fundraising Night for french?

Asked By: Anonymous
Were having a fundraising movie and a dinner thing. I will be in the cafeteria and there will be a projector. Does anyone know a good french or french and english movie When should it be Valentines day, around Christmas???? Were thinking of making french food. Anyone know affordable simple and able to make in vast quantities. How much should the tickets be. Is $5 too much for a ticket should it be 3
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English grammar question: when do you properly use the word "Refuge"?

Asked By: K
Does this sound right: An example in the novel is when Tracey takes refuge in the cellar. (in the story she hides in the cellar from the killer) thanks in advance
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