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What story do you like the best of the following? Please Explain Why.?

Asked By: MG
1/ A Christmas Carol 2/Great Expectations 3/ Jane Eyre 4/ Romeo and Juliet 5/ Little Women 6/ Amelia Bedilia 7/ Anne of Green Gables 8 Pippi Longstocking which one would you prefer for a child, adult and Senior
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I think im gonna have trouble with my classes?

Asked By: kara d
Okay, I'm in 10th grade and i don't think I'm going to do very well this year, my classes are: honors English honors Spanish 3 Band, but teacher got laid off honors American History honors Geometry and honors Biology and i have a study but that isn't important The problem is my Biology and Geometry class. I took all regular classes during my freshman year because i was too lazy to go to my guidance counselor. Since i didn't take honors intro to biology i didn't learn some things i needed to, and I am so lost during class. The first day of school my Geometry teacher said basically half the class is going to fail and well he kind of scared me. My friends say geometry isn't hard but others say it is. What should i do.
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I want to work in a lab, what should I study?

Asked By: Ednaa
want to hear from people that work as chemist or biologist.? I want to go to school and study something that has to do with lab work. What can I study that wont take that long and sill get a good pay. I would love to work in a lab, Biology or chemistry. Is there trade schools where I could study these field? How long will it take and what subjects should I take? 4 minutes
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Can someone explain?

Asked By: Blue
Please, can someone explain what voice cue means when it comes to communicating with others or giving a speech?
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When was the first EDI ?

Asked By: mbo_kamsoed_88
When was the first EDI ? How price we must pay for do it? Thanks again for your information
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"the human heart has ever dremed of a fairer world than the one it knows" how does this quote realate to

Asked By: b
of mice and men and the scarlet ibis. what literary elements can be used to explain this.
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Things that come in pairs?

Asked By: Savvy Sauce
Person who names the most things that come in pairs WINS!
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Going from Pharmacy to Physical Therapy?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am currently 5th year pharmacy student and i am realizing that i really hate pharmacy, i can't see myself sitting and giving out medication to people (seems boring and would hate to do it for rest of my life). So i was wondering how many additional year of study i need if i switch it to physical therapy (which is really interesting compare to Pharmacy). I really need detail answer (I also know that PT salary is lower than pharmacy but i like to do something that i will enjoy rest of my life). Thank you for helping me out here.
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Is it pronounced Canada Goose or Canadian Goose? [10 Points to Best Answer!!]?

Asked By: Anonymous
Okay, so we have this argument in my social studies class. It's everyone against me. :[ I think it is Canada Goose and everyone else thinks its Canadian Goose. Even the teacher! If you can find any online proof that it is one over the other, please let me know! Hyperlinks will be greatly appriciated! Thanks so much! Kendall PS 10 Points to Best Answer!
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i need help for o levels....accounts?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm taking economics.shud i take accounts?igcse or gcse?
1 Answer(s) · 14 years ago