How do i get bigger?

Asked By: Tennisboy12345
I'm 15 years old i am a sophomore in high school. I'd say im pretty skinny and it annoys me so. So the question here is How do i get bigger? do i lift weights?(im doing that now) but i think that will just give me more muscle. I just want to get bigger in general, maybe it may be my diet? Should i take proteins or vitamins? What do you guys suggest so i can get bigger and not be that skinny boy anymore.
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Is it bad to work out EVERY day?

Asked By: Brian B
I work out every day. Since September, I have been doing Water Polo. Now that the season is over, I'm doing swimming. As of three weeks ago I commute 20 miles (all uphill the way back) to and fro the pool where I train on my bicycle, and as of last week, I do sets of long arm crunches, bicycle crunches, and bicep curls when I get home. I do this every day, and I've heard muscles need ample time to rest, so do I need to take a day or so off every week?
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i'm not 21 so i can't go to gay bars so want do i do to find other lesbians?

Asked By: sora428
well i live in wichta kansas.It is har to find thing for lesbian/gay/bi yuoth in town.Is their eneyone how can tell me of some places or cluds in town?
9 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

what is an Aortobipopliteal graft procedure?

Asked By: Anonymous
what is an Aortobipopliteal graft procedure?
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My son had blood work done and his blood was very dark. Not the normal red color. What could be the reason?

Asked By: Aimee C
My son has been on concerta (ADD Med) for about a year now. He gets tested every year to see if any problems have occured. He had his blood work done today and his blood was a very deep color. Almost an orange tone to it. Different from its usual color. Even the nurse commented on how odd it was. What could be the cause of this? Has this happened to anyone before?
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

what is your best sexual position?

Asked By: Anonymous
just wondering we dont really know what else to try its usually just missionary, my legs on his shoulders or me on top any other really good ones any one knows?
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

How much sperm can a man ejaculate in one day(if measured by measuring cups)?

Asked By: Anne99
I was watching "Tomcats" where Jerry O'Connell gives this woman a bunch of his sperm in a tower full of medicine cups...wanted to know what the average man could make in a whole day? (I know that it would tire out most men! LMAO!!!) But, there are some that are most extraordinaire!!!!) LOL!! So?
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What's Ritalin like?

Asked By: hp_n5495
I got diagnosed with ADD by a psychiatrist this afternoon, and the plan is to put me on 20mg generic Ritalin starting this week. What should I expect? How long after taking the pill does it start working? Is it effective from the first day?
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How likely am I to be HIV positive.?

Asked By: Anonymous
I was dating this guy about 4 years ago. I broke up with him because he was cheating. I met this wonderful guy and we have a child together. I got tested for HIV twice when I was pregnant. Both came out negative. My guy got tested last year and came out negative. I took a test yesterday and have to get my results today. I am so scared that I could have HIV from my ex. I have not been sick, I just ready to move on with no regrets. I was wondering should I be worried about it, because I am constantly thinking about it.
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Numbness in two fingers?

Asked By: Nice isn't it
On my left hand my pinky and ring finger feels like it's tingling and numb but last night it was also hurting, but my fingers has been tingling for 2 weeks or more
6 Answer(s) · 14 years ago