How to hide scars from cutting?

Asked By: Anonymous
How do I hide cuts on my forearm? And obviously I'm trying to stop, but just for short term. I've been wearing long sleeves, but what about during gym? Or the summer?
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I fly into violent rages help me please?

Asked By: Anonymous
Everyone tells me i have incredible creative talent. I am very creative but am poor technically. When i try to draw my ideas, or write them down and they don't turn out how i planned i fly into rages that last for a couple of hours. People tell me im brilliant but i cant do well in school. I am diagnosed with Bipolar NOS but I have been on meds for a while. What is wrong with me?
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Can you really drink enough Nyquil and get drunk?

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Ive been told some alcoholics and teenagers drink lots of night time medicine for a buzz?
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chemical burn from face mask ?

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I used a face mask and it resulted in me having chemical burns on my face! it just came in patches !! 1 big red patch on my cheek and a line on my other and a reli dry top lip !! i do get breakouts as im 16 lol but my skin has never been this bad its dry red irratated and i just keep getin more spots:( can anyone tell me what up with my skin and what i can do to fix it !! this has all happend within a number of days !! im not wearing make up bcuz i dnt wnt to irratate it anymore!! and im moisturising it loads and using simple cleansers n toners !! but nothings helping:( its all from the face mask!! alsodo you think the chemical burns will scar?:( pleease help this is seriously depressing me as im usualy very confident but now i dnt want ta look at any one:( pleasee help!!
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What are those muscles in a v shape below your abs and how do you make them stand out?

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Ive been going to the gym for about a year now and i have finally got my six pack but ive always wanted that like v shape below my abs like you see on most body builders and swimmers. What are the muscles called and how do i get/train them? Please help
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girls answer this please?

Asked By: skate4lifeq66
i am a little self consious but qould you as a girl mind an uncircumsised penis
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Green Discharge!!!!!!!?

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I just started my period and i had a green discharge? what does this mean?
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i can't breathe what should i do?

Asked By: Jacob K
i can't breathe what should i do?
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i jog 3/5 of an hr. swam 1/2 of an hr. and bike 3/4 of an hour. How long did she exercise?

Asked By: loveblue0844
i jog 3/5 of an hr. swam 1/2 of an hr. and bike 3/4 of an hour. How long did she exercise?
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What is this, and how can I feel better?

Asked By: kayte
About a month ago, I became ill with a fever, dizzines, sore throat, and nausea. It started to get better, getting to the point where I was simply fatigued and slightly congested. Now for the last two weeks I have been feeling dizzy, slightly nauseous, and have had a headache and general congestion. For the last few days, I've been sore, though i haven't done any out-of-the-ordinary physical activity, and today I came down with a really bad sore throat. What is this, how can I make myself feel better, and WHY IS IT HANGING ON SO LONG???
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