How long you do you stay high for?

Asked By: Anonymous
On weed? like how many hours before it wears off?
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What do you do when you crave fast food? (and you are trying to eat healthy)?

Asked By: AggieAM
Any patterns of thinking or imaging or activities that help?
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How noticeable is my cellulite... AND PLEASE BE HONEST... link in details?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok... well i am in my early twenties and the picture i will link you to was taken a while back. I just want to know how evident... and how bad of a case of cellulite that i have. I know everyone is gonna say the same... not so bad, or dont worry about it. but i do, and trying to get into modeling i need to know. so please , tell me what you think. also try a number thing... 1 not at all evident, 10 is very evident. Thanks everyone. I am just concerned about my body! A little forwarning... i am in underwear in these photos. also look around the page, i have some others, please let me know what you think. thanks
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What's YOUR hangover remedy?

Asked By: argamedius
Happy Hangover Day!...I mean, Happy New Years! What do you use, at home, (without using alcohol) to cure a hangover? Do you swear by your remedy being a cure for hangovers? Is it quick and painless? Is it 'sleep', 'coffee', 'food', 'aspirin', 'T-3's', hot shower'???
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How often do African Americans have cancerous moles versus Caucasians?

Asked By: charmed4evr
Is skin cancer relatively higher in Caucasians than in African Americans?
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how can i lose 10 lbs in one month without exercising?

Asked By: ***~paris~***
how can i lose 10 lbs in one month without exercising?
7 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

What causes boob cancer?

Asked By: Emily
What should I do now to prevent myself from getting boob cancer later on?
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I went to a dr and was dx with sciatica and only given pain killers anything else I can do?

Asked By: Andys1248
I went to see a doctor again today for my hip pain. It turns out to be sciatica and she prescribed vicodin and sent me on my way. No explination on how long it will last or anything else I can do. I was lifting 55 lb boxes over my head and up ladders the week before. I told her all this, she said no you are fat and that is why you have this at only 30 years old. I told her I know I am overweight, but I have in the last year gone from 22 to a 14 and am still getting smaller, until this. She said no you are fat gave me the prescription and told me to call when I need more. Is there more I should do? I can't even move my left leg in the mornings and can't walk for at least 30 minutes once I get standing. How long does it usually last?
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I feel stronger but i am not gaining any weight?

Asked By: Someone
After being on a diet and lifting after awhile, i have not gained weight but my body is stronger but i still weigh the same... this is my diet... Breakfast(6 Am) Mini bagels with peanut butter milk Lunch(10am) Turkey Sandwich Peanuts Milk Apple Afternoon snack(1pm) Protein Bar Post Workout(4pm) Protein Shake Dinner(6pm) some sort of meat salad bread milk Night Snack(9pm) yogurt milk bread How can i change this. I am 14 years old and weigh 129 pounds
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i need help. freaking out. help?

Asked By: Anonymous
i started my period 3 months ago on the 17th. why hasnt it come today? last month is came on the 16th which was my b-day. usually it comes at night. other facts: 13 years old in 7th grade
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