stupidd period?

Asked By: McKenzie
okay, so heres the deal : im going to camp this week and we will be swimming all week long and my period will be starting this week therefore i cant swim.. i mean what do i sayy? i dont know how to swim or something. I dont just want to be like im on my period, .. UGH so embarassing! i hate periods especially when im going to something fun it seems to always occur. any suggestions?
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The signs of skin inflammation are swelling, warmth to touch, pain, and???

Asked By: jennymarie87
a) redness b)paleness c)wrinkling d)dryness
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

How can I continue with life?

Asked By: sovy
Ever since I was young, I have been different from other people, and this became more noticeable when I become a teenager. I developed breasts even though I'm a male, and I have kind of a feminine voice. I am so afraid to use a phone because people think I'm a woman when I use it. I have no social skills at all, and people are always like, why don't you ever say anything? I literally have no idea what to say in any situation. This makes people not like me, and then I feel like trash and nobody wants to be my friend. I have thought about suicide a lot over the past, maybe 8 or 9 years. I'm 23 now. I dropped out of college in 2005 because I got tired of riding the bus. I never learned to drive. I live my mom, and my dad is with another woman. I have not heard from him since 2004. I've tried to be useful to my 58 year old mom, I have tried hard over the past two years to start a business, but they've all failed. I've also had problems with ticks and facial grimaces. Am I supposed to be?
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lower back pain?

Asked By: Squeegy
I played tennis last night and may have aggravated an old high school injury. Last night there was some pain, but this morning I have a pain in my lower back. The difference with this one is that it feels more in the spine than a muscle. I can't stand up straight without it hurting. Should I apply heat or ice? What can I take that won't make me tired? Thanks!
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What are some good excercises?

Asked By: Pinky♥Puffin
What are some good excercises that burn a lot of calories but don't build up muscle?
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What is a good amount of protein you should be getting in a supplement?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am using the GNC store brand, and it has 21g of protein. I've been around and seen all types of proteins that claim it has about 62g or 50 in one serving. Isn't all that going to be wasted though? Because you only take in what one needs and the rest is either gone away or packed in as calories. And also what is a good protein shake brand? I'm doing weight training for lean muscle. Any suggestions? Happy Holidays!
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How can a man increase his bedroom endurance?

Asked By: Adam
How can a man increase his bedroom endurance?
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What happened to me?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hi, I just graduated out of High School in June & turned 18 in July but I decided to take a semester off from community college because I don't have my license yet and I don't really know how to drive. The only job I have is working weekends at a fast food restaurant for a little above minimum wage. During the week, I basically just sit home sulking and hating myself. I want to get another full time job but I feel so worthless I don't even want to go outside anymore. I can't sleep anymore. Everyone else my age seems to be going to these 4 years colleges, have great jobs, and some are even buying their own appartments. Why am I so afraid to proceed into the real world? Has anyone ever had a similar experience?
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Why is so dificult to find photos of intersexual people?

Asked By: Anonymous
Why is so dificult to find photos of intersexual people?
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

why do you legally have to report accidents and emergencies?

Asked By: Anonymous
In stores
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago