Could it be leukemia? Please help!!!?

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Well it started about three monthes ago i started feeling dizzy when i stood up. not all the time but pretty often. Soemtiems my vision blurred a little. then my next period came a little early. after that i started feeling a little nauseuous. then one week after my period ended, it started again! and it was slightly heavier than usual. i felt pretty weak and had lots of ovary pain and back pain. I went to the doctor and they took my blood. they said the blood coutn was good, but could be better, and suggested i take 2 iron pills. tommorow i am gettign an ultrasound of my ovaries. But could i ahev lueakimia?? I am 12 years old by the way. I only felt weak when i was on my period, not otherwise. My period started abotu 10 monthes ago, and the doc said it was normal at my age for my periods to be abnormal. If not luekimia, what coudl it be???
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laproscopic treatment of endometriosis?

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i m 29 year old women and have been treated my endomrtriosis by laproscopy . is it the best way? now i want to concieve. will it be back after the pregnancy.what is the percentage of its return . please answer and help me
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Need ideas on cancer treatment/removal of cause?

Asked By: Alakazam
Thank your for reading! A person I know has been diagnosed with an advance form of stomach cancer. He is not eligible for any assistance that I know of for treatment, he is not a citizen. What ideas or places do you know of that treat discounted, free or in experimental tests or procedures for volunteers?
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How safe is microwaving. Does the radiation cause cancer?

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With the number of cancer patients increasing everyday, does microwave radiation in any way cause cancer? does the radiation affect the food and which in turn if consumed, pose a health hazard? if plastic is not good, then how safe is 'rubber maid' and other branded containers? or should we use only ceramic or glass bowls. is standing near the microwave also dangerous and exposes us to radiation. what is the concept behind microwaving. what radio waves are used. how is it that food is heated from centre to outside? an egg with the shell bursts if microwaved. but even a hard boiled cold egg if re-heated bursts. should we use microwave only for defrosting, thawing or re-heating?
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how do you feel after smoking a cigarette?

Asked By: Schafer
i just want to no cause i thinking about starting.!
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Recently Diagnosed ...any advice would be so much appreciated ....?

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I was diagnosed with Malignant Melonoma on two moles on my back about 2 weeks ago now, they were both very thin at just 0.4mm. I had a wide local excision of the area and i now have another 1 and a half to wait for the results of this. Has anyone had any experience of Melonoma? If so any advice would be appreciated I'm really freaking out now and i'm starting to worry i might die. I also haven't been feeling well for a while now, tiredness, fatigue etc and i sort of put this down to other things but now i'm thinking that the melonoma could have spread. Also, because it's on two moles (they were about 2cm aprt) does this mean it has spread and what stage would it be? Thank you, good luck to all of those diagnosed and battling cancer xxx
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morphine and alcohol

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today at work my husband took some morphine. then about two and a half hours later he took a shot of rum and now he is feeling really not well. no duh i know that it is not good to mix the two but i wanted to know if anyone had advice on how to make him feel better. Thanks.
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Where is cancer most common located?

Asked By: Peace Freak <33
im doing a reprt and i ned to kno!!
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help getting over a death.?

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like 5 years ago a family friend died of cancer. like 5 minutes ago i realized a barbie she had given me had fallen onto a lamp. this buned a hole in the dress it was wearing, and melted a cancer (this is where it gets REALLY CREEPY!) looking bun into its leg. then the next song on the radio was when ur gon. is this a sing? or do i need 2 get ttly over her?
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Please answer my cancer question!!!?

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If someone has a precancerous growth which has metasised at a secondary site to where the cancer was originally, what would treatment be? Thanks
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