has ne1 had a bonemarrow biopsy done?

Asked By: kirsty w
hi im due to have 1 done this week and just wondering if ppl could share there experience with me and did ne1 get a sedative to calm them ?? thank u in advance ,kirsty xx
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What is causing these symptoms Swelling in the face, dizziness, tiredness?

Asked By: lisamarie982001
My father has smoked for many many MANY years (he smokes a couple packs a day. He drinks EVERYDAY! He is 66 years old. He will not quit drinking or smoking. He won't go to the doctors either. His face has been swelling up alot lately. It has been swelling up for a couple years now but a lot more often now. It's not his whole face that swells up at a time just parts of it at a time. He's been says that he feels dizzy every once in a while, he feels tired (he sleeps alot). I've been trying to find good wbsites to figure out what this might be but am not finding any results. I'm trying to get him to go to the doctors but I have a feeling that i'm not going to be able to get him to go :(
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Has anyone seen a vast improvement in their skin after stopping smoking?

Asked By: lavito
Has anyone seen a vast improvement in their skin after stopping smoking?
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do colposcopys(not sure if thats spelled right) and biopsies hurt???

Asked By: Anonymous
my pap smear came back abnormal and now i have to have a colposcopy and biopsies done to see if its afraid it will be extremely painful..
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ovarian cancer?

Asked By: Anonymous
I just read something on it and it scares me to death.. Well basically some nights I throw up after I lye down. I get real nauseaus, and get the chills, throw up, and im fine for the rest of the night. Its really boggling me. I can eat all day long, without feeling ill, but as soon as its time for night, I get nauseas. Now it doesnt happen EVERY night...Its like every two weeks, then every two days, every week. It just fluctuates and its really starting to worry me. I scheduled an appoin with a dr. So dont tell me "go see a dr." I just need some advice at the time. There was one other symptom also. The bloating of the abdomen. Now I do have a tummy. Its not flat but its not HUGE. My arms are kinda thin up until my elbow up. My thighs have gotten stretch marks because I was so lil when I was younger. So I kinda ignored the stomach thing as to I thought I was just gaining weight which is probably why. No other sypmtoms. No pain or changes in my period. what could this be?
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Question about stage IV non-small cell lung cancer see details?

Asked By: redwidow
My husband was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer that went to his brain 2 and a half years ago. He was given 6 months "if he was lucky" He had chemo, radiation twice plus cryablation surgery. Anyway, he went in for his check up and the doctor seemed shocked that he was there and had a good lab report. My question is, Could the doctors be wrong with their initial diagnosis of Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer? What is the stage IV?
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How do you comfort someone who's child may be dying?

Asked By: amlee_king
How do you comfort someone who's child may be dying?
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Using mercury rods as a treatment for kidney cancer? ?

Asked By: bernadette
A co-worker told me her father is having experimental treaments from Stanford where mercury rods are implanted in his arm, which have put him in remission. He was doing worse on chemo and radiation. I thought mercury was extremely toxic! Has anyone ever heard of this? She's a little kooky so I wanted to check it out. Thanks!
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I have a type of cancer that isn't easy to treat but is treatable ?

Asked By: Anonymous
After much research, I am finding out that medical centers are turning me away because my insurance only covers "80% of my bills" (Medicare), and my secondary coverage isn't good enough because it's through the state. I know of 2 treatments that could cure me and am being told to roll over and play dead. The procedures just cost to much. The medical centers don't want to give them to me because of that. Actually, I am lucky to still be alive, as I was given a shorter date of life expectancy. See I must have a shelf expectancy, as I feel like I have an expiration date stamped on me some where. I even called the"Cancer Society of America" and was denied any services. My medical coverage isn't sufficient enough for them. Nothing like being told we could help you but won't because you don't have enough money. I'd like to know where I can get a Dr that won't just milk Medicare and will actually treat me. Any ideas. And please. I'm a terminal diagnosis and being told I only have a few more years. Don't make jokes, please. I would like to live longer. I'm hopeing to get lucky and maybe someone out there knows of a place that might give me a chance for that.
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Can endometrosis enlarge the ovaries? can it caused cause cancer, and how far can the cancer spread?

Asked By: Regina M
Can endometrosis enlarge the ovaries? can it caused cause cancer, and how far can the cancer spread?
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