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How many g's?

Asked By: matt c
A particular race car can cover a quarter mile in 6.8 seconds, starting from a standstill. If acceleration is constant how many g's does the driver experience? If the combinded mass of the driver and race car is 455 kg what is the horizontal force exerted on the tires? in N
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If a^p≡b^p(mod p), then a^p≡b^p(mod p²)?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hint: By (a), which states If a^p≡b^p(mod p), then a≡b(mod p), a=b+pk for some k, so that a^p-b^p=(b + pk)^p - b^p; now show that p^2 divides the latter expression
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Science Project. Organic Vs. Conventional?

Asked By: Jessica
Okay. I am doing a science project on different types of Organic and Conventional fruits and vegetables. People say that people who eat Organic fruit get sick because the foods are not cleaned. But the Conventional foods are grown in cow feces and pestisides. I want to test this to see which has more germs. Is this a good project for a science fair? What kind of solution should I use to see which has more germs? Should I swab it with a cue tip or should a put a piece of the food in some solution. This is apart of agriculture right? I am trying to do this to go to State Convention for the FFA. If you cannot answer all my questions but know one please answer. Thanks!
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I have teeth but I cannot bite ?

Asked By: Anonymous
this is a general knowledge question it must be some animal
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Can you help me solve this physics problem? (velocity, acceleration)?

Asked By: Rennix
A sled powered by a rocket engine starts from rest on a frozen lake, accelerates at 13.0 m/s~2 (meters per second squared). At point A, the engine shuts down and sled moves with constant velocity V until point B. The sled travels a total distance of 5.30x10~3 m(5.30 times ten to the third meters) and the total time is 90.0 seconds. Find A, B, and V. Please, if you can help solve this problem, tell me how you did it, so I can solve other problems like it. Thank you!
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what is the real reason why dinosaurs are extinct?

Asked By: Claire
what is the real reason why dinosaurs are extinct?
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Test tomorrow, help! Algebra?!?

Asked By: Anonymous
The question is solve (x+2)(x+3)=156 I worked out that the answer is 10, and I got that xsquared + 5x = 150 The rest??? Please only answer if you actually know. Thanks
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I need a liquid medium to propagate bacillus thuringiensis.?

Asked By: Norman G
I would like to grow enough for my own use to apply to honeybee comb to protect against waxmoth.
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what happens if an astronaut removed his suit in space?

Asked By: Anonymous
what happens if an astronaut removed his suit in space?
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