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Tsunami over the Himalayas?

Asked By: Arellano
Remember the scene of a tsunami hitting the Tibetan monastery in "2012"? I don't think this is a possibility. There was an earlier question asked, but the chosen answer by a geologist omitted one detail. This person had said there is not enough water in all the earth's glaciers to power such a tsunami. But that is insufficient contradiction. Even with just the present levels of the ocean waters, a very high tsunami could arise. Consider making a juice in a blender- the faster your blender spins, the liquid in the rim raises higher and higher (which makes the froth), while the central portions get more depressed. Just a little liquid in the rim rises so high. If pushed from beneath by seismic and other forces, a tsunami could rise unusually high. The movie also omits to say what other geologic phenomena were active at that point. Then again, the Himalayas are thousands of miles inland and thousands of feet high. A whole continent has to sink or be covered by tsunami before reaching the Himalayas. And they also form the border between the Indo-Australian tectonic plate and the Eurasian plate. So, what do y'all think? Can a plausible scenario for tsunami in the Himalayas be developed? Or is it just impossible in the present day? Personally, having visited some places in the Himalayas, I burst out laughing when I saw this scene in the theater.
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an athlete when jumps on a sand pit, does not get hurt but if he jumps on a concrete floor, he does?ques contd

Asked By: passionatesongwriter
this is a contradiction to newtons 3 law (action =reaction). my ques verifies the second law but not the third one.2 law,momentum increases but acc. to 3 law concrete floor produces = & opposite reaction but sand does not.this means that 3 law changes with change in surface and 3 law in not universal.
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Green Or Brown Chrysalis?...A pro please help!?

Asked By: Anonymous
2 weeks ago, I found 6 tiny caterpillars (Papilio demodocus) on one of our university's citrus plants... Now 3 of'em have already Pupated... But there is something strange...One of them is light green and the other 2 are light brown... Is that something strange?...I'm sure they're still alive since they are soft and no signs of bacterial or fungus attack...They've been raised in similar conditions...End of summer in Iran's hot and dry climate...On a Citrus vulgaris young tree...
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Biology help! Animal cell organelles!?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am doing research for a paper in biology, and I need some help please! I am trying to find what disease(s) result when the following animal cell organelles are not functioning properly: 1. nucleus 2. nucleolus 3. mitochondria 4. ribosomes 5. lysosomes 6. golgi bodies 7. smooth ER 8. rough ER 9. cytoskeleton 10. centrioles Please help me! And trust me, this is not the whole assignment. It is only part of the assignment and i just need a little help, for the rest of the assignment i understand. Thanks so much!
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Find Limits?

Asked By: Michelle
lim e^(1/x) x>0- lim ln(x) x>0+
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how do you prove pascals theory under bionomial theorem?

Asked By: sadick a
how do you prove pascals theory under bionomial theorem?
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An atmospheric chemist studying the reactions of the pollutant SO2 places a mixture of SO2 and O2 in a 3.52 L ?

Asked By: f_350crewcab
An atmospheric chemist studying the reactions of the pollutant SO2 places a mixture of SO2 and O2 in a 3.52 L container at 895 K and an initial pressure of 1.95 atm. When the reaction occurs, gaseous SO3 forms, and the pressure eventually falls to 1.65 atm. How many moles of SO3 form?
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how many people think that Hunting is mean/heartless?

Asked By: Anonymous
I myself am a hunter and whenever i bring up in a conversation that i hunt, people freak out and say stuff that really pisses me of lol. so my question is, "how many of you think that hunting is wrong?"
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find the slope of the line through (1,-5)and (-1,9)?

Asked By: Julie
find the slope of the line through (1,-5)and (-1,9)?
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