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Gerund Phrases??????????

Asked By: Aykut O
Im so confused. i know they began with ing. and they are nouns. but how do u know if they are object, subject, object of preposition, predicate nominative, indirect object etc?? and what is a predicate nominative?
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Correctly punctualize this sentence.?

Asked By: Justin K
Although, initially I considered my talk with him unsuccessful, I have realized, I have proven to him, my family, and most importantly, to myself that no matter the strength it demands I will act and vocalize my moral composition and beliefs.
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What are the main arguments in favour of industrial action?

Asked By: dj_1nsane
What are the main arguments in favour of industrial action?
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How would you calculate a future population?

Asked By: Anonymous
Assuming there is no migration, what would the population of France be in the year 2100 if the total ferility rate is 1.84 children born per woman, and life expectancy is 80 years? Assuming everyone dies on the 80th birthday, and each female every year having an average of 0.023 children.
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trigonometry equations?

Asked By: Q
As sin and cos repeat every 3600 or 2p radians we: 1. Find the two solutions in the initial range, (e.g. ) 2. Add 360n or 2np to both of these got this from a site, why do you have to add 360 to the 2 solutions? it doesnt tell me to do that in any of my textbooks
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Help with math word problem?

Asked By: Jeet
A wilderness park is approximatel 1 mile wide by 20 miles long. A large expansion project is underway that will give the park 6 times its current area. The same distance x will be added to the width and the length. Write and solve an equation to find the value of x. Can someone please help me understand what part goes into what for this equation? I understand the quadratic formula and solving for x and everything, I am just having trouble grasping the word problem itself. Thanks!
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Help Solve family debate....???

Asked By: cole
I asked this question a few days ago. I got a lot of people saying both...so I'm not sure which is right yet.. Someone in my family had installation put under his house. It's the type of installation that's pink fiber glass on one side and paper on the other. The people who did it put the paper side up, towards the floor and pink side down. So when you look under the house you can see the pink. Some family members say it's done right, and some say it's done wrong (upside down) WHICH IS THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! If you have any websites that can back it up post a link please, if not just tell me which way you think is right! THANK YOU!!!!
1 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Can someone help me with my science homework?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hey, heres few questions. Please answer the ones you can with the best of your abilities. I'm having trouble with these questions. Thanks. 1) Why is Tap water considered a solution? 2) What does it mean to say solution is concentrated? 3)Explain why oil does not dissolve in water. Thanks
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Helppp meee! It's a math problem.....polynomials!?

Asked By: peacelovemusic234
24pr + 3(p + 2pr) You have to put it in simplest form and then tell whether it's a monomial, binomial, or a trinomial.. PLEASE HELP, because I don't know whether you can combine 30pr and 3p.
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

answer this question please?

Asked By: XOXO
8. Have you heard from the _____? a. Smith's b. Smiths' c. Smiths
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago