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where can i find a case study of any one industrial area in asia? (on the web)?

Asked By: kabeer
i want a case study of abt 4-5 pages
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Spanish Homework...any help?

Asked By: shane_782
Hey, does anyone know this I gotta do it for a spanish class paper, please.This is about the history of Spain.I've been browsing it online but can't find decent and clear informations. Causes and consequences of the muslim invasions? Thanks anyone:)
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where can i find winning science fair project?

Asked By: aishwarya v
it should be related to chemistry & physics
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What are the different types of reports that can be generated using tally 7.2 ??

Asked By: adi
I want all types of reports financial, accounting n general reports that can be taken using tally 7.2 version..?
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MORE questions on SOCIAL STUDIES plz help?

Asked By: bananaboo517
A valid statement concerning the caste system in India is that it has 1been weakened by urbanization 2been reinforced by aid from the United States 3been strengthened by government legislation 4become a cohesive force for national unity Recent archaeological studies suggest the theory that 1the earliest humans evolved in the Rift Valley in Africa 2farming societies developed before hunting and gathering societies 3all the continents were settled at about the same time 4the wheel was used by all ancient societies Judaism and Christianity are similar because they 1base their beliefs on the Koran 2stress belief in reincarnation 3are monotheistic 4promote the practice of polygamy In most traditional societies, the teaching of values is mainly the responsibility of the 1judicial system 2government 3educational system 4family Which value was common to traditional society in both China and Japan? pacifism family loyalty individualism materialism
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Anyone want to solve a math puzzle?

Asked By: yashodauk
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 a. Rearrange the numbers so that when adjacent, they differ by at least three and the leftmost # is as small as possible. b.arrange the numbers so that the adjacent numbers is less than or equal to seven and the leftmost # is as small as possible. c. arrange the numbers so that adjacent numbers form two digit numberrs that cannot be divided evenly by 3, 4, and 5.
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Need homework help!?

Asked By: 4mom
I need help for my 10 year old....5th grader - Geology. He has a work sheet and did not bring home his text book. I have been surfing sites trying to find answers. Please give as many answers as possible or links that you know for sure will help us. Thank you. Here are the questions. 1. Surveyors leave _________, that tells the exact elevation of a place. 2. The crust is only ________,of Earths thickness. 3. Under the crust is the _______,Earths thickest lawyer. 4. Below the mantle is Earth's________,with liquid and solid parts. 5. Pieces of Earths crust that move along the surface are called________, Correct answers PLEASE. This is not a joke, I have three kids all 3 doing homework, all have spelling test tomorrow, all 3 have math and sentences. Please help. Thank you. If any mistakes in this writting, oh well, I just want to help my son so we can get some sleep.
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simple math question?

Asked By: Anonymous
If I have y= 3x+5>0 How do I solve for X? How do I know what values of x make the inequality true?
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please help with my homework~4?

Asked By: Stephy
there r 2 sentences Different people have different ideas about how taxation should be arranged. I have no idea about computerization. Does the "idea" in the two sentences have the same the same meaning? I've looked up my dictionary ,"I have no idea "has a particular meaning.but "idea about"has another particular meaning. but both the two "idea"is followed "about".How can i choose? "idea about sth".idea,means"someone's opinionsor beliefs about sth".i've put this meaning to the first sentence.Does the "i have no idea about ", idea,have the same meaning? or another meaning (in my dictionary)"a general understanding of sh,based on some knowledge about it"?
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Quick math help?

Asked By: Jessica B
Could you show your work on how to do this please? I'm stumped. a(a + 5)(a - 5)
5 Answer(s) · 13 years ago