Does anyone know what this movie is?

Asked By: missmieke87
It's about some guy either Beethoven, Shakespear, Mozart, someone along those lines, that comes back to earth as an angel. He's basically all punked out, goth/emo looking. It would be a late 80's or early 90's film. Please help me!
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Who Is Hotter? For Twilight Freaks?

Asked By: agriffith_01
So I watched the Twilight movie last night and I thought Jasper, Edward, and Emmit was hot. But in my opinion Jasper is the hottest. Who do you think?
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How early should I be to get tickets?

Asked By: bookgirlx3
My friends and I want to go see Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow at 8, and they all said we're buying tickets when we get there. We get out of school at 2 so I thought we could go straight to the theater, buy tickets, then leave and come back like 30-45 min before the movie starts. Do you think there'll still be tickets or do we not even have a chance? Never been to a movie on it's opening day so I have no clue.
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Good horror movies like REALLY scary.?

Asked By: car<3
Hi. I'm having a halloween party and I have a problem. I need a scary movie to watch. And i dont mean some bullshit wannabe scary movies either. i mean a SCARY MOVIE. heres a list of movies that i have already seen that do not effect me at all. i want this movie to be THE ONE. the one that gives me NIGHTMARES. .Yes, I have seen the exorcist and boy, it was the funniest movie i had ever seen. did not scare me. all these movies did not scare me so plz do not add once LIKE it like the grudge dont say the ring cuz they are basically the same thing ok all these movies did not scare me so plz PLEASE think of good ones ALSO I DO NOT WANT OLD BLACK AND WHITE FILMS THEY DO NOT SCARE ANYONE ive seen all these: the ring- NOT SCARY the grudge- NOT SCARY black christmas(the old one)-NOT SCARY black christmas(the new one)- had a great storyline, but again NOT SCARY santas slay-hilarious. halloweenn(old one)-not scary, stupid halloween(new one)-not scary, but not stupid nightmare on elm street-good storyline, not scary stephen kings it-good storyline, not scary phyco-dumbest movie on the planet the others-it was ok but boring NOT SCARY 13 ghosts(old one)-pathetic 13 ghosts(new one)- even more pathetic silent hill- ok that made me jump but again, not scary I NEED NIGHTMARES PEOPLE! chuckie-hilarious the exorcist-bad an american haunting- quite boring the decent- pretty good but definently not on a nightmare level the blair witch project- good movie unless you know the ending not scary house of 1000 corpses- great movie. not scary but it was a 5 star movie great gore effects. devils rejects(sequel to house of 1000 corpses)- good but not as good as house of 1000 corpses amityville horror-good movie. lady in the water-HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH pathetic! uh prom night- HORRIBLE the eye- HORRIBLE the blob-bad alien-bad scream-worst movie ever the omen-no no no the fly-bad the birds- too old jaws-yick war of the worlds- not scary the mist- not scary ALL THE SAW MOVIES- well idk some parts made me jump but none of them actually scared me to death silence of the lambs- actually that movie did scare me. but not anymore im too old for it. texas chainsaw masscre was bad the shining- that also sort of scared me but again, not enough the strangers- same as the shining when a stranger calls- retarded the hills have eyes(old and new)- again, bad. house of wax- great movie I KNOW there are more but right now i just cant think of any look rules: cant be ones up there cant be in black in white or old has to be alot of blood has to give ME nightmares it has to be better than everything you read up there or else!!! PLEASE HELP ME happy halloween carolyn
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do anyone know the name of this movie ?

Asked By: monica s
a young girl end up haveing her baby at a walmart
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what 80s movie was this?

Asked By: Baby Jack born 4/5/09
It was about a camp that was taken over by the teens and then there was a talent show with girls and they sung: down south um hm.. and the guys sung: beef beef beef bologna...
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Movie Question!!!! 70's & this black van terrorized the highway & run down people. The van had tinted windows.

Asked By: Richard G
I don't have any other information except that is was scary. Please HELP!!!!!! It is a splinter in my mind. Thanks!!!!!!
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Can you suggest me some movies similar to these ones?

Asked By: Anonymous
Chocolat Mulan Rouge Original Sin
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Poll: Which Marvel/D.C movie do you think is the best ever made?

Asked By: eurofreak
Except The Dark Knight, that's way too easy.
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50 cent. get rich or die tryin movie!!!!!!!!?

Asked By: Permanent
what is that equipment that he his using when he is a kid. the one when he's rappin into the mic and the stereo thing is playin the beat. what are they called cos i want one cos they let you record over the beat whilst you CD is in the "machine". i really need to know the name of them.
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