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What is getting a septoplasty like?

Asked By: asfkajfkjdslhkjldsg.
I have a severely deviated septum (my doctor said on a scale of 1 through 10, my nose was a 9). I'm only 13 and I am probably getting it done during thanksgiving break. Does it hurt to get blood drawn? I just got a chicken pox shot, a meningitis shot, and the first installment of the HPV shot. Does it hurt worse than those? Is it sore? How about the IV? Are you already drugged up so much it doesn't hurt? or what? Does the anesthesia (sp?) kick in quickly? Does it hurt to get it out? what else will they do pre-surgery for a septoplasty? does it hurt really bad afterwards? i'm sorry that i have so many questions, i'm just really curious. basically just tell me everything you know about surgery and that'd be awesome.
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In take painkillers or not?

Asked By: etothej25
I am in a significant amount of pain. First, my back hurts like a SOB, not sure what I did to it, but I can hardly walk. Also, my hand hurts cause I think I have arthritis. And I am sick with a horrible sore throat. It's just awful. Here's the problem. When I was pregnant recently (baby born in Sept) I had a problem where I couldn't walk called SPD. It was so painful. It even hurt to sit/lay down. So I was put on painkillers for my almost entire 3rd trimester. Then after the Csection, I took them and then I broke my finger and had to take some. So I developed a dependancy to them. It was awful. The withdrawal was terrible and I felt like a junkie, which I am not and it was a really bad feeling. So, since I'm in so much pain, worthy of taking a painkiller, should I take some, or would it be opening doors that I don't want to open. If it was only for a few days, would it still be bad?
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My right ear can't stop aching help?

Asked By: Anonymous
First day I was working it hurt then this whole week my moms tried pills ear drops nothing could work help me sooth the pain and fix it I have work tomorrow until 10:45 pm help!!!!!!
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Are Physicians in the United States accountable to anyone? If one proves to be incompetent what happens?

Asked By: pumpernickel
Are Physicians in the United States accountable to anyone? If one proves to be incompetent what happens?
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What heals bruises quickly...?

Asked By: Anonymous
I ride bmx about 4-5 times a week, and I am always whacking my lower legs with the pegs, or on the bars or seat-post. So I have bruising and tenderness on my legs almost every day of the week. I do wear shin pads, but they just prevent cuts, and absorb some of the impact of my crashes. I am wondering if there is any kind of herb, medication, or vitamins I can take to help the healing process of bruising and tenderness in my legs/shins..?? Thanks :)
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my foot????

Asked By: Loving Someoneā„¢
i have a bump on my foot. i think its a calcium deposit. if i get it removed will it effect my sports, like will i not be able to play for like a week??? and it also hurts really bad too
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Has anyone every had a chronic stuffy nose?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have had this stuffy nose now for several months, and just when I think its going away, POOF, it reappears... I can't cut my nose off and because I am an epileptic, i can't take meds or they cause seizures... any suggestions?
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having some throat pains. please help!!?

Asked By: rebecka
i have this pain in my throat kind of like a burining pain and it feels like something is stuck in my throat. it feels like its in the lower part of my throat or maybe a higher part of my chest. i keep feeling like i need to throw up but i just end up burping and then it burns. why does it feel this way and what is?!?!?!
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please help..chronic pain on left chest ...?

Asked By: Anonymous
for the pass couple of months i been having some pain on the left side of my chest... at first it used to hurt to inhale and exhale.. now it just hurts like a mild pain... like if someone stabbed me or lit it on fire...i cant explain well the pain i just know it hurst... i went to doc they dont seem to do anything it..they just told me to take midol and relax...i got a 2nd doc opinion but nothing... i took 1 week off just to stay in bed..but nothing is working.. im getting scared... can this be heart related??? im only 17 and im slim...weigh about 115 and i dont smoke... or drink... and i exersice regularly... can this kill me will i be able to get on with my life.... thkx.
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Good ways to help you fall a sleep???

Asked By: Anonymous
I need help on ways to help fall asleep cause I have to go to bed early tonight and it is going to be hard to fall a sleep.
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