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Why most of the best answer are ridiculous answers mainly in political, religious and historical themes?

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May be because the one who asks is often so stupid that he cant even chose an answer and dont know what he is talking about
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How come at the beginning of Luke 9??

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Jesus gives his diciples the power and authority over all demons. And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases Luke 9:1 But in the middle the diciples were unable to cast out the demon from the boy. Luke 9:40 :And I begged your disciples to cast it out, but they could not." The diciples could not cast out the demons. Why would it say at the beggining of the chapter that he gave them the power to do something but they still couldn't do it?
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R&S Trivial Pursuit?

Asked By: Drake the Deist
If we were to all play a massive Trivial Pursuit game, who would you want on your team?
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Does it do much good to say memorized prayers like the Lord's Prayer?

Asked By: ♥Enya♥
Is it even a prayer if we are just repeating memorized words?
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Asked By: I have no idea
O.K, for starters I don't believe the world will in in 2012. My question is this though. When people say it will end are they talking about all people dying(so do they think the world is going to end just for people) or the world blowing up(something like that) What do people usually mean when they say the world will end in 2012?
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How many of you who rant on saying “don’t push your beliefs or views on me, or others” ?

Asked By: Wished I could.
At the same time have a political bumper sticker on your vehicle? Do you not realize that you are pushing YOUR views, YOUR desires, YOUR wants on to everyone as well? Oh I know, you say, “but its not based on religion or any sky fairy” no you are right, but it is based on your values as they may be, your BELIEF that who ever will deliver his/her set of promises that you agree with and it is indisputable that you as well put your FAITH and HOPE in that person, that they will deliver what ever it was that they promised you to gain your vote. So please explain how that is not pushing your views on others as well?
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I don't love Jesus. I would like to, but I don't know how. How do you generate feelings you don't have?

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I choose to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the messiah, crucified and risen again. However, I do not feel any love for him in my heart, nor for God. I choose to believe they exist and choose to put my faith in them, but in reality I don't have much faith. I have massive doubt, I don't feel like anything resides inside me, let alone feel love. I know I have some mental health problems but... hmm, I don't know their extent, let alone how that ties in with faith/religion, etc. Is anyone familiar with things like this?
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Christians...What is all the controversy about the book The Purpose Driven Life?

Asked By: kitkat
I have found that most Christians have a problem with this book and the author itself. Thanks!
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why does Christian and islamic God wants to send all the people who don't believe in him to hell? why?

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he says he is merciful in the Quran and he says he loves the world that's the reason he sent his only child.. that's he says in the NT.. and the Quran always starts the phrase God the Most merciful and compassion.. well I know two ideas of God are so different.. but both religions believe in hell for non-believers and sinners.. even God is love and merciful for both religions.
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Has He saved you?

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He saved me. I was so lost and the sad part is, I didn't even know I was lost. And Jesus Christ, God Himself, stepped into time and took my punishment. I deserved that punishment. I had lied, I've stolen, I've used Gods precious name as curse word. I have done things that I am only a Holy God would be capable of forgiving... then one day I realized my sin and it broke my heart to think that the God of the universe was saddened by my sin and it broke my heart. I cried out to the Lord to forgive me... and He did! Jesus gave me a new heart with new desires and I will follow after Him and tell everyone I meet about Him... He saved me... has He saved you?
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