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if its I before E except after C then whats with the word weird?

Asked By: :D
weird ^it doesn't follow that rule?
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what are the name of those test?

Asked By: Areli M
Hey does anybody know or remember the name of the test that you would take back in school to see what you could be when you grew up.. They asked a bunch of question and after you turned it in a few weeks later you would get the results and it showed what jobs you would most likely be instrated in doing....
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What's your way of making the story interesting?

Asked By: Anonymous
If you really want to win 10 points for a short story. You have to use all of the word I've list down below. Try to entertain me and maybe I'll love the story you've wrote. Beautiful Powerful Fade Dramatic Nervous Strike Hurry Thief Moderate Force Moist Leaking Pants Karma Tears Sophisticate Love Good luck! Just use your imagination and it doesn't has to be true. That's all I'm say. Make them up as you go along. I don't care what you do. As long it's apporiate.
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What does M.I.A mean?

Asked By: <3
in every case please.
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yes or no that is the question?

Asked By: cup half empty
is new Mexico part of the United States? i know the answer i just want to know if you know
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How is the following quote a paradox?

Asked By: Aubree loves Jake (:
"A planet doesn't explode of itself," said dryly The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air-- "That they were able to do it is proof that highly Intelligent beings must have been living there."
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Random English Question.?

Asked By: SuperrrSonic.
in the sentence... 'It would be horrible of you to murder.", what part of speech would the word horrible be?
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Spell Check Question? ?

Don't all the people asking questions realize there is a really handy spell checker readily available? Sometimes I can't read the questions because the speeling iz soo hidiouz. :)
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My friend is a contract chef in the UK and has had a tragedy come upon him that needs desperate help. My friend finished his chef job contract and went to the bank and withdrew his pay. That night some men broke into his flat and beat him and stole his money. The real tragic part of this story is that his son needs a funeral, because of the incident he went to hospital in critical condition, thus passing away a few weeks later. Now the father has no funds for the funeral or his flight home. He will repay immediately upon returning to his US home. He is in dire need of help!!!!!!!!! His need now is to get funds put into a bank in the UK so he can access them for this request.I would welcome any input to this request. For my best friend I pray for someone to hear his plea for help in this difficult time for him. Could someone suggest a bank in UK to use for such a purpose and then I can post that as soon as possible.
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