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what does "doggonit" mean?

Asked By: yeap
what does "doggonit" mean?
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Looking for a Word...?

Asked By: Chris_Knows
I'm working on a debate right now, and remember hearing a word which means that there are too many trees being planted, and how that could be dangerous. If someone knows the word I am thinking of, or can point me towards an article about overplanting trees, I would greatly appreciate it.
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does anyone know who this is..

Asked By: Blue Rocks:]]
his yahoo answers name is baehtoo d he keeps answering my questions and posting some weird link but the it wont open the link??
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Curious About The 'One For Sorrow' Nursery Rhyme?

Asked By: E H
It goes like this: One for sorrow Two for joy Three for a girl Four for a boy Five for silver Six for gold Seven for a secret, never to be told Eight for a wish Nine for a kiss Ten for a bird you must not miss My question is, since I can pretty much figure out what most of it means right off, what does the last line mean? What's the bird that mustn't be missed?
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Let's see who can write a paragraph or 2 that makes sense, that includes these BEATLES references.....okay??

Asked By: I am Sunshine
1. The Cavern 2. Liverpool 3. Leather pants 4. Screaming girls 5. She Loves You 6. Pete is out. Ringo is in!
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What is a countour? Help?

Asked By: :') Happy Tears
this is the sentence it is used in: "...She ripped open the top of her gown, sprang off the ground, and missiled out of her robe in a racing dive. As Morning's eye clung to her contours, he rembered the downside of Epidex..." - Suck it Up (by brian meehl)
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Hyperbolic Masculinity?

Asked By: fallingstar
what does hyperbolic masculinity means? thankss =D
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do you pick your nose?

Asked By: Anonymous
how often? need some tips on how..
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Does this sound okay for a short 8 or more sentence accordian paragraph?

Asked By: kwels
I had to use three of my own words that i think describes a hero, (i chose 1. Responsible/2.Trustworthy/3.Perilous acts. And this has to be a short 8 or more sentence writing task. And the topic is "What do you makes a someone a hero?" This is what i have wrote as my beginning sentences, but i dont think it is that good: "There are many different characteristics that can describe a person as heroic, but the three main characteristics that i feel a person needs to be in order to become a hero, is responsibility, trustworthiness, and perilous acts." If you can, you can edit this for me or give me tips in order for this to sound good. Because i am really tired right now and cant think of anything. any help is greatly appreciated.
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What is the antonym for transmission?

Asked By: in distresss
What is the antonym for transmission?
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