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im 17 havent got my period ?

Asked By: Anonymous
is this normal
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Ladies who take birth control?

Asked By: Anonymous
Tomorrow, I'm going to be starting birth control, and during this time of the year, I always get colds, and I was wondering if you can take birth control and other medicines at the same time? Also, since I'm trying to lose weight, and I gain weight, will I be able to lose it? or would I lose it after I stop taking BC.?
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Why would I have missed my period?

Asked By: Anonymous
In June I was a week early and started at night. I always start in the morning. That is about the only consistent thing about my periods. I had sex late June. It didn't last long at all and we used a condom. Now I skipped July. I had some spotting last week but nothing major happened. I'm have not been moody or sleepy...just nervous that I might be pregnant. I was diagnosed with staph in June and put on minocycline. Could that have anything to do with it? I was put on the medication AFTER i had my June period. I'm a smal girl and the antibiotic did affect me. It made me very tired and dizzy for about 2 weeks.
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What does a brown spot of discharge mean?

Asked By: Emily
I haven't started my period yet and i'm 13, however I've been getting discharge for around a year or so now. However, I'm pretty flat-chested. Anyway, on christmas eve I was craving frozen yogurt and very hungry and I kept getting random bouts of nausea. I haven't really had any cramps and if i had they've been pretty minor and over quick. However, I have been really tired, moody and feeling like crap. So I woke up this morning and noticed a brown spot in my underwear. Its not a big spot, its relatively small but its definitely brown and even has a bit of a redish hue to it. What does this mean? Is it spotting, is it a period, it it just discharge? Will I get more of it? I'm so confused and kind of freaked out ): Thanks in advance.
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am i really pregnant?

Asked By: Anonymous
i done two clear blue digital tests today,because im 3 days late.they both were positive.i didn't test first thing in the morning like you should so does that mean that my hormone are high?is there any possibility that the tests could be wrong?also is a light brown mucus discharge normal before you get a positive test,it started on the day my period was due,i only rally notice it when i wipe after going to the toilet.thanks!
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Why are my boobs hurting so much?

Asked By: Sandy :)
I'm 14. My bra size is 34b now. And when I take my bra off or lay facing down they hurt like alot. I can't run anymore. I haven't had my period in over 30 days. Maybe it's PMS? But they've been hurting for over a month, And no I am not pregnant, Im not sexually active.
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idk whats happening. is there something rong with me?

Asked By: Anonymous
for some reason...ive been really sad lately. idk why. nothing in my life has really been all that sad. by the way im 14. but i dont think its normal because im never like this. i no im not pmsing because i NEVER get moody everrr. what do you think?
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why have i had my period for 4 weeks!!?

Asked By: LauRa
I normally have an irregular period, about 3 times a year...but I have had my period for 4 weeks now, what do i do..help!!
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Pain after D and C please help!!!?

Asked By: iluvbunbuns
I had a D and C a couple days ago after having a miscarriage at 11 weeks and lately I've been experiencing a lot of soreness and tenderness around my neck and shoulders. And today I've noticed this same soreness and tenderness starting from the top of my stomach all the way down to my vagina. In case you need to know I am 18, I weigh 240 lbs, and am 5' 8". Please help I'm really worried!!
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I'm a 19 year old female and I'm balding!!! Help?

Asked By: Anonymous
My hair use to be thick and full and now it's thinning and I can notice hair loss... I became a vegetarian a year and a half ago and I do not eat very well... Maybe it has something to do that??? HELP!!
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