construct a pedigree????????

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construct a pedigree to show how a sex-linked disorder may be inherited by daughter.
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I was just thinking, do lookalikes that are not directly related (for example Robbie Williams and a lookalike), share a closer match dna than two people that don't lookalike? I mean if a random match of genes makes two seperate people from opposite sides of the earth look almost like identical twins - should they not share a close match of DNA? was just wondering...
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which of these cells are inside of a bone's marrow?

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a. motor neuron b. fat c. blood d. skeletal muscle
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what is the following phrase referring to ?

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A part of the nitrogen cycle in which atmospheric nitrogen is converted into other chemical forms available to plants.
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What is the difference between Meiosis and Mitosis?

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I am very confused between the 2 concepts. They both have the same stages (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, etc.) Can anyone help?
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what is one field of science that utilizes the microscope as a tool?

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explain how these scientists use the microscope and what they hope to discover , prove or accomplish.
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Which characteristic of life does a sea sponge not exhibit?

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A. Reproduction B. Inheriting traits through genes C. Obtaining and using energy D. Responding to the environment E. All of the above
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how many cells does a baby have?

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how many cells does a baby have?
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if animals can eat their young with out being marked as evil, why cant humans do it when we ourselves are animals aswell. Not being weird or anything i just wondered
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because the gene for red-green color blindness is located on the x-chromosome ,it is normally possible for a.?

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a. carrier mother to pass the gene on to her daughter b.carrier mother to pass the gene to her son.. c.color blind father to pass the gene on to his daughter.. d.color blind father to pass on to his son...
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