Question on operational amplifier?

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Question on operational amplifier? What difference does the R2 on the left diagram do?
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Please I need help on this resonance problem?????

Asked By: Chris N
A vibrating tuning fork is held over a water column with one end closed and the other open. As the water level is allowed to fall, a loud sound is heard for water levels separated by 17 cm. If the speed of sound in air is 340m/s, the frequency of the tuning fork is: the problem is some people are calculating this equal to 1000 Hz which doesn't make sense to me, but I think that is the right answer, and other people are calculating this to be 500 hz, which makes more sense to me with the concepts I learned, but I think is not the right answer, unless my solutions manual is wrong!!!!!
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Physics Question: A 65 kg person is standing on a scale in an elevator. What will the scale read (in Newtons)?

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if the elevator is traveling downward at a speed of 3 m/s and is slowing down at a rate of 1.2 m/s^2?
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Your empty hand is not hurt when it bangs lightly against the wall.?

Why is it hurt it it does so while carrying a heavy load? Which of Newton's Law is most applicable here?
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How far can a person fall and land in water and be ok?

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I need to know how far the average person can fall and land in deep water and still be ok?
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What are frames of reference?

Asked By: Kay
I'm totally lost! what are frames of reference, (or what's the definition), and how do I use them ??
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Theoretical question about rolling dice...?

Asked By: Justin H
Don't ask where this came from because I haven't the slightest idea. But I am not trying to rig a craps game. In theory, is it possible that some number of dice could be placed in a cup in a precise orientation, shaken in a precise manner, and thrown with a precise velocity and come up with the same results every time. In this theoretical case, you would probably need to use a robot to control all action. Is this theoretically possible or are there just too many randomizing elements for this to work?
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Why do spectral lines appear on both directions from the location of the zero-diffraction image of the slit?

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Why do spectral lines appear on both directions from the location of the zero-diffraction image of the slit?
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How do we amplify our speaker communication system?

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Me and my friend made a communication system, by useing speakers, and after we connected both of them, it is not loud enough when we talk into them. how do we amplify the noise? it is going over 70 foot, and we need to make it loud enough to switch over, and talk to each other, and actually hear each other. The speakers work when we tap them, the other one bounces the sand inside, but how do we make it louder? I found out how to make them, but not how to amplify them at: please help, thanks
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Physics word problem.PLEASE HELP !!!!!!?

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Two billiard balls with identical masses and sliding in opposite directions have an elastic head-on collision. Before the collision, each ball has a speed of 20 cm/s. Find the speed of each billiard ball immediately after the collision. Ball 1 = cm/s Ball 2 = cm/s
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