Question that will make you go crazy wanting to know the answer!?

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This question has bothered me for about 2 months now. I've researched it and found no questions similar. Please, I want your opinion QUESTION: Say you're in a moving vehicle and you have a paper ball (or anything with little mass). There is no wind. When you stick your hand out you feel wind because you're moving. (keep in mind there is actually no wind blowing) You drop the object out the window, does it fly back from the wind created from the movement, or does it simply fall to the ground and appear to fly back only because you are moving away from it? Just tell me if you need more details.
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What is physics really about?

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Ok so I'm becoming a freshman this coming fall in high school and I have Physics I don't know much about it. What is it?
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Impulse and momentum change in two barges...?

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Two long barges are moving in the same direction in still water, one with a speed of 10 km/h, and the other with a speed of 20 km/h. While they are passing each other, coal is shoveled from the slower to the faster one at a rate of 1000 kg/min. How much additional force must be provided by the driving engines of (a) the fast barge, and (b) the slow barge if neither is to change speed? Assume that the shoveling is always perfectly sideways and that the frictional forces between the barges and the water do not depend on the mass of the barges. How would you get your answers? Can you explain it in detail? Good Luck! :)
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what happens to the weight of an object as it moves further from the surface of the Earth?

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what happens to the weight of an object as it moves further from the surface of the Earth?
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can someone please tell me what is potential difference?

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whats the relationship between weight and buoyancy?

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thank you for your time
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A 2-kg ball tied to a string fixed to the ceiling is pulled to one side by a force to an angle of 28.6° from

Asked By: billy w
the ceiling....just before the ball is released and allowed to swing back and forth, (a) how large is the force that is holding the ball in position and (b) what is the tension in the string?
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Acceleration Question?

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A drag racer starts her car from rest and accelerates at 11.0 m/s2 for a distance of 450 m. (a) How long did it take the race car to travel this distance? (b) What is the speed of the race car at the end of the run?
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what would 950,000 Volts do to a person?

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what would 950,000 Volts do to a person?
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Does sonar = ultrasonic?

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What is the difference between sonar and ultrasonic waves? What's the frequency range of each of them?
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