why kids like wearing umbro nylon shorts?

Asked By: Anonymous
why kids like wearing umbro nylon shorts?
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Name the baller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
Superb on the pitch.....even better in the interviews! He got a style different from any other.
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Asked By: Ronald P
Raiders+13 vs. Bucs over/under 39 Browns+11 vs. Steelers 34 Titans-3 vs. Colts 39 Rams+14 vs. Falcons 45 Patriots-6 vs.Bills 40 Lions+11 vs. Packers 43 Bears+3 vs. Texans 47 kc+2 vs. Bengals 39 Giants +7 vs. Vikings 42 Panthers-2 vs. Saints 52 Redskin+3 vs 49ers 38 Jaguars+11 vs.Ravens 38 Seahawks+7 vs. Cardinals 46 Cowboys +2 vs. Eagles 43 Dolphins+3 vs. Jets 43 Broncos +8 vs.Chargers 51
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Who is your................???!?

Asked By: Sir BedaaSh
Who is your favorite player at your club? Past or present? For me my favorite player at United is Cristano Ronaldo and Patrice Evra.
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will riding a snowboard in the dunes scratch up ur board a lot?

Asked By: snowboarder
will riding a snowboard in the dunes scratch up ur board a lot?
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Should i play football for high school?

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ive pretty much played soccer my whole life and im decent at that and have played for the freshman team but im looking into football. i want to know what postion i should play if even playing. when we play pickup games i can break tackles pretty easily and im pretty fast. im about 5 7 130 so any help would be great. but please only serious answers only
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.17 HMR vs. .22 Mag Target Shooting?

Asked By: Tyler G
im stuck between these two calibers. ive done lots of reading but everybody wants opinions on hunting. im STRICTLY target shooting with this gun. the two guns im lookin at are both marlin bolt actions. the .17 has a bull barrel and the .22 mag does not. what is going to be the best target gun? im looking to shoot 100-150 yards maybe even a little farther. whats the best rifle for me?
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Who should I start? Kurt Warner vs 49ers or Matt Shaub vs the Browns?

Asked By: LakerStarr
9ers and Browns both have horrible defenses...i'm leaning toward Shaub since the Browns can actually score so there can be a shootout in the making...thoughts?
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is it me or my shoes?

Asked By: Darrell B
is it just me or when i get holes around my toe area on my shoes from doing kickflips its harder to do them when there is a split hole???
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Best cities for combination of rock climbing, snowboarding and white water rafting?

Asked By: jedil64931
I was thinking of moving to say... Utah or Colorado somewhere. I love all 3 of those activities, but I dont want somewhere boring or with a high cost of living.... HELP!
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