can someone in Pee-wee football tear their ACL?

Asked By: tahseen
can someone in Pee-wee football tear their ACL
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Off topic, but...?

Asked By: Oneirokritis
What is it with immature posters on here? First of all was Magic Marker (who was also Keiran Abdullah, I'm sure of it). He leaves, and now we get saddled with the nonsensical answers of # 1 Edge head. This guy isn't here to share knowledge with others. Seems to me that he just seems to spend his time slandering the memories of Eddie and Owen, and cussing every other word in his answers. To everyone here: If you feel he's trying to get a rise out of you, pay no attention. People like # 1 Edge head are best ignored. Who thinks # 1 Edge head should "Get the F out"?
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How many times today have you....?

Asked By: Anonymous
Climbed a tree.... =D
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Broncos VS. Texans Game ????

Asked By: YanksFan48
I don't have nfl network, the only channel showing the game tonight, is there an online site that i can watch the whole live game on besides
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honestly whose da better competitor to reach gilchrists level?Dhoni or sangakkara?

Asked By: SOAD_ROX
Answer with sensible facts.
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Does anyone know how to open a 35' Kenyon mast to repair wiring?

Asked By: jojo
We have a 23.3' Hunter sailboat
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Successful professional sports teams are given money. How is that money split with the players?

Asked By: Bob J
In the major baseball leagues, NFL or NHL, the object of playing is to win championships. When a team does, it is awarded money by the league, on a graduated scale depending upon how high up in the standings the team finishes. Teams, in turn, share some of this $ with the players...The question is, how much money is a championship, runner-up, etc position worth to the various professional teams and how much does each team give to their players?
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Appropriate dress for tent camping?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm going camping in New Hampshire in a couple of weeks. With the weather cooling down at night lately, what would be appropriate to wear inside of a sleeping bag that will help keep me warm at night, but won't feel constricting or overheating?
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gyms for gmnastics?

Asked By: cgpp14
I am having troble finding gymnastics organizations that offer classes for 14 year olds. Many places stop their classes at age 10. I live in Southern California if you know any good places in that area please let me know
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How is the fishing in Port O'Connor?

Asked By: Dee
How is the fishing in Port O'Connor, TX this week? We are going tomorrow.
4 Answer(s) · 15 years ago