What caused the Russian-Japanese war?

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I'm doing a school report and need the answer. It's part of the Siege of Port Arthur. I need to know what started it and what caused it. I've been on some sites and they tell me 100 different things. So please help me.
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~~寒假有趣的事~~ 我在寒假有很多很有趣又很糗的事 讓我慢慢的告訴你們吧~~~~~~~~~! 過年時,我們回去阿婆家,我、哥哥和媽媽,開開心心回去給阿婆一個驚喜(因為要會去過年沒跟阿婆講哦^O^) 結果 我看到一隻黑色的大狗 嗚~~~~我都快被嚇死惹,因為…因為…我最怕狗>o<! 可是漸漸不怕牠了,這是為何ㄋ? 是因為牠很溫馴? 在我的腦海中,一般的狗看到陌生人不是都會叫嗎? 至少我遇到狗看到我都會叫,好奇怪噢~~~ 這麼乖的狗狗我就敢靠近牠,也敢摸牠哈!哈!哈! 告訴各位一個小秘密噢! 一開始看到那隻狗時我還不敢下車呢! 在車上繃緊神經待了20分鐘! 說起來還真糗ㄎㄎ,怕狗怕成這樣, 啊~~~我好像講太多小黑狗的事啦…哈! 後來我們在那邊吃完晚飯就回家了! 我到現在還會回想到阿婆坐的菜餚超好吃的耶~~~ 有清蒸白蝦、菜頭湯、煎魚等等很多各式各樣的菜, 寫也寫不完呢! 可是我再一直想會餓暈,因為我肚子餓ㄌㄏㄏ^O^! 請各位大大幫我翻譯成英文,謝謝!
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How do I write in Elizabethan language?

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um I have no idea how. please help!
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How many signs are there in American Sign Langauge?

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Of these, how many would one need to know to be able to communite effectively? ASL I? ASL II?
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how to put this sign(~) over the (n) when typing?

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i'm on a spanish website and in order to translate i need to put this sign overthe end. How to do it
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some1 plz translate this Arabic for me...?

Asked By: latina ♥
faro amrika wa masr .. what does this mean? thanks!
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How to be calm and quiet?

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Ok I'm really loud when I want attention I do it unconsciously and I hate it. How can I be quiet and keep my thoughts more to myself?
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please translate this for me, MEXICAN SPANISH/SLANG please?

Asked By: Preeti
translate this for me into spanish.. (slangish.. MEXICAN spanish) I love to dance at clubs, espiecially with my papi's. I hate fake bitches, but I love mine. If your going to start s h i t, don't start myspace drama, please. you will never forget my name. and now it's your turn. tell me.
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if 'thoolevo' transliterates 'I work' in Greek should not the 'v' be rendered as 'i'?

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we are asking wwhat exactly is a transliteration? - is it a swapping of letters from one language for letters in another or is the representation of the greek sounds in English phonetics, in which case the 'v' should be represented as an 'i' sound.
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Is this all correct? SPANISH.?

Asked By: Charlie
En verano suelo ir de vacaciones con mis padres y mis dos hermanas. Normalmente vamos a un lugar agradable. Suelo viajar en avión porque es rápido y cómodo. Pasamos una semana en España. Cada año nos alojamos en un hotel o mi padre alquila una villa cerca de la playa. Lo bueno es que hay una piscina pero lo malo es que mis hermanas son demasiado ruidosas. Si hace buen tiempo me gusta ir a la playa porque me encanta nadar y tomar el sol. Si hace tormenta nos quedamos en casa o vamos de compras en el centro que está cerca. El año pasado decidimos ir a Francia en vez de ir a España. Pasamos dos semanas en el sur de Francia, en un pueblo pequeño en el campo. Fuimos con mis amigos y alquilamos un apartamento grande al lado de un río. Pienso que nos divertimos todos y me gustaría volver en el futuro con mi familia.
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