How do you say (english to spanish)?

Asked By: Rina
How do you translate " Yes, why? June is very far away but I guess I can wait.
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French homework, please help.?

Asked By: Bob P
How do you say it is 1:20 4:35 8:55 8:15 12:05 10:40 14:25 1:50 in french. it has to say like this example. it is 1:20 but in french thanks so much (:
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how can something in french be in imparfait AND passe compose?

Asked By: Anonymous
how can something in french be in imparfait AND passe compose?
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I need some help in interpreting the following from Spanish to English.?

Asked By: wanninonni
Please no rude answers, thank you.. Here it goes. Pinche bonita como te amoreres la dueja deel amor que siento por ti va irconmigo hasta la muerta y aun despues de meuerto te voy a segur amando simplemente es eterno
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a good language for tattoo?

Asked By: Michelle Z
i was thinking latin, because its closer to my heritage, im latina i was thinking this : Amor vincit omnia-love conquers all , i wouldnt get anything mayan or aztec because i dont feel like sticking some bird on my body and im not even sure if they have a writen language, and if they do i dont think i can translate what i want into it what i really want is one solid character like kanji or chinese but would it be weird considering im not asain? any reccomendenations? any languages that look good? i liked thai, but i really want a language that is composed of solid characters or what do you think is sexy? or if you know anything suited for me that relates to my heritage would be great! im not mexican so i wouldnt want any "chicano" stuff on me im guatemalan salvadorean any thoughts or opinions are good especially because this tattoo will be on me forever
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what does it means?? i think it's french or what?

Asked By: ♥kai♥
Porque nosotros nunca podemos ser más que amigos y me duele cada vez yo cierro mis ojos todo veo es
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In spanish, is "tapon" the correct word used for the noun "plug" ?

Asked By: ♥ Twilight ♥ Edward Cullen
not like plug like plug something in plug like the plug goes into the socket i used but i wanted to make sure that was the correct word thanks! :) if not plz tell me what is thanks!
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What does this mean?? (spanish??)?

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yo deveria estar en el lugar de ese vato
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Question for people who can read and speak Biblical Hebrew: define the Hebrew word olam?

Asked By: enarchay
What does the word mean? If it does not denote endlessness, is there another Hebrew word that does? Did ancient Hebrews even have a concept of eternity?
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I need to know the correct punctuation for this sentence please help me out....?

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The band's horn section which has ten members played beautifully but the brass's deeply rich vibrant tones made that section stand out.
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