AP Chem - Atomic Theory/Quantum Theory?

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this is a free response question from an old AP chem exam that i need to be familiar with for my final tomorrow. --- Account for each of the following in terms of atomic theory and/or quantum theory: 1. Atomic size increases from Na to Cl in the periodic table 2. Boron commonly forms molecules of the type BX3. These molecules have a trigonal planar structure. 3. The first ionization energy of K is less than that of Na. 4. Each element displays a unique gas-phase emission spectrum. --- basically the question is just asking to explain concepts but i'm rather unsure about how to answer each part. any help would be appreciated!
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Limiting Reagents?

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For each balanced equation, identify the limiting reagent for the given combination of reactants. A) 2Al + 3Cl2 --> 2AlCl3 3.6mol 5.3mol B) 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O 6.4mol 3.4mol HELPPP! LOL!
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What is the pH of this buffer?

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Im stuck on this question.... A buffer is formed by mixing 0.396M trimethylamine, (CH3)3N and 0.190M trimethylammonium bromide, (CH3)3NHBr. A) What is the pH of the Buffer. B) What is the pH of the buffer after 1mL of .02M NaOH is added (ignore volume changes)
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Is there any calcium in a wax crayon?

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Is there any calcium in a wax crayon?
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What volume of 0.58M HF is needed to neutralize 55.2mL of 0.79M Al(OH)3?

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I have several problems like this so if you could walk me through it it would be awesome! Thank you!
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Can someone tell me which of the following equations is balanced? And why?

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Al2O3 ® Al + O2 Al2O3 ® 2 Al + 3 O2 2 Al2O3 ® 4 Al + 3 O2 4 Al2O3 ® 3 Al + 2 O2 Thanks for the help :)
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How do you find the density of an irregular object?

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I know you find the volumn of an irregular of an irregular object by water diplacement, but how do you find the density? Is it water displacement?
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match letters and #s?

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1 chemical equation 2 word equation 3 reactant 4 product 5 single replacement (general equation) 6 double replacement (general equation) 7 (general equation) 8 analysis (general equation) 9 salt 10 precipitate A. result of a reaction B. substances that interact C. AB → A + B D. A + B → AB E. CaCl2 F. A + BC → B + AC G. settles out of solution H. hydrogen plus oxygen yields water I. AB + CD → CB + AD J. 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O i think 5:F and 6:I
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Is vinegar a volatile solution?

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Is vinegar a volatile solution?
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ideal gas experiment?

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why is butane a liquid in the lighter but a gas in the buret full of water?
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