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questions on the great gatsby?

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please only answer if u have read the book ok so i pretty much always do my homework on time w/o cheating and its like a+ work but one of my friends is going through a really hard time right now(her bf broke up with her and 2 days later her dog died) so i have sorta been taking care of her and i havent been able to get my latest assignment, my mom would kill me if i didn't do this! shes one of those hard *** moms you know? no excuses and **** like that so if someone can give me the answers to the following questions i would really appreciate it! ok theres kinda alot Chapter II: 7. Describe the Valley of Ashes and the people who live there. 8. Who is Dr. T.J. Eckleburg? 9. Look at Myrtle’s talk of her unhappy marriage. What does she say to justify her actions? Chapter III: 10. List at least four rumors circulating about Gatsby. 11. Describe the party, the people attending, the conversation—what does it tell you about the values of the people in attendance? 12. At what is the “owl-eyed man” amazed? 13. List at least 3-4 more examples of white/yellow imagery. 14. How does Nick respond to Jordan’s “dishonesty” in golf? Chapter IV: 15. What details does Gatsby tell Nick about himself? 16. Describe Meyer Wolfsheim. 17. Jordan tells Nick about the connection between Daisy and Gatsby. Summarize their history. 18. What is Gatsby’s plan involving Nick? Chapter V: 19. How does Gatsby try to impress Daisy? 20. Identify at least three ways the weather reflects Gatsby and Daisy’s first meeting. 21. What are Gatsby’s feelings by the end of the chapter? Daisy’s? Chapter VI: 22. How did James Gatz get his name? 23. How did Gatz transform himself and why? 24. Discuss the irony of Tom’s statement: “I may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me.” Chapter VII: 25. Why does Gatsby stop giving parties? 26. Describe the confrontation between Tom and Gatsby. 27. What are the circumstances surrounding Myrtle in this chapter? 28. What indications are there that Tom and Daisy will stay together? 29. What is Fitzgerald saying about the relationship between the rich and the poor?
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what are some teen romance novels similar to The Notebook?

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I looked into other Nicholas Sparks novels and found Dear John, A Walk To Remember, and The Last Song but I've read those already. Then most of his other books were about adults, which tends to bore me probably because I like reading about people close to my age. So if there are any good teen romance novels you know of please tell me. (please no vampires or any mythical creatures, I have already read Twilight, stick to the normal human stories please). thanks =]
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are there any good AR books that are like cirque du freak?

Asked By: xxkillakillaxx
ive been reading the series and also been reading the demonata series but need another series after it
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At what age was Alice (Twilight) put into the asylum?

Asked By: Azamee
At what age was Alice (Twilight) put into the asylum?
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whats the third book to sloppy firsts, and second helpings? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?

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whats the third book to sloppy firsts, and second helpings? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?
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How can i make a good outline of the story i want to write?

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I'm writing a book but it would really help if i had an outline. how can I write one?
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Searching for old Shakespeare textbook - Complete Works Annotated - Pre-1961?

Asked By: fragileindustries
My mother took a college course in 1961 on Shakespeare and lost the textbook in a fire. I would like to find a copy as a gift to her. It was a hardcover single volume of all works, plays and sonnets, with annotations (clarification of archaic words, critical notes etc.) The original publication date / first edition was obviously before 1961-- this may have been a subsequent edition and it may have had later editions, but it was in print in 1961. I cannot find an online bibliography of similar works. Any scholars/Shakespeare lovers/book collectors who know such a work or a helpful link? Thank you.
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Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer?

Asked By: Evee
Who do you prefer Edward or Jacob? Do you think Bella will become a vampire or stay human? Where can I find good fanfiction or how do I post my fanfiction on
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Do you ever read poems out loud?

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Do you ever read poems out loud?
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Aspiring Writer.. How to get started?

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Can anyone point me in the right direction for websites that tell you how to organize your ideas and tips for writing?
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