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And my "hate" will go on, an' on......?

Asked By: Anonymous
In a curious time, between the first and second WW, a keen observer of human mind, Mr. Bertrand Russel wrote: "We do not like to be robbed of an enemy; we want someone to hate when we suffer." (Need For Political Scepticism, p. 138) His premise was, that before civilization, disputes were settled by wars, hatred, animosity and rivalry. That gave rise to political parties and that tradition of "othering" others lives on. Instead of cooperation, alienation wins, because of our inherent nature. Can this be applied to feminism? That although born out of true necessity, it failed to be inclusive and cooperative with men, and remained a movement for the women, by the women, of the women. That although, the basic needs have met, and problem facing women are shared by all of us, the "hate" still goes on, anon, anon.
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Every nite when I dream, it's horror land?

Asked By: jacquie
I can't take it anymore. I could write horror stories from the things that I dream about. How can I stop these awful dreams?
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plz give info. on sanchi,ajanta-ellora and khajuraho temple?

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ways 2 protect dem need 2 preserve n protect d monument
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What does this dream mean?

Asked By: Anonymous
I had a dream last night that had my grandfather in it. He passed away over 8 years ago, and I haven't dreamed about him in years. Him and I were very close, he was like a father to me. The dream was a weird one. I kept asking everyone in the dream if they saw him well he was standing near me, and they all said yes. I asked how this was because he had been dead. They all said it was cause I missed him so much that he came back to see me. I have been going through a lot in my life lately and have felt in a sense lost. What could this dream mean? Could it be my grandfather using his energy to try and tell me that no matter what he is there for me? I woke up this morning crying (and am now due to writing this) because it brought back emotions from his passing and me just missing him. Any insight would be helpful.
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Are Most Middle Age People Unsatisfied With Their Lives?

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This is just something that i have wondered for a long time. I am 20 years old and in college and i have believed for a long time that i need to work as i can now if i am to satisfied with my life later. Is that true or are most people who are in their 30's and 40's very satisfied with where their lives ended up?
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Are 9-11 and the Tsunami my fault?

Asked By: Odie
I believe some people are lucky and have things go their way and some are just plain unlucky. That would be me to some extent. No matter what I plan, something always happens that I haven't accounted for. It has reached the point of being rediculous but I have learned to live with it and now find it more humerous (Occasionally) rather than annoying. Here are two cases in Point. 1:I had planned a week visiting NYC starting on the day of 9-11. I was on a bus trying to get into Manhatten when they closed it off because of the attack. I landed up being Stuck in CT for week. 2: I was on hoilday in Thailand when the Tsunami struck. Fortunately the island I was on was not hit but everyone was telling me to leave and go back to South Africa. These are only two examples but a defenite pattern in my life. Do you think that I bring it on or will my luck change. Should I be locked away :-)
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In what manner do you react to women who breast-feed in public with no effort to hide their mammaries?

Asked By: relaxplease2005
In what manner do you react to women who breast-feed in public with no effort to hide their mammaries?
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Why do females use ! marks more then men use them?

Asked By: hsingh86
I cant prove this, but when I exchange emails with my female, I have seen more ! then I do with guys and want to know if there isa reason why. Sometimes i can understand the use of !, but not al the time
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How many percent of the the world's population owns TV?

Asked By: sara13440
I'm just wondering, in the age of the rapid communication like the Interenet, how many percent of the world's population actlually have benefited from modern technology, such as TV sets?
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