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Dreams about ww2... can anyone tell me what it means?

Asked By: Clare D
Does any one have dreams about being in Germany in world war 2? Do you know what this dream would mean? or why? I do not watch war programs very often, but I have a repetative dream of being in bed in Germany one morning and soldiers storming the bedroom whrough doors and windows. It has been happening for about 3 years now and is quite vivid. any ideas?
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Why do I get so Scared When its dark Out?

Asked By: Mrs. Campbell
I've lived alone before, but usually i have someone in the house with me with its dark. My husband however, has been working more and more in the early mornings and I don't want him gone. It really scares me to be alone in the house. Why is that? I've lived in an entire apartment before alone, and I was scared all the time too.
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

I know this is all part of getting older, but is really supposed to be this way?

Asked By: Anonymous
It seems like more and more, I'm getting problems in life that no one can help me deal with. Or not anyone who I can rant to. I've had a few problems that came up recently, and I was completely lost. I was looking for someone to help me, and then I came to the realization that I was alone. I'm a drummer, and I'm heavily into drums, and I've had a few drum related problems, and no one I know plays drums at the level that I do. I didn't even figure out what to do. I just half-@ssed my way through it (which I DESPISE with drums, anything is is ok, but I hate half@ssing drums). I have other miscellaneous problems that no one could help me with. I'm an only child, don't have many friends, and don't trust my parents to give me any advise. My dad yes, but he can only go so far. And my mom just makes me pissed off and everything worse. I'll come to her with a problem, and she'll MAKE me do something, usually not helpful, and not fun.
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

can people be happy?

Asked By: morgan b
can people be happy?
6 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

is it a bad thing to have dreams ever night?

Asked By: baby m
every night i have dreams they're usually good but some are bad.
8 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

What do you think are the main reasons for someone to have this kind of personality...?

Asked By: Rute A
...Ok, let me explain: i have a friend that is hard on having schedules or agenda for anything.He is very desorganized and does everything just on last minute...I cannot ever plan timing to do something with him, because he is always late and he is also very instable, i mean always looking for new excitment things or happenings.The main problem is that he doesn't seem to understand that he has this kind of problem.He was adopted when he was a child.Do you think this personality as to do with this?i'd like to help him...thanks
10 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Why is it that some people choose the opposite of what they desire?

Asked By: Anonymous
Why do alot of people on these boards and elsewhere choose solutions that are significantly opposed to what they seem to be concerned about in thier question? For instance a person asks a question like: "I'm hungry. What do I do? Help! They choose a best answer that says: "Don't eat. Or, "starve" are they kidding? Sometimes they seem to want an honest answer, but thier solution doesn't make sense. What does that mean?!
4 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

How to deal with a mid life crisis at 22?

Asked By: Anonymous
Mid life or quarter life crisis i dont know. But i cant sleep and i cant eat. Probably need meds. I put off my own interests in music and art to "be realisitc"as my parents would say and go to college. I wont even be finished with that until im almost 24. and ive been going since i was 19!! Maybe i should have picked an easier major so i could have been out exploring the world. I have no friends and no social life. all my friends are married with kids. Im not brave enough to go to clubs by myself. I never lived at the dorms so i never got to experience that. i feel like my youth is wasted. im almost 22. no friends. no real job. old beat up car. no boyfriend and no prospects. no degree. debt. and i feel like well my youth is gone and im approaching spinsterhood. my whole year of being 21 i didnt even get to go to a bar or dancing because i tore a knee ligament and after that i came down with an infection that lasted the entire year. you cant dance on cructhes. im miserable. i see pictures of kids on facebook and myspace having a good time and all i can think is "I never had that" HELP!!!!
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

(FX?) Why is the USD doing so well against exotics?

Asked By: Anonymous
The USD has been falling against the majors, but went up against ZAR, MXN, and NOK. Is this typical?
1 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

Can a guy and girl truly be best friends?

Asked By: Anonymous
Can a guy love a girl as his best friend and there be nothing more?
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago