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Im 13 and so lazy HELP!!!?

Asked By: Anonymous
Im really really lazy, when i go to school i always put my head down and yawn, and im always quite because im to lazy to move my jaws, and yet at the same time im a shy person. When i get home i just get on the computer and watch naruto, im skinny and dont care about my health because im too lazy to build up my body and i have incompleted homework, and i keep thinking ill do it later but im not doing it even right now. When i was a kid i wasn't lazy at all, i was a smart kid in my school and i was very hyper but now that i came to america things changed. Well i came to america 5 years ago anyways forget that. I Always get motivated to do what im supposed to do but my laziness always stops the motivation and then i just feel like sitting there. I wanna change my life
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BA or BS in Econ? which one?

Asked By: spurs119
What is the difference between BA or BS in Economics? I want to double major in Econ and get my BBA in finance. Which one would be better to do BA or BS in Econ?
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Please tell me what I experienced? For the love of god, please help me!? Repost?

Asked By: Zac H
Thank you for those of you that answered this question previously. I'm going to see if I can get more answers. Please read, and help me! It's like a panic attack, without the physical symptoms, and depressions, anxiety, and uneasiness afterward, mainly at night. What happens is, when I think about death, ways my environment and stuff around me can kill me, anything really, from a spring popping out of my bed and impaling me, to other stuff, such as my fan decapitating me. If I think about that stuff, a noticeable shift happens in my mental status. A deep wave of dread comes over me, a heavy feeling in my stomach comes, I can't go back to sleep, I feel impossibly uneasy, and have a mental state that is almost indescribable. It's every mental symptom of a panic attack, combined with other things, such as being deathly afraid of my environment, thinking everything can kill me. I become terrified, scared, nervous, anxious, I feel isolated, I feel alone, and some other, indescribable, horrible, unpleasant feelings. It's so bad, that what I experience makes me want to commit suicide, just to get away from these feelings, and I have contemplated it many times when experiencing this. The morning after, and for months to come, every night, I feel as though I am on the verge of experiencing this. I tend to be uneasy, on edge, among other things when night falls. It has taken me years to recover from the first one I experienced. The truly terrifying part, is I can cause this whenever I want, just by thinking about an unstoppable death, no matter how inconceivable or impossible it may be (the fabric on my clothes tightening and strangling me for instance). One of the things that makes this even more strange, is that hours of searching Google came up dry. It's like I'm the only one this happens to, in the world, which is upsetting and frustrating. I don't think anyone will ever experience these deep, almost unreal feelings. I don't fear death. No, not at all. That's out of the question for possible causes. I only fear an unstoppable, instant, death. One that doesn't warn you, and you have no chance whatsoever to avoid it. Another thing I want to add, is that I also become paralyzed with fear. I just don't want to move for fear that my condition might worsen. Some have suggested I experience extreme case of anxiety and fear. What can I do to curb these feelings, other than drinking? Please help me, what am I experiencing?
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I feel overwhelmed with owning anything. I just want to be free of stuff, so I can move about freely and?

Asked By: Eggplant
unencumbered. I am leaning toward relinquishing everything I own-just letting it all go-except for the very basics that I could take as carry-on on a plane and nothing more. I am terrified of taking this leap, but I feel so compelled to free myself. I'd appreciate hearing what your own experiences have been as I am on the brink of doing this by year's end. What are tyour thoughts...oh, and don't say "put it in storage or leave it with family"-both of those are NOT options.
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Why is it that most of us don't act on what we know is right?

Asked By: Mr. Main Event
For instance, we all know that if we work hard and pour our blood, sweat and tears for something, we can achieve it (or if we don't achieve it, we'll come closer to achieving it than by doing nothing.) Or we all know that doing drugs is bad for us, but there are still a lot of people who do drugs. Why don't we act on what we know is right and/or good for us?
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How would you describe fear?

Asked By: Anonymous
What would you do to remedy fear?
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Why arent citizens in the United States mad that police officers are using tasers on them for minor reasons?

Asked By: bgfhg g
Not only are police officers still using guns, but now they are putting 50,000 volts of electricity through people with tasers. Tasers are being used on citizens when guns would have never been used on people. Drunk people are getting tazed, senior citizens, and even children. Mostly for minor reasons. Tasers shoudl be banned. Here is a videoclip of a woman being tasered during a traffic stop.
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I'm confused about this...?

Asked By: Wanderlust
Two, of my friends got sent to a mental hospital for 10 days for cutting. I finally told my counsler about hearing voices after two years. But it took so long for me to do it 'cause I thought I might get sent away, but I didn't. It wasn't even suggested. I got some pills and that was it. If I tell about my cutting and that I've been really close to taking a bunch of perscription meds to make things better without thinking about that it would kill me, will they suggest sending me there??
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How to become the best?

Asked By: Steve
What are some steps one might take to becoming great at a new task? I'm hoping for a broad answer that I can apply to all sorts of tasks including: school, sports, work etc.
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Dealing with High school peers; superficial, fake, and ignorant people?

Asked By: ?
I'm in my senior year now and I got one more year after until I'm out of my leash and I throw myself into post-secondary. There is always something troubling me, when I go to my high school and I find myself with superficial people asking me weird questions that I cannot even answer. Questions like: Can you go out with me?(When I don't even know them as a individual, and I have never even met them before) Pretty much so much drama bull crap in high school, I can't take it. My peer group that I've gotten to know for a while haven't even seem to grow a full mature mentality yet. It is just so awkward to see less and less reality in high school when the drama hits, it just sickens me that there are still cliques and people who judge you for what you wear. So I can't wait to get the hell out of high school!!! Your thoughts,opinions, any advice?
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