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whats better, a community college, a college or a university?

Asked By: Anonymous
i am currently a junior (11 grade high school) and i am starting to investigate about college, community college, university. could you please detail what is the diference between these three and what is the best option for me in the state of california?
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College degree question.?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hello, I am about to enter a community college and get an associates in network administration. If i get above a 3.0 gpa I am guarnteed to a college from a list of schools ( some of which are pretty good). My plan is to get my associates and then follow through with a bachaleors. My question is, -is it really that much easier to get a good paying job with a degree? -Also, Could I just get a good paying job with just the associates and skip the bachaleors? -Also, what is a ballpark figure for a network admin?
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quick question for an essay admission entrance exam... OPENING ONLY?

Asked By: DJ JD
so, there's this essay that every applicant has to do before they are approved to take the entrance exam, the actual school is called ateneo de manila university and they're VERY strict about about the essays and the grammars. I JUST NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR AN OPENING, the rest is fine but I just need a CATCHY opening. tnx... *if you can suggest some more, much better, tnx.. :D
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So how does a one-year AAS degree from FIT or FIDM in fashion design compared to a two-year one?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am thinking about taking a leave of absence from my current college to attend fashion school, or maybe going after I finish my BA. I was wondering if the "advanced" one-year programs really are awesome enough... if you think that they will prepare maybe in going into the fashion field. I wouldn't mind going to a two-year program if it wasn't for money and time since I was also thinking about going to law school after that if I can finish my undergrad here in three years (it looks like I can). So do you think that they really are that good or are they over-hyped and just hitting the tip of the iceberg? Thanks, 10 points to best answer! Also, which one would be better to go to: FIDM in SF of FIT?
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For all of those who graduated with a business degree, what did you guys do after college?

Asked By: jessiejag2003
I am having a hard time trying to realize what I should do, I feel that college didnt prepare for anything. That can also be my fault. I want to know if you guys had similar problems and what you guys were able to do. Thanks.
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What's the point in getting a minor in university?

Asked By: mahnand
What's the point in getting a minor in university?
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Can I switch out of a Community College after 1 year?

Asked By: Anonymous
Well I am left with no choice, so I have to go to a local community college. I plan on transferring after 1 year, because I was told I can and should do so. But my parents are in complete denial that I can, either because they want me here as long as I possibly can be, or they just don't know what they are talking about. So, what are my options? If I can manage a 3.8 GPA or higher, will I get into most of the school I apply to after 1 year? Also, when do I apply? At which time do I send out my applications? thanks a lot peeps!
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Please please please help me!!! I beg u! Emegency!!?

Asked By: The REBELution!
Tybalt,still enraged at romeos intrusion at the capulets ball is determined 2 fight. Mercutio gets involved. How does he get involved?
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How do you get into medical school?

Asked By: Erick
I really need help on this question. I have no idea how to get into medical school. I really want to be a doctor. So please answer my question. Please clarify on what exactly pre-med is and what do I have to major in and also I've heard one needs to have a four year degree what does that have to be in? Thanks any help is much appreciated!
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