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If a person gets like let's say a 1 on an AP exam will that hurt their chances of getting into..?

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...colleges like UC San Diego, UCLA, or UC Berkeley? [My question got cut off.]
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What currently is the time?

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A good Self Help Book or program For College Students?

Asked By: Bri B
I am ending my first year of college, and I did absolutely horribly. Failing most of my classes. I do great throughout the entire semester, turning in all of my work, and getting Bs on the tests, but then when it comes to the finals, I completely bomb and fail them. I dont think I feel nervous, and I always go into the test thinking that I know the material well because I had studied, and then I see my grades and see that I failed the Final. In high school I was an A-B student, and always just seemed to know everything when it came to the tests with very little studying. And of course this is dramatically different. This past semester I even took a course that was supposed to improve my study habits, and it didnt help me at all when it came down to taking the final exam. Is there any kind of self help book out there that is specifically aimed at helping college students from bombing?!?!?! I definately need help when it comes to taking finals.
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UCI TAG program and personal statement.?

Asked By: anh n
Hello everyone! I am college transfer applicant and already got approved for the TAG program at UCI. My personal statement is due in 2 days. Eventhough i have spent my last week working on it and got it revised a couple of times by my friends, i still feel like its not good enough. Anyway, my question is if i have already been approved for the TRANSFER ADMISSION GUARANTEE program , is a bad personal statement going to jeopadize my acceptance? Because i thought being approved for TAG means i am guaranteed for an acceptance. I am really worried rightnow, sorry for bad grammar and such.. Thank you all very much.
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What is a good topic for my Political Science thesis that isnt over used?

Asked By: Jeremy c
Im a political Science student, i will be doing my thesis next year. what could be a good, and feasible topic, im personally interested in the "Green" way of living, poverty, and Environmental Sustainability and protection.
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Quit school, how do I get my family?

Asked By: Kimberlynne
I quit school today with the support of my husband. I am feeling pretty bad about it right now, but I really started to miss being home with my daughter and missed not being so dam stressed out. My daughter is only 2. And my hubby worked 2-10 pm shift, which meant I only seen him on weekends. Anyway, I plan on going p/t this time instead of f/t, it was just too hard for me right now. Im gonna enroll for a different nursing school next year and take some time off. Now for my question, how am I suppose to help my other family (like in-laws, and my mom and dad) understand, and how am I suppose to handle all the crap I am most likely gonna get from them? I am a bit disappointed in myself, because I quit and I wasnt flunked out and this school was very strict with grades, attendanace, appearance and well-known in my area...... Some words of encouragement and advise for that talk Im gonna get from family.. Thanx
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If I get an AA from a Florida community college, am I guaranteed admission into UCF?

Asked By: dana w
For financial reasons, I am thinking about getting my AA at Seminole Community College and then transferring to UCF. However, I'm not sure if I am guaranteed admission this way. Some people have said that I am, as long as I successfully complete the required courses for a pre-major AA.
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uc gpa question?

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does uc gpa counts first and second semester of your 10th and 11th grade year?!?
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What is the difference between an accredited interior design school and one that isn't?

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there are many schools around my area that offer interior design as a major. but only a couple are accredited. so if i went to a school that hasn't been accredited for it's interior design program, how would that affect my interior design career?
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Are there any places u can get free gift cards?

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Do u have any unused giftcards?They will help me 4 college!Please send to: Mary Marshall P.O. Box 5466 Laurel,MD 20707-4816 Thank You!!
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