I hate formal language class?

Asked By: selen'a
cuz I dont have material
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GRAPH - Help!?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have to drap a graph for science tomorrow. I have 2 sets of data(me and a partner) Each set of data for each person includes average lenghts for dropping the ruler and an average reaction time for this too. There is one for both each the right and left hand. Same for my partner. How do i get both of these onto one graph?! ahhhhh!
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Teachers/Trainers: Do you ever lose your nerve in front of the class?

Asked By: Jane W
I have been teaching and training adults now for about ten years now. Most days I have total self confidence and really enjoy preforming in front of people but every once in a while I lose my nerve. I see people who are out in front of me who appear bored, angry, or upset with something I said and start to lose my confidence. I suspect someone is going to get up and leave and everyone will follow in laughter. I start to look out in class and start analyzing the facial expressions of everyone looking for signs of boredom. My confidence is gone! Can you relate.
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Why aren't foreign languages taught at elementary school age?

Asked By: HAYLEY
I would think it would seem more intimidating for an older age student to learn a new language whereas, an elementry student is learning new vocabulary and difinitions from the start. Wouldn't this advance her/his education? By the time they are in highschool they will have had a great headstart.
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I need help solving this math problem...............?

Asked By: Anonymous
every student who studies art in a certain school receives exactly one of the grades A, B, C, or D. If 1 over 5 of the students receive A’s, 1 over 4 receive B’s, 1 over 2 receive C’s, and 10 students receive D’s, how many students in the school study art? Explaination is highly recommended,don't just give me the answer.
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Create a time or history chart?

Asked By: Max
I need to represent a time line in a pleasing graphical form, in a small space. I have all the dates and events, but I need to display them in something other than a boring list or table. Any ideas or even links to ideas (preferably templates) are welcome.
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Help, My Teacher Failed Me!?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok, so the other day, i rly hurt my back, and i could not move, cus the pain was un bareable. so i stayed home, but that same day, i had a UNIT test in my biology class (gr11). and he gave me a 0 since i wasnt there, i brought him a note from my dad explaining my situation, but he said i needed a doctors note. and the test was worth alot of %, and now im failing that class, what should i do?
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name of software for education?

Asked By: Mari N
can r give me the software for translate english words /sentence to malay?
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What's the difference between a 'teacher' and an 'educator'?

Asked By: Anonymous
What's the difference between a 'teacher' and an 'educator'?
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how to teach ur man a lesson? =C?

Asked By: honeyloop
He really did something wrong.. i really want to teach him a lesson for hurting me.. and i guess if he doesnt learn this time.. wer done.. wats the perfect way to teach ur man for doing sumting bad.. asap!
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago