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low iq, but high grades in school... what do you think?

Asked By: Anonymous
Well, I'm a sophomore in high school. I have all A's. I'm a good writer of fictional books and movie scripts. I plan to go to college for film, actually. But that doesn't matter. I took the iq test and got 98. I know, it's average. But I've always thought I was pretty intelligent (not in a stuck up way) the iq test questions made NO sense. It wasn't common stuff, I'm used to everything making sense and knowing the steps to the solution. Not just random crap thrown at me with "patterns" and "what shape doesn't belong the list below". This doesn't effect anything, does it? I expect to get a good grade in my sat's/act's... I was a little disappointed about the iq test though.
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does the American education system perpetrate racism?

Asked By: Anonymous
it seems that during elementary school, all kids play together regardless of ethnicities. but when young whites begin learning black history, there seems to be a separation and grouping between the races of children. it seems like the "us and them" complex starts to develop. blacks seem to get overtly proud of black culture (including fashion, music, mannerisms, and 'whats cool') while whites develop disdain, jealously, tolerance, or snobbish demeanors towards other races. I honestly believe "Black History Month" is tired and all social studies should be "American History" where it shows American heroes of all races (white, black, hispanic, asian). the books and stories need to be more diverse damn it! is the education curriculum outdated and does it continue the racial divide amongst Americans?
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Quitting a apprenticeship.?

Asked By: DesAustin
I am wondering what the procedure for quitting a apprenticeship. Do you write your letter for however many weeks notice then sign the forms and your out? people with expierence if you have any thoughts , please.
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i start my driving class and i didnt study for my test so i can just take it in school at the same time?

Asked By: Anonymous
if i want to pay how much do i have to pay for it?
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I like to write stories and poems in my spare time.?

Asked By: Anonymous
i have been told by many people,including high school teachers, that i am very gifted and should persue a career in writting. What are the steps in getting a book or peom published?please help
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Tips for a High school Spelling Bee?

Asked By: Alan S
How to do it? any ideas... Why is it called spelling bee? We'll have this spelling bee in a Brazilian high school, that's why I'm asking this questions. thanks a lot!
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I ought to developlogic in myszelf...i want to be logical how to do it???

Asked By: sumeet batheja
I ought to developlogic in myszelf...i want to be logical how to do it???
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what does the numbers 9,19, 53, have in common with each other?

Asked By: copper2
These numbers have come up over the years. either all together or 9 19, or 9 53. But there must be a reason and I'm trying to figure it out thats all no biggie if no one else knows the answer....or can help me figure out the answer.
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should i become a pharmacist or a veterinarian?

Asked By: ?
i am going into highschool...so i need to start thinking about college...i would either would like to go to school for pharmacist or a veterinarian? can someone give me details on which one the pick and why? thanks
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I am trying to find out when might you use an informative speech in the business world?

Asked By: Angel
I am trying to find out when might you use an informative speech in the business world?
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