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need help about spellcaster's trap card "magician's cirlce"?

Asked By: br1ckc1tyk1n6
my friend has a spellcaster deck and he has a trap card called magician circle the effect of the trap card is when a spellcatser type monster declares an attack each player gets to specail summon 1 spell caster monter from the deck with 2000 or less.....okay the question is when he attacks with 1 monster and special summons and attacks again can he keep on specail summoning a spellcatser till his field is full?
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Huess What Yugioh DEck ? My Moarch?

Asked By: Anonymous
21 monsters 2 vanity's fiend 3 caius 2 thestalos 1 raiza 1 mobius 2 cyber drag 1 dd warrior lady 3 gk spy 2 l j m 2 dekoichi 1 marshmallon 1 spirit reaper 10 spells 3 soul exchange 2 book of moon 1 mon reborn 1 pre burial 1 heavy 1 pot of avarice 1 brain control 11 traps 3 solemn judgment 3 reckless greed ( or 3 royal oppression ) 2 bottomless trpa hole 1 mirror force 1 torrential tribute 1 trap dustshoot
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can anybody rate my yu-gi-oh deck?

Asked By: rainwolf37
i made a deck online, i need 2 know if its good Monsters(35) 1 Abyss Soldier 2 Aitsu 3 Copycat 4 Deepsea Warrior 5 Eria the Water Charmer 6 Fenrir 7 Fire Kraken 8 Gagagigo 9 Gigobyte 10 Gogiga Gagagigo 11 Hydrogeddon (x3) 12 Island Turtle 13 Jellyfish 14 Koitsu 15 Levia-Dragon – Daedalus 16 Lycanthrope 17 Nightmare Penguin 18 Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo Daedalus 19 Oxygeddon (x2) 20 Penguin Soldier 21 Pitch – Black Warwolf 22 Root Water 23 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness 24 Skull Mariner 25 The Legendary Fisherman 26 Twin Headed Wolf 27 UFO turtle 28 Water Dragon 29 Water Magician 30 Water Omotics Magic (12) 31 A Legendary Ocean (x3) 32 Ancient Telescope 33 Bonding – H20 34 Field Barrier 35 Heart of Clear Water 36 Insect Barrier 37 Pot of Avarice 38 Spell Absorption 39 Terraforming 40 Umi (x3) 41 Umiiruka 42 Wave-Motion Cannon Trap (2) 43 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi 44 Tornado Wall
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how do i send a chat when playing games?

Asked By: diana g
how do i send a chat when playing games?
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Concerning Magic The Gathering.?

Asked By: Anonymous
can i use any cards from any block when building (constructed) decks? or just the cards mixed from their own blocks? im still trying to learn. Wikipedia has helped some but im still trying to navigate for knowledge. im playing casually at home. im looking forward to playing at magic at the local places
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yu gi oh god cards question?

Asked By: Line N
Hi any one know a good web where i could be the "real" slifer the sky dragon god card online?
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Do you think this is going to banned,limited,or semi restricted?

Asked By: Anonymous
It is coming out sometime this year in english Card Stats: Fiend/Effect Level 10 ATK/? DEF/? Card #: JUMP-EN014 *** Unconfirmed Found In: Shonen Jump Magazine Description: This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card can only be Tribute Summoned by Tributing 3 monsters on your field. The ATK and DEF of this card is equal to the number of cards on your opponent's field x 1000. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, destroy all cards on the field. During your turn, you can destroy this card.
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what is your best yu-gi-oh combo hand??

Asked By: Anonymous
My favorite one hand combo is having nobleman of crossout, injection fairy lily, caius the shadow monarch, monster reborn, heavy storm and double attack. First i use heavy storm to clean the magic and traps of my opponent, then i use nobleman of crossout, the i summon injection and use double attack so she can attack twice and i discard caius, the i use monster reborn and special summon caius and i enter battle phase and i attack twice with lily paying 2000 life points but inflicting 6800 of damage and then i attack with caius for a total of 9200 lf loss
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How do you make a mid evil gameboard for history class?

Asked By: Anonymous
How do you make a mid evil gameboard for history class?
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how can i make my cards bigger in a game?

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im playing a card game and my cards are small how can i make them larger
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