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i have two weeks to lose 10lbs for a photo shoot. Does anyone have some healthy ideas of how i can do this?

Asked By: funloving_surfer_grl
im already skinny so if your idea is something like the special k thing it wont work im 6' and weigh 140 now so its like losing my last 10 lbs
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would i look bad if i lost more weight?

Asked By: meme101
With thanksgiving and christmas just around the corner im worried about gaining weight, I dont want to overeat, but its going to be hard. Right know im 16 years ld 5ft 3 and weigh 83 pounds and if anything i want to lose weight, any advice?
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Fitness and losing weight help please.?

Asked By: find the one who's golden
Age: 16 and a half Weight: 232lbs. as of 2 weeks ago Height: 5"11 or 71 inches BMI: 32.4 obese grade 1 Strengths: I can jog for a half mile before taking a break, and commitment. Concerns: Upper chest (man boobs), mid section, and thighs. Plans: continuing workout, drink plenty of water, portioned meals. For the past two weeks ive been taking jogs around my block (about .5miles each time around) and doing about 4-6 laps a day. Will this help burn fat all over my body by running? I know weight lifting will help too. Also, what would be good to help get rid of my man boobs. Theyre big for not just exercising lately. Any ideas on what causes growth or how to get rid of them. Puberty is also a factor and i take that into consideration. Thank you for any help.
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am i fat for my age?

Asked By: SoOsii3
im 13 & about 105 pounds. im short [5'1] i want to lose about 5-10 pounds.
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how can i burn 2,000 calories a day wihout having to exercise for 3-4 hours a day ?

Asked By: Anonymous
i already cut back from my diet 800 calories but that means i would have to exercise about 3-4 hours and i really dont have the time because i go to school .what are some good exercises that can help burn more then 350 calories an hour at home ? thanks for the help =]
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Does the Detox Diet really work?

Asked By: Lady In Red
I am considering trying the detox diet that beyonce used. I heard you can lose up to 20 pounds or more in just 2 weeks. Has anyone tried or heard anything about this? The ingredients are organic natural tea syrup (20ml) 2 tablespoons of freshly sqeezed lemon juice (about half a lemon) half a pinch of cayonne pepper (just for taste) ---drink 6 to 9 glasses a day Does anyone have any results on this or know how long it would take to see some results?
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wana have better posture, more flexible and flat tummy!?

Asked By: jade
im 16 and really wanna learn any time of dance/exercise that can make my posture better, flexible and my tummy flat! or is it too late?
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What am I doing wrong with my diet and exercise routine?

Asked By: Anonymous
I started dieting and exercising 3 weeks ago. I currently eat pretty healthy, I don't overeat and am only wanting to lose about 10-15 pounds. I walk 30-45 minutes every other day and I do strength training for 30 minutes every other day. My weight is staying the same. I am not feeling a change in the way my clothes fit me. My question how is my weight and body the same as when I do no exercise at all? I am just getting a little discouraged because I really have been trying really hard and I don't feel that I am getting results. Thank you please help!!
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Body Changes/problem..?

Asked By: Nicole C
Hi. I am having a really depressing problem that's driving me off the deep end. A few months ago, I began taking the pill at my b/f's request and over the past few weeks, I've gained 10 pounds. I was only 105 lbs when I began taking and now at 115, my b/f is giving me a rough time, calling me fat and all. If I begin doing 200 leg lifts, 200 crunches and consuming only about 500 calories a day, how many pounds could I lose a week?
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i smoked weed for a month will it be out of my system in 14days with alot of water im 6'3 240lbs?

Asked By: Michael B
i smoked weed for a month will it be out of my system in 14days with alot of water im 6'3 240lbs?
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