Infectious Diseases

Does rabies have the same effects on a human?

Asked By: SweetSoundOfMusic
When an animal has rabies it become more agressive,does that also happen to humans?
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stomach flu or something worse?

Asked By: teary_eyed 82
My boyfriend had a few bouts of dirrahea on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day but nothing he seemed concerned about, he ate normal. Yesterday he was feeling ok, he ordered a pizza for dinner and ate 5 (yes 5) slices, and about 4 hours later was overcome with vomit and dirrahea, fever, chills, it all came suddenly. He was in the bathroom all night, violently ill. It's now 6pm and he's still sick, queasy, shaky, still has dirrahea and vomitted again. I don't know what to do for him. I gave him Pedialyte (sp) and he drank one glass and was in the bathroom again. His friend was here and ate the same pizza and didn't get sick so i don't know if it's food poisioning or what happened to him. Of course I don't want to get sick so I'm washing my hands every 30 min and disinfecting everything with lysol and clorox. Any ideas? Should we go to the ER?
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Vaccine needed before going to Khartoum, Sudan?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have got a job in Khartoum, Sudan. Can someone advise me as to what kind of vaccines should I take before going there?
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is it legal to work in a kitchen while you have sickness and diarrhea?

Asked By: Ian S
is it legal to work in a kitchen while you have sickness and diarrhea?
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is it safe to eat tissues?

Asked By: lord m
i have to put a wad of tissues in my mouth at night cause i grind my teath and they fall apart i and eat some whenever i swallow? is this safe can my stomach digest this or will it form into like a hair ball and have to be surgicaly removed?
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Could is be staph? Should I go to a doctor?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm wondering if I have a staph infection. A bunch of kids at my school recently had them, (mostly football players), but I don't hang out with these kids, and I have 6 or 7 very tiny scabby things all over my body, (one on my hand, the rest on my legs), that started out looking like bug bites. When I itched them they broke and now they are infected/ scabbed. I don't know if this is a staph infection or if it needs to be treated. I don't think they are speading but they don't seem to be improving. I have been putting anti-bacterial ointment on them. Is this a good idea? Do I need to go to the doctor? Does staph go away on it's own? What are the chances this is staph?
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If a person takes an antibiotic for strep throat, how might E coli be affected? How might that affect the host

Asked By: Mickyfoe
Help needed for my Bio lab. Please and Thank you :]
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What can get a staff infection out of the bone without amputation?

Asked By: Cameron C
I have a disease similar to diabeties and sclerodurma and renauds syndrome. the doctors want to call it the cameron's disease. Whenever i get a little cut it will most likely get infected with staff or strep. The doctors give me medicine to get rid of the infection however most of the time it gets into the bone. The doctors then treat me with antibiotics then are forced to amputate whereever the infection was/is. I am thankfull that it is only my fingers and toe that are affected. At this time they tend to keep on getting shorter and shorter. So after all tht i was just curious if ratation therapy will kill the infection rather than loosing more ane more appendiges.
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Is this more that a cold?

Asked By: mandylmit
I have had a cold for about 6 weeks now. The main symptoms are cough, sore throat, congestions, runny nose, fatique and mild fever (around 100.1). I have taken cold medicine, tylenol, advil, vit c, drank lots of water and have been eating healthy. It will get better for a few days and then come back. I went to the doctor about 1 week ago and he told me it was just a cold but it seems like if that was the case it shouldn't keep coming back.
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A few Questions about .....?

Asked By: Anonymous
Okay. I had Sinusitis. Well, Once I got kind of Alllll most over it... I started getting Awkward headaches, and Neck pains. I got tested for 'Viral' Meningitis and it came out negative. My doctor is waiting for the blood tests for Mono to come back. But I am fearing it is 'Bacterial' meningitis. But I feel like I am being shoved aside. "Ur neck hurts because u have been sitting around to much" But... I haven't really been 'sitting around' I am Sleeping (which I had a excessive sleeping problem before and had no neck pains) It doesn't feel like 'Neck pain' It's very weird. I don't know how to describe it. I can't move it to well. Have any ideas while I wait for my doctor to call?
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