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when a skin with cellulite..(harder to smoother)?

Asked By: Anonymous
becomes from harder in touch to-->smoother and more "dissoluble" like -when you touch it- what doest THAT mean?
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HELP!! pimple-like bump on my nose will not go away!!?

Asked By: Tin Tran
i have a pimple on my nose, but its not poppable its like hard now. its not a wart but it feels like it. the color is like brown and red. i tried everything toothpaste and everything. a friend said it might have gotten infected but i'm not sure. i think she's right. please help meeeee!! i really need to lose this thingggg!!
8 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

My daughter had lice i treated the whole house and all our heads how do i know when it is not contagious?

Asked By: awalwilson
i have checked and rechecked heads so far me and my youngest who is 3 are the only ones that got it. lice can be a mile away and i will get them. i have checked her head daily and the comb they give you does not comb these things out and i have to pick them put by hand. I haven't found any live ones but keep finding little silvery white bugs I guess that are about 1/4 to 1/2 from the scalp. i just started watching this little girl and i am wondering when they are no longer contagious and if what i am finding in her head is still alive or what not. can somebody help please. I have vacuumed and sprayed and done everything and my daughter keeps on scratching her head.I need help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I squeezed a very small oil gland by my eye that was filled with pus. I squeezed it last night with my finger?

Asked By: purple_rose131
nail and now it hurts, like stings and burns. How long will weird feeling take to go away?
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

razor bumps?

Asked By: perfectbysum07
what do they look like? are they just little red bumps? i'm trying to figure out what i have on my legs...
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Rash??? What Could Cause This?

Asked By: GetCrunkGurrl
I woke up this morning with a huge rash or something all over my chest and breast and underneath my breast it doesnt itch but its really red and bumpy.what could it 17..
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

My daughter has a few small "rashes", any ideas or advice?

Asked By: lil' moma
Hi, my daughter is 9 years old. A few weeks ago she got a little dry patchy area on her leg. I'd had one similar to that on my leg months before her's showed up, and we just put some cortisone lotion on it. A few days later she got the same type of area on her chest. I thought it may be heat rashes. Now she has had another area come up on her neck over the past 3 days. They don't seem to itch, but they are small (probably dime size) and scaly like dry skin. They first appear red, but then begin to fade but remain scaly. It is concerning me now that more have shown up on her. I just really need some advice as to what this could be and if I should take her to her doctor or try a home treatment first. Thanks!
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rash on the face?

Asked By: tigresavalialvi
My doctor told me ages ago my skin was slightly allergic to the sun. Although I can go go the beach and get a tan. I'll get white spots on my skin if I do that, it doesn't usually bother me. Anyways, about 5 days ago i got this thing in my face really itchy, and it feels like an allergic rash.. but i've never been allergic to anything like that, just that problem with the sun, and i'm in england so i haven't been taking much sun lately. If i put cream on my face (always dermatological moisturizing lotion, unperfumed and hypo allergenic) and it burns like when you get scratched with something... it wasn't red until today and is not obvious red, it just looks like i'm blushing, and you can barely see it. but you can feel it, i mean is a rash. its just my cheeks and part of my forehead. Nowhere else. And i use the cream in the rest of my body and it's been great, my arms and hands are very smooth... before going on food, I'd like to add i'm a vegetarian,so no viruses from meat or chicken
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Cold Sore help covering and treating...?

Asked By: ...
ok, so on friday i got a cold sore and now its like an ugly scab. so, does anybody know of any little remedies that will remove it in 24 hrs? i read somewhere to put nail polish remover on it, but that seems a little harsh. if anyone had tried this or anything else, please let me know what works! also, what are some good ways to cover it with makeup? thanks!
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Asked By: ?
the only face washes that work for me dry me out too much and the only moisturizers that moisturize my skin get it oily.... and then sometimes it gets all gross and burns like hell and becomes all red and gross.... HELP Please... I used Oxy and it worked but dried my skin out... I have like acnes/ pimples all around my nose chin and in between my eyebrows... and I used garnier moisturizers but lately it burns my skin.... can you help me find a happy medium?
1 Answer(s) · 14 years ago