i cant see where about the right hole in my virgina is help?

Asked By: beautylies within
i av used a mirror to looks and i can see where i pee from but not were i cud finger myself is it below where i pee or some where lse help?
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HIV/AIDS questions help please?

Asked By: jess H
okay i really don't want to go into the story that much but i wanted to get a test done for HIV/AIDS. wat do they do in the test and also around about how many days will this take to get the results back? this is in australia by the way. thanks and much appreciation if you could answer this.
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No recent partners last month got a cold sore and now I have sores on my penis could I have moved herpes there

Asked By: Integer
No new partner in 5 years Had previous cold sores, but this one was different and at a different location than where they usually appear. Small painful, dots possibly blisters on the back side of my penis. Been there over 2 weeks with no signs or bursting, rupturing or scabing. Could I have moved my oral outbreak to my penis
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Should I worry of getting HIV through something that I ate today? Read my details!?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok, I am at work and my mom brought me a baked potato from McCallister's. I have 3 concerns! First, I was opening the little packet of butter and it was basically like it had melted. I don't know if it melted from being in the bag with my hot potato but I worried that maybe it was a bodily fluid or something and I got it from that. Also, I had jalepenos on it. Do jalepenos have seeds because there were little round greenish colored seed type things in there and I was worried that that might be something that someone put in there to give me HIV. Also, I got a sweet tea with lemon. At the bottom of the cup, there are like 4 or 5 little whitish colored chunks. I don't know if that is lemon or HIV. Please help! I bit my lip as well so it created a sore so it could have gotten through there I think if there was HIV in my food. It tasted normal! Should I worry? Please help!
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Can you get a disease from a toilet?

Asked By: Anonymous
When I stood up my panties rubbed against the toilet, like the nasty part whre the rim is. Can you get anything from this?
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Is it really just a vitamin D defiency or is it more??

Asked By: Rebecca M
I recently have been having an HIV scare. my doc told me I had a vit. D defiency which explained my frequent canker sores, aching and sore body (which were the main reasons I thought I had HIV. The other symptoms I had/have are frequent bruising,headaches, and pimple like bumps,irritated throat, and dry skin. I tested neg. for HIV and STDs about 3-4 weeks after my last exposure. And my doc keeps telling me that the symptoms I was telling him are LATER symptoms of HIV basically AIDS, and that it would've definitley would of showed up in my blood. So am I just stressing myself to the point where i'm connecting everything that probably used to happen to my body without me caring, cause I knew I was healthy to HIV, because I'm crazy stressed about the whole situation!? Thankssss
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Does simplex herpes show up on blood tests?

Asked By: Anonymous
And what is simplex herpes?
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Kidney ultrasound results?

Asked By: Ryan
Could you please explain to me the following result: "I'll defined hyperechogenicities seen in mid cortex of the right kidney. The left kidney shows homogenous parenchymal echopattern. The corticome dullary junction is fairly defined. The cortical border is smooth. The pelvocalyces are not dilated. There are hyperechoic foci seen in the mid calyx of the right kidney and inferior calyx of the left kidney measuring 0.36 cm and 0.57 cm in size. No evidence of solid mass or hydronephrosis." I have also done x-ray KUB, but it found nothing. Is the location of my stones should have been visible on x-ray assuming the stones are not radiolucent? Where and what is mid cortex? What is mid calyx and inferior calyx? Are the stones of my size there have at least 50% chance if getting out by themselves? Any idea upon what exactly my disease is?
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can you get any disease from a french kiss?

Asked By: Anonymous
What are the side effects of a french kiss? especially if performed deeply? Can you contract HIV from french kissing?
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I have Genital Warts (Help)?

Asked By: Anonymous
Well, I picked up a hooker and now I have genital warts. I have gone to the doctor and am having them treated, but more keep showing up. Can I be spreading them to myself by touching my genitals and masterbating? I have had 2 treated, now 3 more have shown up in different places on my penis!!! HELP! HOw can I stop them from spreading all over my penis now.
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