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Does caffeine help concentration or hinder it?

Asked By: Sundrop
Are you able to focus better after a few cups of coffee? Or do you find yourself with a somewhat severe attention deficit?
2 Answer(s) · 12 years ago

sharp pain in forehead when I step outside?

Asked By: meow3710
The first time I step outside for the day into bright sunshine, I get this shard pain in my forehead, right in the middle about an inch above my eyebrows. I'm not concerned about it as it always goes away after a few seconds, but was just wondering if anyone knew the physiological explanation behind this? :)
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

Where can i buy a reusable Enema from?

Asked By: maverick19520
I have checked the local Drug Store ( longs drugs) but they only carried disposable ones? any ideas other than the internet?
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

What can I do to get over a cold fast?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have a pretty basic cold scratchy throat, stuffy/runny nose and occasional headaches. I have to go to school everyday so I can't spend all day sleeping.
9 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

how do i increase my heigth does driking alot of calcium help?

Asked By: aboy
i went to the doctor today and got an xray he said that my bones havent closed yet and i can keep on growing im 16 years old, how can i increase my heigth to the maximum
5 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

poppy seads and hair drug test?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have to go get my hair tested for drugs tommorow and I ate a small amount of poppy seeds yesterday in my bagel. Will this make me fail?
8 Answer(s) · 12 years ago

Is it moral to sell generic drugs that don't work as well or work differently?

Asked By: David
I'm furious that my pharmacy gave me generics instead of the actual drug. The doctor said generics are ok, but I said I wanted the real drug. I have insurance that pays for that. Generic drugs are stupid... they don't work as well, they often work differently and have different affects. I hate how our damn capitalist society discourages monopolies on things that just work good.
9 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

I have an unhealthy obession, please help me.?

Asked By: Anonymous
Everywhere I think about it I have a tattoo of it on my right arm, left shoulder, upper ad lower back, and right near my bellybutton. I have pictures of it in my room, and worship it at night. My mom crys because I say I love it more than her. I killed for it before. I killed my pet lizard. Whenever I see someone with it I just want to tackel them. In school test, thats what I doodle, I have plain shirts and draw them on them. In my locker I have pictures of them. Hell, Even my computer desktop is it. I have a mad obession with Penises. I don't know what to do..
5 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

If a person is dehydrated...or went to sleep on an empty stomach...are nightmares possible?

Asked By: Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes
If a person is dehydrated...or went to sleep on an empty stomach...are nightmares possible?
4 Answer(s) · 12 years ago

What is the most complete dietary supplement/multivitamin for a 19 year old?

Asked By: kazu
I just want to take one substance and be sure I got everything my body should get. I'm not on a diet or anything it's just hard to eat ALL of the stuff you should ALL the time. PS: I am a slightly overweight male.
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago