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Washable Fabric Shower Liner?

Asked By: markatger
I'm looking for a washable liner. If you can definitely find one please add link for item. I have looked on Linens and Things, Bed, bath and beyond, and Target and can't seem to find one. I want to use it as the liner not for a decorative curtain.
4 Answer(s) · 17 years ago

Any ideas for using up a bunch of wine corks I have. What can I make with them?

Asked By: jone
I collected over the years a bunch of wine corks (thinking I can do something!) Any suggestions on this front would be appreciated.
9 Answer(s) · 17 years ago

I keep mold on my tile in my bathroom and my ceiling?

Asked By: Ellen J
What would be a good cleaning agent to clean them with.
9 Answer(s) · 17 years ago

my nephew got paint all over my cement and sliding glass door frames....?

Asked By: ;)~
PLEASE someone tell me how to get it up
5 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

WHAT HANGS above your bed??

Asked By: ?
.......I have a red sox pennant....and a map of the world
10 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

Amateur interior house painting help needed?

Asked By: Wild at Heart
I gathered all of my supplies from several years ago to prepare for a new bedroom painting project. I found 2 gallons of interior primer. One has a date of 05/05. How long is primer good for? It's been in cool stroage area in the basement since that time. Can I still use it, or do I need to get new primer? The paint will be new. Appreciate honest advice.
2 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

how to polish rough amber?

Asked By: Terry A
I have a very rough piece of amber a little bigger than a golf ball. It came from mexico. It is very rough and I would like to make it smoth/shiny/transparent.
2 Answer(s) · 16 years ago

Decorating help needed?

Asked By: Katz
I want to help my very unorganized preteen daughters room looking good for the new year, but I'm not sure of the best places to look for ideas. Ty or Nate weren't avail-LOL!!!
5 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Help on Christmas present for my mom...need other ladies help on this one (ok, guys too)?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am definately getting my mom one of those Kitchenaid stand mixers for Christmas this year; I've already decided that much. What I can't decide on is the color. All of my mom's appliances are white, but I asked her if she had the choice between something that matched or something that just looked nice, which would she pick. She said she'd rather it look nice than just match. Of course, I didn't tell her about the mixer...so I don't know. Kitchenaid has nice colors in those mixers, so should I get the white to match the rest of her appliances? Or should I pick one of their other colors that look nicer? Ahh....i'm so torn! Thanks so much for your help.
7 Answer(s) · 17 years ago

What's involved with replacing a furnace fan?

Asked By: largerladybug
The furnace is a Lennox and I want to know if I can replace the fan myself or if it requires the services of a professional
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago