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Everyone has a boyfriend!? why dont i!?

Asked By: Anonymous
all of my friends are all suddely with boyfriends im 16 and i mean all of them! this sucks cuz i feel so lonelyyyyy.... their always with their boufriends and dont tell me to find new friends cuz that is very very very very hard here... you dont just meet ppl. Anyways im not ugly, but idk y dont i have a bf i want one too!
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guys,,,if u dont like the girl r u gonna waste ur time for her?

Asked By: Anonymous
u live 30 min.away from her r u gonna drive that far just to be with her a couple hours only...or ur after one thing?
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Ive lost contact with my friend, is there any way i can find her?

Asked By: Anonymous
I used to know this girl called kirsten cook who was a really close friend and i moved away and lost contact with her, is there any way i can contact her, she lives in canada BC. thanks
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Will SOMEONE please just help me out? I'm really hurt and desperate for some help!?

Asked By: Kathryn
I had my first kiss when I was 15 at the time. I tried drinking for the first time, which was obviously a bad idea(I learned my lesson!). My friend introduced me to a friend of hers and he had me sit on his bed. Then he pulled me down and started making out with me and before I knew it his hands were down my shorts... Not sex, but close. To make it worse he was 18, which is illegal. It's been a few months now and I still can't stop thinking about it. It's not that I want a relationship with him at all, but I just keep obsessing about it. I know he is in college now and probably forgets about me. Why am I feeling like this? Is it normal? Is there anything I can do to stop obsessing? I am going out of my mind..
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Advice nedded......PLZZZZ???

Asked By: Anonymous
If a friend is going out with this guy...... and u know something that she should know.... but they love much... and by telling her..this could maybe just maybe...break them up! should I tell her..??? Im not really good in being the reason for there split
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Okay so there is this guy....?

Asked By: Chelsea
And I honestly think. i really love him. But i dont know him in r/l i met him over this game... and as i said, I really love him. But i have told him two big lies about me. And i have been doubting it. but i think I should tell him. But i know if he finds out, he wont love me like he does now, and he will never talk to me. and I dont want to ruin a good relationship. Also, If i tell him, he will tell my other bestfriend, and than he will tell other people, and I will be hated. =/ and I dont want to do that. because i dont want to quit playing Habbo. Help... Please!
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Anyone know what a wife of 38 years would receive financially in a divorce in Ohio?

Asked By: I love winter
We have been married for 38 years. He will have a pension from his job of 30 years and I have no pension of my own. Then hopefully there will be Social Security. Because that is all I will have. We own a home but still owe on it, probably more then it is worth. I do not want the house. I just want out of it. He can have it. There are no other assets. I stayed home with our children till the youngest was in school full time. I have only been working for about 14 years now at various physicians offices. So no pension in my name. I have a couple of small life insurance policies where the kids are listed as my beneficiaries.
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Ladies, Would You.......?

Asked By: Tool7
date someone who lived with a female. I have a female friend who lives with me. She works full time and goes to school. All of her money goes to pay for school and bills. She does not have enough money to live on her own and has no friends or family in the area. We used to have a romantic relationship but now we are just friends. She is a good friend and I have no problem with her staying with me. I just want to know if my potential dates are going to have a problem with my friend staying there. I would never dream of asking her to leave so I will be in this situation for at least a couple of years. So let me know if it would bother you.
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My sister is violent maniac with mood swings, what can I do?

Asked By: The Broken Doll
My 8 year old sister is verbally and physically violent. She has stabbed me, punched me, pulled out my hair, makes fun of me, and throws things at me. She has told me that I should just kill myself because no one likes me, and that me that she wished I would die already. I have woken up to shoes and pens being thrown at me because I "went into her room and stole her money" or I "stole HER dog from HER bed" when in reality it's my dog. She stabs me with pencils when I won't help her with her homework and she spits on me when I "explain it wrong" She also has major mood swings. One minute we're happy and watching a movie together and the next she's screaming and hitting me. I love her to death, but she's so nasty to me I don't want to be around her. I've tried so many things, from ignoring her, fighting back, getting my mom, and calmly asking her to stop, and nothing works What can I do? My mom and I have almost given up. She's in therapy for selective mutism.
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I'm looking for something special to do to or for my husband, any original ideas?

Asked By: Tanya P
Feeling aliitle frisky tonight and want to surprise him, and make him feel a little more special.
7 Answer(s) · 14 years ago