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Is this my only pray?

Asked By: Mariah_Gurl
For the holidays i went to upstate ny..for two things, i wanted to spend christmas with my family and finally see my boy friend again. when i showed up he was waiting for me on my cusins porch (he visits me when i come) i was so happy..he was here on monday...and stayed til christmas. It's been almost 3 days now and he hasnt stopped by, im really sad because i wanted to see him because we live lond distance and after new years, this will be our 3rd year dating..i dont know wats goin on. my only clue is that he went back to detention center..(he's not a bad person..age 16)..but i have doubts on that because why would they take him away for the holiday weekened??? Anyways i just hope he comes back while im here! If i pray on our relationship that we get to see eachother, will god help me out? o yea, and 4 the would you respond to your girl if you knew she loved u, but she always complained about you cheating on her,when u would you act about that, if u loved her
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Is she immature for still wanting payback on her ex best friend for sleeping with me?

Asked By: spayhappy
Ok so at the time me and my gf were broken up and her friend came around talking stuff about her which at the time i didnt care. And we hooked up for about 3 months and my gf (ex at the time) found out and they are no longer best friends since then me and her ex best friend have broken up and i am now back with my ex. Today she tells me she has finally figured out the best payback. What is her deal? Does this make her immature? btw we are all in our mid to kind of late teens.
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SooooOOOooo damn giddy!!?

Asked By: BeachBlondie
So, my crush was on vacation for a week. That doesn't seem like a long time, and to me, I didn't consider all that long. However, earlier today I found myslef thinking, "Hmm, I miss him." Anyhow, it was a complete shock to me that he was back and I saw him tonight when I went to work and I went ballistic! My roommate was with me and I was smiling, and there were butterflies, and I was giggly... *happy sigh* Guess I'm a little more fond of him than I thought... The question is, tomorrow, I thought I'd turn on the charm in a subtle way. So, what would you think of waiting for eye contact, and then a smile--slightly lingering, then looking away slowly? Effective?
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When did it become OK to try and dress your guests?

Asked By: sciencechick
The other day I saw a question about how to word an invitation to ask the guests to wear just black or white. Most responses said that it wasn't appropriate. The person asking just thought we were all too uptight. I just saw another question from someone that received an invite to a wedding where they were asked to only wear black. I was surprised with how many people thought it was perfectly normal. I get that its couple's "special day", and sometimes they have unconventional dreams. However, I think it is quite rude to put the burden on the guests. Beyond deciding how formal the event is, you should not be dictating specific colors to your guests. It is an unnecessary burden to them. It isn't just a "request", the guests don't know how many people will listen and they risk looking like a jerk if they don't conform. What happened to inviting people as guests instead of decorations? I was certainly not alone in thinking that this was wrong, but do that many people really consider this to be acceptable? How would you dress if you received an invite like this?
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how can people talk about sex?

Asked By: Anonymous
im watching friends and they talk about sex and letting others know about it, how can you do that? isn't embarrassing, especially when two third of them aren't even married by the end of the season can you have sex for not for the purpose of reproduction? maybe it's because im from korea that i don't understand this, but i know that many people from my country have it when they're in their teens, what's the world going into this is out of question, but does at least one person move during sex either for the purpose of creation of life or taste?
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can u fall in love with in a weeks time?

Asked By: crazysmith187
me & my b/f have been dating for a week & 5 days & i've fallin head over heels for him i can't stop thinkin bout him...he makes my dad every time we talk & i don't think i could live wit out him...he is my everything but is it to soon for me to feel this way soo soon??
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How do I know if a guy finds me attractive?

Asked By: kait
I know someone else asked this question but i wanted to ask it for myself. What are some clues he might give? They way he looks at you? Agrees with most of the things I say?
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Do guys go to nightclubs in hopes of actually finding relationships?

Asked By: Anonymous
Do guys go to nightclubs in hopes of actually finding relationships?
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Is it my fault that he hurts me?

Asked By: squiggely
I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 months. during that time we recieved traumatic news. both of us. clearly it affected us both differently. i have become very intense and emotional. in a fight i become clingy. scared of losing my boyfriend and so i wont get out da car or room that we are in until we resolve the situation (this is stupid and wont achieve anything-i kno this and i AM working on it! but that is not the question) he hurts me. often. in every fight actually. he has twisted my wrists, pulled me arm behind my back till it hurts. put his hand around my throat and choked me until i almost passed out (this happens often) slapped me through the face and thrown me out onto a tar road wit extreme force (amongst others) he says its cos i get clingy and emotional in a fight and that i wont walk away. he has never ever even laid a hand on a girl before me... yet wit my its a weekly occurence i kno i should learn to walk away in a fight... but am i really to blame? is it my fault that he hits me? i understand that i dont walk away and he's angry. but i we never talk and i just dont kno how 2 get through to him. its happening wit greater ease. is it my fault? as i said he has never done this before? PLEASE help! i dont want 2 lose him but this physical and verbal abuse is eating away at me and turning me into the very thing he hates most-an insecure clingy and emotional wreck
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why do only fat chicks like me?

Asked By: Anonymous
i mean only fat girls say they like me but NEVER girls that look good well except once but im not really that ugly i dont think
4 Answer(s) · 15 years ago