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Have you ever forgiven anyone for cheating on you?

Asked By: Anonymous
That is the 1 unforgiveable sin for me...
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Is this a good idea, or should I just let it be?

Asked By: Anonymous
I felt like all these years my ex used me for sex. He put me through alot and sex was not the only thing he used me for. He used me for my money and took my kind heart as an advantage against me. Is it fair and a good idea to get back at him by using him for sex one nite, and don't call him for a couple of days?
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My 24 year old step brother is dating a 17 year old?!?! and he thinks I'm being a ***** to her. What do I do?

Asked By: Jenny B
His 11 year old sister blurted out to her mom after he told his little sister that he is dating a 17yearold. Not a good idea. Then I came home CHRISTMAS NIGHT...him thinking that i wasnt coming home...and he came out of the spare bedroom in his boxers with wet stains on them. wow. (he doesn't even live in this house n e more) so i went into my room, dropped my stuff off on my bed, he followed me from there into the livingroom, asked me if I wanted to MEET HER...i said no thankyou, sat down to watch tv...he went back into the room with her, I heard her say OMG MATT WHAT THE ______ so i walked back into my room...shut the door...I hear them leave the bedroom, I go into the living room to watch tv again, they came into the living room and he introduced me to her... but i just was not in the mood to meet her and he got all defensive and said i was being a B*tch and why am I acting like i wrong for not wanting to meet her? I mean i DID meet her, but for acting distant? ..akward.
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what shood i do?

Asked By: kassica
well i hav a guy and hes really nice and i think that hes cute but we r just friends and i dont no if i shood lik him so wat shood i do? p.s i think that he liks my bff also so i dont no waat to do.
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where can I find a nice tall artistic 50+ woman to date?

Asked By: Anonymous
where can I find a nice tall artistic 50+ woman to date?
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Manipulating Girl?

Asked By: nativebeauty22
I use to think this girl was cool to be around till i realized she was nothing but a greedy, manipulating person. I used to be able to hang around my "friends" but now she is hanging around them and always want to be around me, I get away from her everytime I see her. She is undescribable like she would say oh give me a dollar i will pay you back, then giggle to the next person and say im not paying that person back, forever talking about people, and tell other peoples personal business, she would act all innocent around friends. Some of My friends are convinced she is this perfect person. Im so tired of this. Im losing friends out of this stupid girl because they see her more than they do me, cuz I hate being around her. They dont know how she is but I do. :(
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How not to smack a boyfriend's friend that happens to be a girl?

Asked By: Slippers
Though I know that my boyfriend will never leave me / cheat, he has this needy friend who constantly texts him and wants to hang out with him one - on - one, but won't accept a group get together. She wants him to make alone time for her and give her attention even if he's unavailable, and the whole situation is, believe me, abnormal. I don't want to be a controlling girl who says that I don't want him to be friends with her anymore, but where do you draw the line? Every get together seems awkward anymore with all of the death glares and whining, and I need some opinions on self control or advice on this situation.
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is this lame?

Asked By: me
i dated a guy from late april to early august this year. i know some people would probably say i'm too young to be in love, but i'm sure i was. he went to another country on a trip, and when he came back he said that he thought a lot and didn't think we were working anymore. he couldn't even give me a reason why. i moved shortly after, because of my parent's jobs. i still think about him, wonder if he's happy, if he's thinking about me ever, that kind of stuff. is this too long to be upset about a relationship that didn't last very long? i really really want to get over him, but i'm not sure what to do. i've tried to occupy myself with things, but it doesn't last. i don't want to commit to a new relationship when i'm still getting over the old.
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I have a guy friend who doesn't treat me as just a friend.Now he wants me 2 meet his parents r we just friends

Asked By: Sami
We have been "friends" for a little over a year. He is not dating anyone. We talk on the phone every night for hours. He tells me he never wants to lose me. We have planned a trip together just the two of us, and now he wants me to go over his house to meet his parents. The problem is he claims were "just friends". Can anyone clarify this for me please!
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There is this hot little tart and I want it bad?

Asked By: Fat Tony
Yeah, there is this hot little tart that I pass every now and again on my way to work. I've been fantasizing about this tart for the past three weeks now, and I cant stop thinking about the tart! Should I just go to the bakery and buy it?
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