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Will marrige make her a citizen? How does this all work?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok, I am soon to be military, atcually prior service going back in. Now I want to marry a girl who is Japanese, she is currently in America because she is going to a nursing college in Tennessee, but she is not a citizen. Now if we get married does she become a citizen? I will be in the military when we get married so what happens? Any insight at all would help!
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would like 2 know how a happy sex with your love would start ?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have a girl, and most of the times I want to start a sex with her , I don't know how to behave her ...How to start , what to do ( I really donno how to even say it here) and I 'd like to know expreince about such matter. i have had sex with girls who would do it for money, it was easy , naken her . n cruely start what ever. But With the first love ( who am really in love with) it is much different
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ladies only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Asked By: wawesh
does the size of a d**k matter in bed
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A question about Custody and the Texas Atty. Gen. Office. ?

Asked By: Satan
Background. Place: Watauga, Texas County- Tarrant Child, age 10, has been with the non-custodial parent since Jan. of 08. The move was the choice of both the custodial and non-custodial parents as well as the child. It's now Oct. 08, so a total of 9 mos. have expired. Custodial parent still has physical custody of other child, age 6, as well as has recieved FULL child support for BOTH children since Jan. due to it being garnished from the non-custodial parents paychecks. The question. MY fiancee is the non-custodial parent. She just recieved documents from the Atty. Gen. office of Tx. saying that she's finally going to find out if she can have permanant custody of her son, whos 10, and hopefully of the other one, whos 6. Their father decided to seperate them because the 10 yr old didn't want to live with him anymore, but he has refused to stop taking her state garnished child support. At this rate, it's about $4500 that he's recieved since the oldest child came to live with us. Being that he didn't have custody, he wasn't legally due any support. 1. Will she need an atty. to go to court or is this something that basically a mediator works out through both parents? When the father got custody, 2 yrs ago, it was all done through the AG's office, without attys. 2. Should she be awarded costody of both kids, not just the 10 yr. old, being that A. courts don't like to seperate siblings, and B. we also have their half brother here who is mine and hers, as well as my 2 children from a previous marriage whom I have custody of and C. we have a larger family, larger domicile, 2 parents vs. him having basically nothing and spends more time away from them than anything, even when he's off he avoids his kids. 3. Should she be awarded repayment of the last 9 to 10 mos of child support that he's recieved fraudulently, due to one of the 2 children being here? He is actually so unintelligent that he thought he would be paid for one of the children if he had one, he didn't/doesn't see how one cancels out the other, financially speaking. Any help or experience in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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When a friend vents to you about their spouse (see details)?

Asked By: rhiannon2797
My friend confides in me (or vents to me) about the many things that make him unhappy with his spouse. Nothing dangerous or major just A LOT of small things (doesn't put any effort in, doesn't enjoy any of his hobbies, etc). And I just don't know how to respond. If he doesn't want to change his situation, and she doesn't want to change (according to him), what solutions can I possibly offer? Do I just listen? Is that all??
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on attachment?

Asked By: Anonymous
1- have you ever feared of attachment to someone ? why do you think you felt so ? 2- has your long term partner ever implied/told that s(he) doesn't want to attach with you ? why do you think s(he) felt so ? how did you react ? thanks.
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Ladies, do you like hubby to be submissive sometimes?

Asked By: wudbiser
Is it sexy sometimes if he totally submits himself to your desires and let you do anything you want to him, being in complete control of the whole sexual experience?
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my wife is able to have an orgasm clitorally.?

Asked By: shy guy
she comes very soon when i enter her vaginally. i dont like pumping away if she can no longer enjoy it!!! what do i do to slow her orgasm??
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i live with my husband and his family i need to move but my husband does not what should i do?

Asked By: gabby
his grand father died and left him in charged of the house but its to small. and i want to have a baby but theres no room
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high school/makingfriends?

Asked By: Anonymous
theres this girl that sits next to me in math and we have the individal desks so its kinda far how to start a conversation like i know u say hi but what can really break the ice??? by the way i don't know her so i dont know what we would have in common im 14 a freshman in high school
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