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I have a real problem and I really need help...So please read?

Asked By: Anonymous
Alright well I have a problem cuz there's these two boi's who I really like but 1 of them has a girlfreind but he likes me and I like him and the other one doesn't and he likes me and I also like him but I don't know whihc one to choose cuz I really like both of them and to tell the truth I think I like the one wit the girlfriend more than the other one but like I said....he has a girlfriend so if sumbodi can help me or give me sum advice on what to do or how to handle the situation please can you!!! Well anywho..that's all
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

How to turn down a girl?

Asked By: Carter D
There is this girl at my school who has her friends coming up to me and telling me to talk to her, but I don't really like her and barely know her. I don't wanna be a jerk and hurt someones feelings but how do I get them to stop pestering me?
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

how do you get rid of these cyst-type pimples quickly?

Asked By: alice k
has anyone found a good way to zap these things? i always get them when i am stressed.... Thanks!
1 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

please i need someone to talk to can?

Asked By: stacy_gone_wild290
some one get on the computer this time tommaro around 6
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i would like to find someon who is willing to do a threesome with my boyfriend and i, and thay have to be fema?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm looking for someone whith blond hair and blue eyes
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

GUYS>> how many of you picture someone else while being intimate with your s.o.?

Asked By: hotmama
do you ever see someone you are attracted to and then have sex with your g.f while pretending its that other person?
3 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Anniversary Treasure Hunt To Find Gift Around House...?

Asked By: anythingbutordinary09
We are 20 & 22 years old, we're not married -- just dating. Our 4th Anniversary is tomorrow and I've already gotten him the gift & everything.. but I was thinking of making it more interesting. I wanted to make it sort of a treasure hunt. Like when he 1st walks in the door... put a note stuck to it that says a hint to where the next note is. Then he goes to find that one, etc until the last one is the present. I also thought it would be a cute idea to put the notes inside balloons that he'd have to pop -- but they'd be harder to hide. Does anyone have any good ideas for hints? Has anyone ever done anything like this before? How about website(s) with ideas like this?
5 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

was your experience a good one?

Asked By: Anonymous
im still a virgin because when i do finally have sex i want it to be a good experience, was it a good experiance for you? (preferable girls)
9 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

i have problem with my mum?

Asked By: azim
my mum always said that i is the stupid girl because of my GPA in colleges is not good enough to her...she want the CGPA 3.5 above but i have problem with my classmates to study classmates are the open mind people...but i dont like to social party so my friends make me feel low ...i want to talk to my mum my probleams but my mum dont understand what i need... she always said that she never go university so she dont know to solve my problem,,,,,always make me feel guilty ....make me feel i hate her...but in my relegion i can not to hate my mum because it wrong ...we must always respect parents....eeeeeeeeee... i always quarrel with my mum...i'm a 21 years in UiTM Malaysia...take Bachelor Business Computing....and my birthday 24th dec and its mean 4 days become my birthday so i dont know to face my mother..... and thanks for ur anwser
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can someone tell me what these yahoo IM messages from ex mean?

Asked By: Home B
so u never got laid since the last drool, or u been gettin iT lmao.. tedeecap: opps my bad..whats ur name when u gonna call me or u being a distant *** i go to readin i dont see ur face. that **** iz even know what im sayin...this **** is fun..get back
2 Answer(s) · 13 years ago