does she still want me as a friend?

Asked By: Anonymous
ive been her best friend since pre-k snd now im going to beta and she's going to normal high school and when i call her she's mad or not in the mood. should i insist or leave it alone?
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Does he still want to be friends?

Asked By: Kari P
I have a friend that liked me for a while and he just recently found out that I didn't like him thru another friend. I didn't want to tell him before because I thought that it would affect our friendship. Well...he found out and then we talked about it and we decided to stay friends. But he doesn't talk to me anymore and seems to ignore me. Does he not want to be my friend anymore? Whats up with him? I wanna start talking to him again but I don't know...
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How do you reach out?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have a lot of old friends who I kind of just ended up loosing contact with. We were all kind of out of control then so I knew I needed to walk away to get myself better and now they are also doing good and are all still friends. I feel like really anti-social like it's been so long that I get nervous almost. I have been so anti-social for so long that I don't know how to socialize again. They will call sometimes and I don't answer and they think I just don't care but it's just the opposite. I can't bring myself to call. I wish I would get over it cuz it's not healthy.
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Help please!!?

Asked By: angela
Ok i kinda like this boy that is a football player @ skool and my friend's sister who's a cheerleader hugs him alot but they don't go out. i'm jealous i guess, but what do i do to get his attention? i'm very attractive and the football team tells me that and my friends say that i look like a barbie/baby doll. what's wrong?
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clue them party......someone plz help me i dont know what to do?

Asked By: Brittany R
for halloween i want to have a clue them party but i don't know how i would set that up i look on the web but i can find any ideas or help or tips on how to set up this kind of party someone me
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what are you being for halloween?

Asked By: Anonymous
what are you being for halloween?
10 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

today was my first day at a new school. HELP?

Asked By: haterr.
got any good advice< things to talk about with people i meet to make it less awkward or something. please help!!!!
3 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Can u help me find someone?

Asked By: The_Yack_Myster
Does anyone know the best way to find someone that u only know their first name and school, and grade?
4 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

Ideas for a birthday....?

Asked By: william e
I have a girl. I love her very much. Her last b/f didnt do anything for her last birthday,nor did her own family. Next year is her birthday and Im trying very hard to come up with something great.... Im talking like limo's and fireworks, and a day at sixflags.... something to get the world off of her, and something SO special that she knows that Im a great guy and that I love her.... any Ideas?????
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friend advice or help? we're drifting apart?

Asked By: Anonymous
me and my friends r driifting apart. idk they like abercrombie and surfing and stuff while i dress a little more urban or whatever and i could care less if i know how to surf. it seems like we have nothing in common anymore and when we're sitting at lunch they're always quiet. like boring. what should i do? make new friends? try to fix our relationship? how do u make friends that have stuff more in common with u? help! we just enetered high school btw
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago