Facebook should I question..?

Asked By: Max M
Hey, I sent three people messages three days ago on facebook. It was the first time in about 10 days. I asked all of them like how are you? What are you up to? Etc. All of them have been on plently of time but none have responeded. They didnt reply the other time I wrote on their walls. They all know and talk to eacthother and thay all know me. ( we went to the same school) Should I ask them why they havent replied? ( I dont wanna seem like a needy idiot). What should I do? Thanks.
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What's great about your life?

Asked By: itty
Or you??? I wanna know.
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Trouble On Clubpenguin???

Asked By: lovely
Okay so I have this group and its really fun. I was with this guy, 19hawk96, and another girl "hearted" him. (That's what my friend told me) So I kinda got mad and I broke up with him. I've been with three people after that, and he's been with one. A month after I broke up with him, he still liked me. I was kinda annoyed because he kept telling me, and I was REALLY happy because he's the most popular boy in the group. But now I think he likes the girl that hearted him, and I really miss him. I want to tell him I like him still but I don't know if he will say, "Then why did you break up with me?" He's an amazing guy and I really want to be with him again! I just don't know what to tell him! HELP!
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Can't "Move On" From My Crush With A Female Friend?

Asked By: Kari
I have known this girl (woman) for about 14 yrs. and have been good close friends for about 8 yrs. (after my divorce). We argue with each other and care for each other, but it's more like a brother/sister relationship. But we've always been platonic (her choice) and she has known for some time about my crush on her. She has an on again off again b/f that doesn't seem to realize how lucky he is to have a g/f like her. But I have to separate the friendship from the romantic feelings about her. Can it be done?
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My exboyfriend's next target is my friend fatima what should i do to tell her?????

Asked By: Anonymous
My exboyfriend's next target is my friend fatima what should i do to tell her?????
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If your friends treated you as you treat them, would you still to be their friend?

Asked By: Jerry K
I am not just talking about how you treat them directly to their face, but also what you do and say behind their backs. Would you/could you be their friend?
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Song to help my boy situation??!?!? ?

Asked By: Anonymous
I really like this boy, but he has a girlfriend. He told me he liked me too, but he also loved his gf and didn't want to lose her or me. I don't blame him for wanting to keep the girl he loves, but I don't want to lose him. Can someone please list some songs that relate to this?! Thanks sooo much!
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does ignoring my bf help me get him bk?? i really love him so help me with a solution 2 get him to call me plz

Asked By: Anonymous
my bf saw me doing salsa with another guy. i had asked my bf to join salsa but he used to go to gym. so i told him tht a very sweet guy proposd me to dance in salsa,on 12june he then saw me n sent rude, abusive taunting mesgs to me instantly. i sent mesgs to clear up tht guy isnt my bf but in vain. he gave a mesg tht he will get everythin investigatd regardin tht guy n if smthing wrong,he will never contact n reply n same thing hapnd. i kept persuadin him till 10july but no use. he didnt reply. than i mesgd tht as the days pass to this mesg ill b 4geting him. but even then he doesnt look at me. he is very jealous types since begning. once i was talkin to other guy on cell, he left me in anger n went away. but i lov him. BUT 2DE WHEN HE SAW ME I PROVED I DIDNT NOTICE HIM. NOW I HAV GOT A MESG 4M HIS SIDE AFTER 40 DAYS OR SO.IT SAYS-WHEN EVER I C UR FACE ,MY BLOOD BOILS N I FEEL LIKE THROWIN A STONE AT UR CAR.ques1 wat does this mean?he still likes me?WIL IGNORING HIM HELP ME GET HIM BK?
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Should I take my friend back after everything she's done?

Asked By: JCASEY
Me and my friends were all close to this one girl. She was a drama queen though, and started all the drama. She started dating this guy that we dont approve of. This was pretty much her first real bf because she'd never kissed anyone or anything- and we all have[none of us have been past making out & dont want to] so our friend starts doing everything with this guy, and she would only hang out with us if her bf was at his dads. and he tried puching my other frand in the face & she took his side. so then none of us were frands w her anymore, then her and her bf break up & go back out & break up again, and then she textd us & said she was so sorry & really wanted us back. idk what to do bc she mite do it all over or go back out w him again but then i dont want 2 hold grudges & i kinda wanna be her frand again but then i dont bc i dont want to just be there when her & her bf are done. and all of my frands took her back & i dont want to be knownas the mean one & if they took her back then i'm gonna be hanging out with her since they are like when all of us do something. so please help me :[
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I had a falling out with my best friend of 7 years about 8 months ago. She has started talking to me again.?

Asked By: Cautious
After a couple weeks of talking she asked me if she can help her move in a coupe weeks. I said no problem. She then said she was going to invite people to happy hour after work the week before she moves. I said great I'm in. She sent an invite out for happy hour and never invited me. I'm kind of hurt. Should I cut ties and end this so called friendship or give her the benefit of the doubt and let it go? She is a good woman when we were friend before but I have a bad feeling about this. WHAT IS HER INTENTIONS? I don't know what to do. Any advice?
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago