One of my friends is trying to steal my bestie, and they share their time together a lot. What will I do?

Asked By: Anonymous
Actually, this person is my best friend's ex-bestie. Before that, she thought their friendship is real, I mean...she thought they are best friends. My best friend chose me...but this person is trying to steal her still...
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Is she pretty?? The brunette?

Asked By: Anonymous
What do you think of the brunette??
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i dont know what to do for a summer job

Asked By: LoKiLlA
but i still need money for things does anyone know anything i can do for some money????
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What should i tell him?

Asked By: haha
well, my pretty much BEST FRIEND, jake, i well, *love* him. he has a girlfriend, and he said that he would kill himself if they ever broke up, and he doesnt kid around with that stuff. basically then, i have no chance to be with him. =[ so i want him to be happy(and he seems really happy with her) but i dont wanna be miserable either. another thing is, he's moving this friday, and he doesnt know if he's going to the same school. i dont think i should tell him the way i really feel cuz it would screw up out friendship, but i;m scared when he moves, i might not have the chance. please i need some advice really bad and i dont know what to do!
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I need serious help here!?

Asked By: Anonymous
My friend and I became friends again after a big fight. My BFF's never being her friend again because what she did to her was un-forgivable. The friend really wants to be friends again with my BFF. It feels like she's only hanging out with me to get to my best friend. I want to end the friendship with my friend. (Not my BFF) What do I do?
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am i too caring?

Asked By: Nic B
most of the ppl i know i would die for. is that a bad thing? i know some of them would not take a bullet for me yet i know i would for them? is that bad? how do i say that without sounding gay?why do i put myself lower than my friends who wont do the same?
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What if it doesn't turn out the way you want it in the end?

Asked By: leena
I am a 22 yr old girl, just finished graduation. I was a serious alcohol and drug addict for the last one year, so to get away from it all, I decided to take break from everything, shifted back to my parents place, and I am now preparing for a major scholarship exam in november. This is a major risk I think, for me, I rejected 4 job offers in excellent companies, shocking my family and friends. I really want this scholarship so I can apply for a PhD to a good univ next year. When I made this decision, I was totally sure I wanted to do this, take this risk, get away from my spoiled friends, learn some more at home, take a breather from everything. Recently Ive started feeling useless, I know Im not, but its self doubt, if I don't ace this exam, this whole thing would be wastage, I would have wasted so much time for nothing. This exam is everything for me, its just I dont think I can do it. I know I have it in me, its just that I don't know what is worth it anymore. All my friends turned out to be backstabbers, I cant bring myself to trust anyone, I am too proud to listen to anyone, depression is eating me from inside, I can't study, although I know I need to. This is so childish. I just want your opinion. ( I know many will say, what do we reply to this? wtf is this, just bear with me, its like I am falling apart) One thing I am happy about I haven't done alcohol or pot for 3 months now. Is there any point to working hard towards something, taking risks, fighting it all, making strange decisions? What if it doesn't turn out the way you want it in the end?
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Friend trouble..?

Asked By: HelloPeeps
I have this friend who is constantly making ugly comments about everyone's kids in the neighborhood, who she invites over to play or the kids she picks up after school who are her friends children. She has in the past made ugly comments about my children to a dear friend of mine that told me. I confronted her with this and she lied like a rug about it and I eventually let it go and just didn't ask her to get my kids from school and when she invited them over I would always make up an excuse because I didn't want her to "talk about" my children. She recently offered to pick up my kids from an awards banquet because I couldn't take them home so I agreed to let her thinking she would take this opportunity to show me she was not gonna talk about my children... before she even got my children home she was on her cell telling my friend ugly stuff about my kids.(she has talked about this persons children too) What should I do? By the way I work for her husband so that makes it even harder??
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im gonna be a new person at school how does it feel? anybody give me some advice on how it is to be new?

Asked By: Sexy Pookie ♥
well im gonna go to a new school cuz i juss moved this summerr.. & ill be going to a new school in september.. thing is that i have never been a new person.. & i dunt no how it is.. atg that school im going to there is alot of black people & sum hispanic ( im hispanic ) & very very little white & asian like 2 % i am telliung the truth .. right & wen i was in my old school i went to that school play basketball because i was on the team. & we played them... & they gave us attitudes but like not that much cuz we wer into the game more then into what they said.. but i dunt no how its likeee!!!!!!! i have never been new.. & i dunt no anybody there! not one soul.. one person but shes new too.. so that doesnt help.. & im very scared! what will they think of me im gonna get lost too! its pretty big school....! & it sucks .. ive rnever been new! im very scared!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How do you deal with a friend who is totally different from you?

Asked By: christina7060
I have this friend who gossips so darn much. She tells everybody's darn business. Especially people who are close to her. She even told me INTIMATE details of her best friend. She oftens gets mad when I don't tell her my personal business. She is also sleeping with a marry man which I don't agree with, but never once have a said anything about it nor have I judged her. She is never supportive of anything I do. She was mad when I got pregnant, she even tried to get me to have an abortion. Now all of a sudden she wants to be the God mother. She drinks and clubs a lot, sleep around, but yet she always have something negative to say about people.
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