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8 months ago I broke up with my bf of 4 yrs because he needs space and he wants me to move on and find?

Asked By: Vi
someone else. It was hard for me because i was so in love with him and never cheat on him. But I moved on anyway, I met a guy a month after we split, and we were so in love, he's very nice to me and made me really happy. We even enganged and planned to get marry asap. 6 months after my breakup, my ex begged me to come back and said that he's ready to marry me. I chose my ex instead of my bf because I've known him for a long time. I married my husband without telling my bf. Im married for 1 month now, but I keep thinking about my bf that I left behind. I still seeing him and I feel that I am happier with my bf instead of my husband. Please help me.. finally my husband found out how I feel, because my bf called him and tell everything. He wants me back. So confused.
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for me to get a divorce from my wife what would be the easy way to do so.?r=1217854046

Asked By: fiftylee
for me to get a divorce from my wife what would be the easy way to do so.?r=1217854046
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Left out in the cold?

Asked By: madblackwoman
Iam the one with the bad marriage. My husband hasnt been coming home on the weekends but during this week while I was at work he was home.We slept in the same bed and had sex everynight he was here. Until Thurday my day off he went to work @ 5 am and didnt come home until 8:00 pm. Our electric was turned off because he wrote a bad check. So I paid the bill but they wouldn cut the electric back on untill Friday I was wondering why he was walking the floor and couldnt sit down. Then he ask why wont me and the 3yr old go to his sisters. I asked him how bout you, and he ignored me. I refused to go there because its not her problem, and I wanted my husband to suffer too. He left around 8:30 saying he was going to help someone move somethings. 9,10,11 o'clock passed and he didnt come back. I called him and asked where are you, he said it dont matter, I tired to tell you to go to my sisters, Iam not going to sleep there with no electric. Then he hung up on me. So me and my son was cold.
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Divorce her, or carry on living in hell, or save my children?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am currently married with 3 lovely children, Two boys 4 & 2 & a lovely girl of 1. Iv been married for 6-7 years. Like all relationships we had ups and downs, some serious some not. I got married from india by my own choice. every thing was ok for the first year. Untill i saw the snake in her. She killed my trust on a family vist to india(not a affair or anything) just by her caniving/sly side. I was never able to trust her again fully, but i i thought of the kids and just put to a side. the next to years this thing eat me up competly. but have have recovered from this in the last year or so. My wife is a lieing,sly,caniving rat. (just like 'the mother inlaw and her brothers/siters' its in there blood). money rules the world for them. I am completley sick of this, told her thousands of time not to be like this. I dont want my kids to be like this but they will be because most of her neises and nefues are like this. I want a divorce now and keep the kids & send her back.
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is there really ONE person for everyone?

Asked By: anonymous
i mean do we just settle and get married because we think we can't get any better? i've never met EVERYONE in the world so how do i know he is the best for me? i'm pretty happy now but i've thought that before. the idea of spending the rest of my life unable to get out really freaks me out. i guess thats why i've never been married. i'm thinking i'd rather date one person the rest of my life and wake up each day and choose to be with that person each day than be REQUIRED to be with them. i mean, don't know how i'm going to feel 40 years from now.
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What can I do about my situation with my significant other?

Asked By: Libra79
I found out my significant other was married...but it was only an arranged marriage to get her a green card. His mom is coming to spend Christmas with us. He calls me today and tells me his friends from New York want him to go to New York for New Years and honestly I don't want him to go. I have no friends where we live and my family no longer talks to me because I got pregnant. The thing is that these friends in New York are his inlaws and no one knows about the fact that we are having a baby let alone that he lives with me. I think he is being selfish. Am I wrong?
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Ex wants a favor- copy of divorce decree

Asked By: embi40
He says he needs it for a job application? Could that be true? I have NEVER needed any info from my divorce for a job application... I am hesitant to give him a copy simply because I am afraid he will use it against me in some way. And yes- I told him to contact the courthouse but he says they told him they won't mail a copy to him (he is out of state).
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Would you rather marry someone who saved themself or someone whom is experienced?

Asked By: Anonymous
By saving themself I mean someone who didn't date around for fun, didn't flirt around with a non-spouse, saved themselves for marriage, etc. By experienced I mean experienced in dating and more experienced in having sex.
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Child Support in Texas?

Asked By: Anonymous
Can the goverment come involved on their own in regards to child support collections if no one has put in any complants? If the parents agree no child support is needed does one parent still have to pay? If a parent is suppose to collect child support, but says you know what That's ok you dont have to pay it, is that legal?
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Do men hate me? What have I done?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm legally married, but filed for divorce because he went crazy and left and now lives with his mother. Some guys they just stare and smile. Hardly talk to me. And then the older ones bother me so much and flirt, drives me nuts. I feel like men hate me. They usually know I'm married (if they ask I tell, cant lie). Would guys be interested in me? I'm so angry with myself. I feel like I am causing this problem.
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