i gave a dog away and it attacked her?

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i gave my male dachshund away because i could no longer keep him.the only reason i gave this dog away is because the lady was going to keep him inside(i couldn't)she had a nice home and lived on a farm.well anyway i wasn't home at the time she came and got him,my daughter gave him to her.well anyway,after about 3 to 5 days after aquiring the dog,it bit her.she had to go to the hospital for staph infection(which she claims the dog gave her)the animal control came and got the dog,he is now being quarenteed for 10 days.for some reason they won't give him back to her.she said for me to call and try and get him back,she does not want him put to husband thinks she is trying to trick me so she can sue me(can she do this)i loved the dog very much and wanted better life for him ,now this happens.he has never bit anyone before and i had him for 8 years.she had to have provoked him in some way.what should i do?should i call animal control?if i do is there a chance i can get into trouble?
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I need a cute female puppy name?

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The puppy is a black/brown colored cocker puppy
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Is Simba a cute name for a Golden teddy bear hamster?

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I just got a Golden teddy bear hamster and i was wondering if Simba was a cute name. :P
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Hey guys, does anyone know what this color is...?

Asked By: kathy
I don't have a picture. There's a new boarding horse at my barn that's really odd-looking. he has a blue-grey-white-black mottled coat, purplish black points, and a red head. Just curious, no idea what the color's called (or if it has a name).
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why do dogs....?

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like to stick their heads out the car window but freak out when u blow a hair dryer in their face?
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What kind of fish was this?

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I was fishing with some friends for sea trout off of the Gulf of Mexico and we were in about 15 feet of water catching the trout one by one, one after another with some bait fish we caught, and the owner of the boat Jeff just screamed, "OH my god, its a _______!!!" I dont remember the name of it. It was about four feet long, it looked almost like a catfish, but a lot skinnier. Almost a little like a shark. It was black and white. WIth black stripes (could have been brown) down its head to its tail. It had no scales, just kind of the smooth feeling to it. It was a beautiful fish, I wish I had a picture. It started with a C i think??
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hey, I have a question about False Julii Cory Cat?

Asked By: Lil Man'
Would they be ok with my guppies, my mollies, and my aquatic frog. I really want to get one, but I really dont know too much info on them. Also, do u think that u could send me a link about False Julii Cory Cat. I have 10 gallon tank, how many could I put in there.
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Why is my bird suddenly doing this?

Asked By: Who's That Girl?
I have a two month old parrotlet, and today he started chirping at me while I'm holding him, or near him, and bobbing his head up and down with his mouth open, like he wants me to feed him or something. What's up with this?
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what would cause my dog to gain 10 lb's if he's really not eating or drinking?

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My Currlydog hasn't been himself lately! He's sleeping a lot, isn't eating, i hardly see him drinking, his eye's look sad and distant and he look's like he's gained about 10 lb's and is real bloated. He's a small German Shepard/Terrier mix and about 1 1/2yrs(human) I just started a vocational class and now I'm gone 3 day's a week. My husband still comes home at lunch time and every morning Currly still follow's him to work across the street to see the guy's. Could he just be depressed? But what about his weight gain?
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need info on pet snake care?

Asked By: Mary M
Hello, My daughter has been given three snakes found in our friends' yard. Two are tan and spotted, and I think are fox snakes or something similar. The other is a garter snake. One or two will probably be re-"gifted", hopefully to a classroom or two. We have them in a 10-gallon tank, and I am wondering about feeding them. I have been reading all about pinkies and fuzzies. Can I start with crickets found in the yard? or do they need to eat vertibrates? Can I put the tank in the garage to have them hybernate? Is that mean and cruel? Thanks for your help! Mary
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