Anyone else own a Whippet?

Asked By: Jessica B
Just wanted to know if anyone out there owned a whippet or two or more! I have one and just wanted to see if there was anyone else who thought they have the most perfect loveable dog in the world!
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Help with my duck knowledge?

Asked By: Anonymous
I have four ducks and i already know what breed two of them are( a blue swede, and a cayuga.) I dont know the breeds of the others though. Two of my ducks are 6 months old and the other 2 are 5 or 5 1/2 months old. The first duck is a drake(curly back feather) and is a grey with black shading on the chest and a green beak. The second duck which is a female laying fertile eggs is black and white with orange beak with black dots and ornage legs. HELP!!!
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Should I get rid of my cat if potential roommate is allergic?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm currently in a HUGE bind. I won't have anywhere to live in a week, and with my lack of funds, I only have one option left. I'd been staying at friend's house for two months searching for a place, and said I would be out of there after New Years. I found an opening-- it won't be available till exactly a week, during which I'll be out of town for the holidays to visit my family. During that week my cat will be staying at a friend's out of a huge favor which of course is temporary(for just that week). So basically I have a week to search during my break online for a place for my cat to live in the area, otherwise she will be sent to a shelter or some random wacko. I don't want this to happen, but I have no other choice? I haven't met this other housemate yet but I've been told he's allergic to cats, and I don't know how much. Should I find out to what extent or should I keep her in my room? ANYTHING would be better than her being on the streets or euthanized, put to sleep.
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Changing environment for pets (dogs)....?

Asked By: alwaysmoving4ward
I recently moved halfway across the country with my family and two dogs (and a rabbit - LOL)...We went from country living (nice big yard for my dogs to roam) to city life (apartment with tiny yard)...Lots of things are different now for all of us including my two dogs. One is still a pup and has adjusted well. The other is a 5 year old Chow mix who hasn't done so well. Lots of new sounds and loud noises that he is not accustomed to. This has made him a very nervous dog - he now freaks out during thunderstorms (which he never did before the move)...He only feels safe during these types of storms (or even when someone pops off fireworks) if he can find a small confined area to hide in. He has his own kennel so he usually goes in there as long as I shut the door for him....last time this happened (it only thundered for about 30 minutes and then I let him out) the time I opened the door of the kennel - he was soaking wet from perspiring!!!!! He has also had a patch of dry scaly itchy skin come up on his back, just above his tail! Could the dry patch be associated with his nerves? I have even thought about taking him to the vet for a proper diagnosis...but unfortunately it will have to wait at least another month (still getting caught up from a financially rough move) before I can afford it....Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might be able to aleviate his uncomfortably itchy condition until then? Any good home remedies for the scaly skin?
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Indiana Raptor Laws?

Asked By: crzycoookies
I've been looking online and can't seem to find any laws on owning Birds of Prey.. as pets, not as Falconry birds. More specifically, I'm looking into some kind of owl.. I mean, is it completely against the law? Do I need a liscense/where do I get one? Or would it be more of a county/city law? I wouldn't be taking it from the wild or anything though, purchasing it.
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i need some info on this career....?

Asked By: Anonymous
i need some information on a equinologist for a biology project....i need to know everything about it....plz help.....
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horse show clothing?

Asked By: Anonymous
i start show season soon. i do not have what i need since i am new. what do I need ( besides a horse, trailer, saddle, bridle) and where can I find it used? thanks!!
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my 10-11 week old kitten needy is this normal?

Asked By: christa-rista
i have a 10-11 week old kitten got him when he was around 6 weeks i believe and well i give him attention all the time and i have another cat that is 4 months old and well my little kitten will just follow me and meow at me constantly until i pick him up or pet him and i show him love all the time and just wanted to know if this was normal. plus i have a baby on the way i'm 7 months pregnant and just don't know if he is going to react to the new baby well since he wants all the attention all the time. i mena don't get me wrong i love my kitten to death but just need advice if this is normal and all. thank you
3 Answer(s) · 13 years ago

My cat is AFRAID to eat, drink, or poop at my new place. What can I do?

Asked By: Ebar
I've had my cat Bandit for two years. Recently moved out and got a new cat. Now I want Bandit back as well. She has always been easily scared. She's afraid of the new cat. She's afraid to eat. She's afraid to even to go to the bathroom! The only way I can get her to go is if something scares her and she runs off defecating along the way! What can I do?!
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Do pitbulls get there tail docked?

Asked By: Anonymous
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