My duck egg is now 16 days old and i think i heard something?

Asked By: lala
I think i heard my duck embryo chirp, or some other sound Do duck embryos start making sounds when they are only 16 days old or was i imagining something?
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A Question Reguarding my Chihuaha...?

Asked By: SuperMommy
I have a 3 month old chihuaha ratt terrier mix. She's been having seizures lately. Shaking and such. I called the Vet clinic & they told me just to "Lock her in a dark room with no one around, so she'll calm down." . And the medication they had me get her for her Calcium definency isn't working. I've struggled with the idea of putting her down, because she seems so uncomfortable when she has them. I can't afford any other vet visits, how ever I was wondering wether or not I should ask the humaine society to take her in. I had heard they had better care for cheaper price for taking care of animals. And she needs someone to do just that, being Christmas I really can't afford it.. At all. =[. I need some help. And please, don't be rude with your comments, this is a serious matter. Thanks.
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we have ants in our king snake tank,we cleaned our wood in bleach and water,could the ants survive the bleach?

Asked By: paarkerhouse
could the ants harm the snake.
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How do I stop my cats from getting on the kitchen counter?!?

Asked By: stashley88
Both my cats know they are not allowed on the kitchen counter. Everytime I see them up there, I knock them off. They go behind my back. One gets food from wherever they can find it, and the other one acts as a lookout. I was thinking about getting a spray boundry thing, but its toxic to anaimals. Whats up with that? Can anyone help?
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How do I cut/ trim my dog's nails?

Asked By: NutmegKK
I know, I know, let a groomer or vet do it. Ok, I know that is ideal. But, I am going to buy some dog nail cutters at the pet store or Wal-Mart & want to ask anyone with experience- How far do I cut down ( I know there is a danger)? How often should I have to cut them? What angle do I cut them at? I had a groomer do them, she came into my home & did it for 8.00 ! I know that is cheap, but she was only here for 2 minutes!!
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betta tank mate AND a live plant question?

Asked By: Anonymous
in our house, there's a 10-ish gallon aquarium and next month we're going to put some fish in it again (it's been empty for a while haha), including my red male betta. he's very curious and likes to swim all around his tank quickly and if you walk near his tank, he swims over to the edge and looks at you. what are good tank mates for them? AND.... i was looking in my betta's tank today and he has a few live plants, one of which has two leaves which are stemmed up and then the leaf floats on the water and i noticed those two leaves are getting big black spots on them. what should i do about it? i read that it's 'black spot algae', should i remove the whole plant (the rest of it which is still at the bottom of the tank) seems okay, it's just those two leaves. so should i only remove the leaves or the stems or the whole plant?
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Why does our 3 month old puppie urinate in her confined cage that we are crate training her in?

Asked By: jodiegun
we have three Bichons. Our newest addition urinates in her small confined cage that we bought to crate train her to go to the bathroom outside. I thought dogs wouldnt urinate in the area that they sleep in. our other two dogs are very good at the rewarding after "going" outside. We have had her a month after purchasing her from the pet store. She is three months old now
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Why does my dog love to eat turds out of the litter box.?

Asked By: Josh S
He stalks kitty, not to attack and torment her, but because he is after her poo. If he hears kitty in the litter box, you would think it was treat time. He starts prancing around and getting excited. He returns with litter stuck to his whiskers and turd breath. Then, he proceeds to tru and kiss me. Yuck! Help please!
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Attacking Behavior of Cats ???

Asked By: MysT
Our indoor cat has been with us since he has a kitten. We had helper who also has been with us for sometime. Most of the time the cat will just appear unexpectedly and attacks her directly, jumping from the floor up to her arms. Digs his paws on the arm of the helper and bites her viciously then runs and hide. This does not happen all the time but most of the time like once or twice a month or sometimes less. The most vicious attack was when the cat attacked her in the leg while she was simply walking. The cat touched a vein and the blood was shooting out.The helper is ok but not with us anymore. Yet we got another helper who is also being attacked also. When this happens I throw the cat out the house and sometime chase it out but he keeps on making this sad face like the cat in Shrek... Please can anyone tell me why this cat attacks only a specific person? Is the cat protecting us or what? What can I do to stop the attacks? Is it the diet? please help.....
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getting a puppy soon. how do i introduce him to our home?

Asked By: Anonymous
im going to be getting a puppy soon, i dont know what breed it is (its suposed to be a suprise lol ) but since i know now, i am planning ahead wondering what to do to be the perfect owner. the last time i had a dog was in 1999 where i took care of my aunts pup for about a month. in this case, im going to be in a big apartment with a balcony and i wanted to know how to introduce him to our home. they say its best if you train your pup from day 1, please inform me on how i can toilet train him (my friend has her pekinease pee and potty on paper in their toilet, it seems very convenient and i would like to try the same for my pup), i would also like to know how i can train him to be quiet from unessacary barking. the rest of the training can be done in time to come. your advice is much appreciated x
4 Answer(s) · 13 years ago