ball python HELP!!?

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she has not been around a male but is discharging egg looking things and acting weird. she is also not shedding like she should. is there something wrong with her or am i over reacting?
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just bought a puppy from a lady but pup is dehydrated. vet wants to press charges?

Asked By: askMaelene
the lady was really nice provided papers and shot records. but when i bought the puppy it had a seisure and i took it to the vet. they said it would be 2000 to cure her cause she was severly dehydrated and wants to pursue criminal charges. can they do that to me or the breeder? do i have the right to take the puppy out since i can not afford it? also the breeder says she will take the pup back and refund my money no problem i am not mad at the breeder cause she came from out of town and its very possible pup couldve became dehydrated from the trip . what are my options please serious answers only!
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My guinea pigs are ignoring the litter tray after I put there droplets in them! It's been 3 days now of.....

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potty training and they still do it all over the cage. Any advice on a succesful training method?
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Mouse with possible neurological problem?

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So if you have been reading my questions lately in this section, you'll know that I recently rescued a mouse that needed a home after being used for a biology experiment at my school. Well I just found out what the experiment was: mice were blasted with death metal music and classical music for long periods of time to see how they reacted differently. Isn't that the stupidest thing in the world? Mice have really sensitive hearing and this could have had really really damaging effects on the mice! I'm worried that my mouse is deaf now or something (but of course there's nothing I can do about that). Anyways, this is my question: I'm noticing my mouse is exhibiting strange behavior. Currently he's in a ten gallon glass terrarium with aspen shavings as bedding and some paper towel rolls and boxes. It's about a foot high and there's only one level (This is just a temporary home; I've never had a pet rodent before so I'm going to go to the store to get him a real wire cage that's two stories tall and everything). Of course he's nervous being in a completely new environment (and probably shaken by that experiment) but he occasionally randomly takes giant leaps into the air, and "lands" on the mesh ceiling upside down and crawls upside down for a while, before falling back down. I'm amazed that he can just jump up a foot considering he's only three inches long, and I find this behavior very strange. He usually does it at night when he's most active, and he usually crawls around on the ceiling for a few seconds upside-down when he does it before falling back down. It's just so odd to see him randomly spring up in the air, straight up, vertical, and cling onto the ceiling like that. Any ideas about what to do about this? Is this considered normal behavior, or is this a neurological problem? Could this have been caused by the experiment that was performed on him? Thanks so much!
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whats the easiest way to train a puppie?

Asked By: Anonymous
like simple comands like sit stay come roll over and shake hands
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Reef safe fish?

Asked By: craig
Im looking for a reef safe fish that will go to work on eating some spaghetti worms. Something with some nice color and will be ok in a 36 gallon tank.
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What are the essentials in a first aid kit?

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Just after christmas i will be shopping at horseland (my favourite store in the world!) with my christmas money! I really need to stock up on my first aid kit, so what are the essentials in one? I want to make a list to take. Thanks for any help =)
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Why did my rats eat each other?

Asked By: shadowmutt
I had a cage of male dumbo eared rats. They always got along and were very tame. They were not starving. They were overweight. To my horror while i was cleaning their cage i noticed the skeletal remains of their father and the smallest male half eaten in the corner. It was disgusting! Why would they turn on each other like that?? ewwww!!!
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Urgent...Platy may be giving birth?

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I have been in for around 30 minutes and all that time a female(pregnant platy) has been on the bottom still. it has moved once because i think it got freaked out by me. How long could it be until she starts gving birth(if she is) and should i put it in the plastic breeding trap or not.If not should i put her in their at a certain time of the pregnancy or what? Please plase please answer this even if your experience isn't from platys
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I need to get ear drops in my dogs ears, even with another person helping it's not easy at all. Any ideas?

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