An orange cat.............................?

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'Kay so, I went to feed my cake some cake, and she was bright orange. SOMEONE DYED MY CAT ORANGE!!!!!! Is there like a safe way to bleach them or some kind of dye safe for cats? Seriously, who dyes a cat orange?.......
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4 month old puppy had motion sickness...?

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I have a 4 month old GSD puppy thats mixed with Rott and beagle. I usually take him for car rides when we go out and from the time I have had him, we have gone for about 10-15 car rides(short-mid range ones in time). Today we had to go to my temple for 3 hours so we took my puppy in the car with us, my dad driving like a maniac, with all these twists and turns and jerks since we had to get their in time. my puppy was fine but he wasn't feeling good. He threw up once we reached our destination at 1.5 hours then he threw up again once we reached home at 3 hrs(total). The vomit looked like a little bit of his morning meal(since he ate a small amount only) and a little bit of white liquid-foamy type substance. Is this from motion sickness and since he didn't eat alot at 6:00? We took him right after his meal, could this be why? Is this some other problem? Should I be worried? He went to sleep once we got home and I cuddled him up with my blanket and I was holding on to him and stuff, he fell asleep and he's still sleeping for 4 hours straight, with movements. Should I wake him up because its 1 hour past his 2nd meal? or should I let him eat. I doubt he'll eat, what should I do?
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Strange cricket-butterfly?

Asked By: Judgerz
I'm still in shock. Me and my family took a hike, and so we were at an altitude of approximately 900 feet on a mountain in Northern New Jersey. I was looking at crickets with my brother, and I noticed one that was maybe 50% bigger than the others, but otherwise looked the same. It was the same color and had the same features. I followed it, trying to catch it, and it hopped like a normal cricket. But then, it jumped in the air, and suddenly it had butterfly wings! They were dark blue with a light yellow-white outline, so it looked like a common butterfly species. It flew a little bit, then landed, and turned back into a cricket. Then it took off again, and was a butterfly again! I know I wasn't just hallucinating since my brother saw it too. Is there any identified creature like this?
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my dog died yesterday and i dont know wat kind of new dog i should get?

Asked By: Cristina
my dog died yesterday and i dont know wat kind of new dog i should get?
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My dog threw up in 3 different places just now one after the other. What should I do?

Asked By: animalluvr
She hasn't thrown up for a while. She doesn't throw up often. If it helps she is a black lab. Also half and hour ago she was wading around in the water in our lake.
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What all do I need to put in a herman's tortoise tank??

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Buying it tomorrow but I already have the tank and light. What else do I need?
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Should I get a rabbit or a chinchilla?

Asked By: Jackie
My cat recently died after somebody threw her off a 6 story building and she fractured her pelvis in 5 places and then had a blood clot and died the next day. I miss my cat a whole lot but don't feel ready to get another cat. I wanted something semi-small, and have narrowed my search to a rabbit or chinchilla. Now I have gerbils but they are near the end of their lives and was just wondering, how should I take care of a chinchilla or rabbit ? Which would you reccommend? Boys or girls? What kind of cage? Should I feed them chew sticks like gerbils? Just wondering. =) Details would be extraordinary. NOTE: I have also considered a degu but it is not on the top of my list. If you think I should get a degu, please tell me why. =D
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Are budgerigars the smallest parakeet's in the world ?

Asked By: Jag1
Are budgerigars the smallest parakeet's in the world ?
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My new 4 mo. male kitten is ravenous for people food. Is this normal?

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My husband just bought me the sweetest kitten for my birthday. We have had him now for 3 days and he is ravenous for our food. He has a nice sized food and water bowl that are constantly full but when we sit down to eat he behaves as though he is starving. He will literally climb on our outstretched arms to get to whatever we have in our hands. We've put him on the floor and he immediately jumps back...over and over and over. I've ended up having to put him in a separate room just so we can eat. I have never seen anything like it before. My husband received him from a pound so we thought maybe he had to fight for his food but he is by no means malnourished or underfed. Any ideas?
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