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Is it fair that Halliburton was given a "No Bid" contract on rebuilding Dick Cheney?

Asked By: robertonduty
Halliburton was awarded an $85.5 million contract to rebuild damaged U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney Monday. "We are proud to serve the executive branch in their hour of need," CEO David J. Lesar wrote in a statement released later that day. "Due to our vast experience with oil-well fires and refinery mishaps, we are well-versed in the sort of reinforcement, rewiring, and exoskeleton refitting Mr. Cheney so desperately needs." The Department of Ways and Means defended awarding the contract to Halliburton on the grounds that they had done the original work on Cheney in the 1970s.
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pre-law undergraduate degree...HELP...any lawyers help?

Asked By: Anonymous
ok well, I'm in my senior year in hight school and am thinking to go to law school. I need to apply to a college this month...so I don't know what kind of pre-law program to take...I also heard, it isn't that great of an idea to take pre-law courses because then the professors in law school have to un-teach everything. So I want to get an undergraduate degree in something...not sure though..what is the best thing to get an undergraduate degree in...that will perhaps prepare you the most for law school. just give a best example
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Are Iraqi leaders committing treason by siding with an occupation force?

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I want people to look at this with an open mind. (Im not Iraqi) Just imagine if Russia or Nazi Germany took over America, anyone who collaborated with them they would automatically be branded a traitor. So all the Iraqis who are collaborating with the Americans do you think they are treacherous swines? after all the main reason they are helping us is because they are getting dollar bills stuffed down their throats? after all these people have gone and sold their souls to an occupation army havent they? any thoughts (again im not iraqi)
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is there a website where you can see if someone was ever arrested?

Asked By: eliza h
is there a website where you can see if someone was ever arrested?
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How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Asked By: Anonymous
14, one to screw in the lightbulb, three to make sure that the lightbulb complies with EEOC and OSHA regulations, four to offer psychological counseling to the burned-out lightbulb, and six to circulate petitions demanding that electricity be banned and replaced by candles made of organically-grown soy beans.
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Why not rename Washington D.C. BUSHCITY where the pro's are?

Asked By: bulabate
It would be a slap in the face of George Washington, But he would not want any part of how business is currently being done anyhow!
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Since some people here don't like Gwen Ifill, who do they think would be a better moderator?

Asked By: tangerine
Since some people here don't like Gwen Ifill, who do they think would be a better moderator?
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What should i take to Army basic training?

Asked By: G
It's at Fort Leonard Wood, January 13th. My recruiter told me to take nothing but the clothes on my back, and a lock. He told me only to take what i need for the hotel, and nothing else and to buy everything else there. But i don't trust that? Won't i be in reception for a week, shouldn't i have atleast 1 change of clothes, and basic hygeine stuff, and also what types of razors can i bring? A good one? or disposabal
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If a petition was filed by a parent who is a US citizen for a child over 21 years and the petition has been?

Asked By: Mcdonald N
approved but the priority date is not current can that child get married or he would have to wait until the immigartion process is complete in oredr for him to get the visa
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Asked By: Sabrina W
I want to know if a warrant was signed today by a judge in Maricopa County Which is phoenix az will they expited a person back to phoenix for back child support owing 6000.00
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