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Asked By: beautiful~
I found out my ex lied to me and so I called my ex and went over to his home and told him i want the car back that i had just loaned him the money for the previous day. He refused turned off his phone and didn't open the door. Then he calls the cops on me tells them im harassing him so i got arrested they took me down to the station fingerprinted took my picture then let me go. My ex did not pursue with a complaint or restraining order. I told the cops its my car that i paid for and hes driving it without insurance. They said i need to go to civil court and arrested me. I went to court last nite and things dnt look good. judge and prosecuter suggested i get a lawyer cause i may be fined or imprisoned.What will happen to me?? How much will i b fined and will i be imprisoned. my ex and i are on good terms rite now so i dnt know if that will help me in court with this??Im trying to get into nursing school and looking for a new job. I dnt want to have this the rest of my life.Im a 27 year old successful women with a college education. This is my first offense. Im scared.
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Why is Obama running such a vicious smear campaign against Palin?

Asked By: Trader G
Why is Obama running such a vicious smear campaign against Palin? Don't you think that he'd be better served if he dealt with the issues such as the war, the economy and illegal immigration?
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How can i immigrate to iran?

Asked By: Anonymous
How can i immigrate to iran?
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My Q yesterday "why are the Lebanese?" was asked to show the way we are manipulated, Can we all see that?

Asked By: Tim 47
My Q yesterday "why are the Lebanese?" was asked to show the way we are manipulated, Can we all see that?
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How do you know if a check is fraud and is there any way to protect yourself?

Asked By: okalie dokalie
I won some money and received a check for $4,558 dollars, I want to know if the check is fraud or not...I am not spending any money untill it clears if it does, if it clears am I safe or have something to worry about. I was doing research online and it says you can put a lock on the check untill it clears, what should I do? I don't want to spend any money and have to pay it out of my pocket, what do you do in a situation like this? Thanks serious answers only!
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Why can't women serve on submarines?

Asked By: soulflower
I have a brother in the Navy and one in the Marines. They both gave me an answer but I didn't like it. Maybe I could have some objective answer, not from pathetic, sheltering brothers?
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When a judge sentences someone to life in prison why do they occasionally put on additional time?

Asked By: Anonymous
Haven't You ever heard someone getting sentenced to life in prison and getting plus such and such time. Like I sentence you to life plus 5 years or 10 years. Sometimes they say 2 consecutive life sentences. I don't get it. Isn't life in prison as simple as that? "The rest of your life in prison"?
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So will Ellen DeGeneres vote for a woman, or is she still toking on the "Hope Bong"?

Asked By: Vicki1970
It is unquestionable that BO is on the ropes. Ellen DeGeneres obviously likes women how many women think Ellen will vote for BO, or a woman? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2M8nX0_bp4
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how do I get my daughter's father to help out financially while she's in college?

Asked By: ´¯0())))»·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·
Is there anything I can do legally or am I S.O.L. We live in California, she is 18. This is the story. We were divorced 12 years ago. We had joint custody, alternating weeks. This was an agreement we arranged, not the court, no child support since it's 50/50. When she started high school, she wanted to stay in one place which was with me. After a huge fight between her father and her over this, she stayed with me for the next 4 years. I did not take him to court for child support stupidly thinking he would do what was best for his only daughter. Embittered, he did not help out financially. She chose to continue her private education by attending a private high school which I payed for myself for the 4 years. During the elementary school years, he paid the tuition, the uniforms (most of the time), and the beginning year school supplies, but I did everything else: the parent hours, extra supplies throughout the school year, the fees for extra-curricular activities which she was involved in everything (sports, drama, choir, community services clubs, etc.), selling the required fundraisers, etc. I was very involved with the school...many times, the teachers never even knew she had a father, he hardly ever showed up to any events (maybe once or twice), never went to back to school night, never went to teacher conferences, or parent meetings. I did all that and went to every single game, event, etc. Fast foward to high school and everything's the same except now I'm paying for everything....which was a whole lot more expensive than grammar school, plus all the other stuff. Tuition: while he paid from $120 to $160 a month for 10 months, I paid from $425 to $510 a month for 12 months. Sports fees: I went from paying $20 to $40 each activity to $200 to $300 for each activity. Luckily she chose to stick to 2 sports. Theater/drama was always riddled with fees, usually over $100. And don't forget club dues and stuff like that. I attended all her games, he went to 1. I attended all her performances for every single play (whether it was 4 performances per play or 5), he went to 1. My FAMILY event went to see at least 1 performance per play...his family only went to 2 after much begging. All that's in the past now, I gotta complain of course because it was really hard for us and you need to let out the frustration, but since I never filled out the paperwork for child support then I gotta deal with it on my own. Fine..whatever. But now she's in college. She chose to live close to the school which I support. She's trying to get a job but for the meantime, I'm helping her out. I give her $200+ every 2 weeks for groceries and stuff. He helped her pay her rent ($400) last month but didn't bother this month and I know it's due to a fight they had over a Cal Grant mix up which she took care of but we still had to pay $471 which I was willing to pay half (that's all I could give her since I just gave her $235 for groceries) since we were going to be reimbursed once the cal grant kicked in anyway. He ended up paying the whole thing after he started a huge fight with her where she ended up crying. He was trying to make it really hard for her and he succeeded. So, he didnt want to help and even told her to tell me to borrow it from someone. So, even though I didn't have it, I forked out the $400 for the rent which will put me in a huge hole because I do not have it. the bank will cover but of course I'll get charged for insufficient fees and of course, my next paycheck will be $400 less which will leave me nothing to help her out with groceries. I'm hoping that when she finally gets a job it'll lessen the financial stress, but even then, I'm sure she'll need help. HELL, when he and I 1st got married (I was 18 he was 22) our families helped us out ALL the time. My parents especially, they bought us a washer/dryer, a bureau, groceries, etc. My grandmother bought us the bed that we slept on and helped out other ways. His mom helped us out too with money for baby milk and stuff like that. It wasn't easy and he was working (I wasn't at the time, I had quit my job, I went back to work 9 mos after I had my baby). So what do I do? Talking to him is like talking to a rock. He always has excuses, it always has to be his way or nothing, he's super stubborn and he's always right. I mean, you can even show him scientific facts that prove he's wrong, but he'll never admit to it and sticks to his wrong answer. HELP!!!!!
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Can my apartment complex charge me for late rent even though signed documentation by mgt is for a water bill?

Asked By: brandoncutlip
I have a really good question for you. My apartment complex came on 20 April 2007 and left a written notice that I had owed them $17.44 for a water bill. I had paid my rent on time, and early even for the month of April. They had taken my rent money and applied it to the water bill. But in the contract it states: "Payment of all sums is in independent covenant. At our option and without notice, we may apply money received (other than sales proceeds under paragraph 13 and utility payments) first to any of your unpaid obligations, then to current rent regardless of when the notations on checks or money orders and regardless of when the obligations arose. All sums other than rent are due upon our demand. After the due date, we do not have to accept the rent or any other payment." Does that mean that they can take money from pet deposits and such to pay rent, since rent is the first obligation? And does that also mean that they can NOT take money from RENT to pay my water bill?
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