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Why does the American public need guns?

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Also if I was a U.S citizen whats the most lethal gun I can own can you own an m16? HK? Ak47?
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What it "really" means to PREVENT terrorism?

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What it "really" means to PREVENT terrorism?
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If I don't get any interest while applying for jobs putting felon down on my resume, should I just not add it?

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If I don't get any interest while applying for jobs putting felon down on my resume, should I just not add it?
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Health Law Question: Who owns a patient's original medical records . . . the doctor or the patient?

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For example, let's say a podiatrist takes an in-office x-ray and the patient requests the x-ray film to keep for her personal file. Does the podiatrist have to give the patient the original x-ray, or is the patient entitled only to a copy of the x-ray? Another example, let's say that same podiatrist writes hand written notes in the patient file. Can the patient demand the original handwritten notes, or is s/he entitled only to receive a copy of those handwritten notes? I am trying to determine who actually owns original medical records, x-rays, MRIs, diagnostic films, patient charts, etc. in the medical/health field. Is there a federal law that outlines an answer to this question? Is the answer state specific? Is the answer medical profession specific? Any legal citations are appreciated, as well as any responses from lawyers knowledgeable in this area of the law.
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What to do when a lawyer takes your money and does nothing but violate your rights?

Asked By: monkey
How do you get the law to work on your side In my friends divorce settlement she was to get certain things (like a $15,ooo one time payment and Health coverage benefits which her husband simply doesn't pay, she hired 3 different lawyers who took the little money she has left, one said he couldn't take her case afterall sev months later shile sitting with all her papers and kept her money, the next sent her private matters to her ex's attorneys office for them to see. Meanwhile her financial accountant (who turns out to be a drug addict and dealer) has raped her bank account of 100,000 dollars, the bank acknowledged it as fraud and money laundering but isn't taking any action. Where does she go with this mess?!! She has no $ left for a lawyer, the police can't do anything, who actually does something in this country if there is grand larson, hwere does one go?
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STEM CELLS: I'm writing an essay about them, what should I write?

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Excluding facts (I've already written them). So far, I've got controversy. What can I write about controversy?
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what are charges for a juvenile prank phone call?

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The charge was harrassment because i said," You wont want to make me mad."
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Does a kid have to be beaten in order to be abused?

Asked By: Chaney34
A 15 year old has approached me (responsible adult) about abuse from her parents (dad). I've tried mediating, I've called DCFS, I've had the child talk to school counselors nothing seems to be working. When she's beaten up she's too scared to say anything. By the time she gathers enough courage to speak, evidence has gone away. Only one time have friends seen bruises, but by the time the Social Worker arrived, the bruises were gone. She's still getting beat up by her dad. However, everyone I talk to says if there's no evidence there's nothing they can do? Is our system really going to sit here and wait till she gets beaten to death before they do anything about it? Is there no contact number that I can give her or someone I can refer her to? Any help is sincerely appreciated. Los Angeles, CA area.
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Online legal bookshops selling state penal codes ?

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I need to find online bookshops which have the penal codes of every state of the US available for order in a book form.
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Are there laws in Pennsylvania on telling your partner(s) about having the HPV virus?

Asked By: Brie
I have only found information on HIV lawsuits, which doesn't help me out. I need to know what the rules are so I can follow them.
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