Army National Guard and Special Operations?

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I swore into the Indiana Army National Guard on 11/20. My major goal after completing OSUT is to go to and complete Ranger school. I have been told that going to Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, and Sniper school first is the best way to train for Ranger school and is extremely benificial. I was just wondering if there is any truth to this, how much it will actually help me. Also, any input on what to expect and how to prepare would be greatly appreciated. And by the way, i have heard repeatedly that your ASVAB score is something that the military will look at before even letting you have a go at some of these schools. I scored a 75 (in case that even matters). Thank You
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The Iraq army under Saddam demonstrated that they could defend themselves from Iran. Could they now?

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The Iraq army under Saddam demonstrated that they could defend themselves from Iran. Could they now?
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Would I be notified if my husband was medevac'd from his FOB?

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Last I spoke to my husband some guys were being transported to a larger FOB b/c they all had a strain of flu or something and lost considerable amounts of weight and were passing out. I havent spoke to my hubby in a while and normally thats not a problem but Im worried he had to be taken somewhere else soooo would I be notified if he were?
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Advantages of having defense in Australia. i.e army...?

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i would like to know what are the 1. advantages and 2. disadvantages of having a defense mechanism in Australia 3. definition and description of defense in Australia.
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What is the Army mos 14t like?

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What is the Army mos 14t like?
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can someone with iraq war/wounded soldier knowldege please help?

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my friend has been dating a guy who says he was wounded in iraq. when i googled his name i found pictures he posted on a site that were x-rays of his ankles. the x-rays showed multiple fractures, very very serious, and then at the top it says allegheny general hospial which is in pittsburgh,pa not germany (where the wounded usually go to be stabilized) so basically she doesn't want to accuse him of lying unles sshe is pretty darn sure. but she has doubts and i have doubts and i want to help. so my questions is, how likely is it that a soldier would be shipped back to the us, to pittsburgh, with multiple fractures in both ankles, to be treated here and then have screws and whatnot placed in the ankles and legs. we think he got in a car accident. this may sound strange but this is a serious question and i am looking for as much details and credentials as possible. my friend has been through a lot and the last thing she needs is a liar. do they really fly people over here with completely tore up broken limbs for treatment? i would think they could do all of that in germany and then send them back here to recover.
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Military Question?

Blue Angels 2004 Demo Team: What are their names, call signs and rank. Just pilots 1-8. Any help will be great.
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How Long Have "Thousands" of GIs Been Searching For MIAs Now?

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How's the search going? How much has this cost? How many soldiers diverted form the war effort? How long more will it go on? I told you fools a week or more ago that this was a ridiculous exercise in futility...and it is. So when do you back off this stupid "no man left behind" crap, and get real? 5 months and 25 billion $$ from now?
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Since U.S. has helped in creating a financial surplus in Iraq, why doesn't Iraq pay the U.S. military?

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Since this war has contributed to our financial collapse and we have an enormous deficit, why isn't it common sense for Iraq to pay for international militaries if they even want us there.
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