OK, a serious question about Senator Craig..?

Asked By: iwasnotanazipolka
Now I don't know how this stuff works, but what in the world could a man do with another man in a busy public restroom in a large airport? I don't want any smarmy, nasty answers, but I would be curious how Senator Craig in one stall could have anything to do with another guy in the adjoining stall. Hey, I really don't know - but if it was just that, disregarding any talk of hypocracy about gays, what's the problem? Yeah, I know it's weird to do that kind of thing but what kind of thing are we talking about? AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW! (or at least I do...)
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Will uberleftists gladly make democrat mandated premium payments to insurance mega-corporations?

Will uberleftists gladly make democrat mandated premium payments to insurance mega-corporations?
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Do You Ever Feel Sympathy For George W. Bush?

Asked By: Anonymous
Look, I hate the guy. I think he is an idiot and because an election was rigged became the most powerful man in this country. I think he should be put in jail for some of the things he has done to us. However. Look it is not easy to be President. I mean we critisize people when we have never even been in their shoes. We hate the guy and yet he was re-elected. And he gets the blame. He only gets to vote once. He has pressured because of his father and no matter what he does, somebody is going to be mad at him. I will never like nor condone the Presidency of George W. Bush. However he knows that most people hate him. He knows that he is going down as the worst President in History so far. I can't help but feel a little bit of sympathy for him. What are your thoughts. I mean he is or used to be a human being.
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What is the solution to illegal immigrants?

Asked By: justwalkaway1958
They're ruining our economy.. what should we do? I don't want to hear anything about how they're perfect and aren't doing anything to hurt us.
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how many libs give 3 cheers to penn for his venezuela visit?

Asked By: WJ
how many libs give 3 cheers to penn for his venezuela visit?
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Is this typical right winged ethics, shoot anyone who you don't like in church?

Asked By: Darth Vader
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Is this proof there is no Liberal media bias?

Asked By: arvis3
ABC is planning to run this 9/11 “Docu-Drama” without commercial interruption which means it will be basically a free Republican infomercial. If there is a Liberal bias, why would ABC do this?
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who is more qualified for VP, Sarah or Sallie the diner waitress?

Asked By: clog32542
If Sarah hadn't made it into politics on a high wave of BS and luck, wouldn't you be able to picture her as a hairdresser, career waitress, or bra saleswoman? has no education or substance, and has a bubbly puffy hair persona.
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who believes on the day of judgement?

Asked By: Anonymous
Better start believing cuz it is the truth and everybody is gonna be justified and will get in return whatever had done in the world.If muslim will be succecfull if not than u still have chance cuz u r still alive so think about it.
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Radical Islamists in USA: What to do?

Asked By: rapturefuture
Surveys have been taken to show that 8% of the muslim population favor destruction to the USA. That is over 100,000 !!! What should the USA do ???
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