Can anybody tell me how the Media is SOOO Liberal?

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Well, if you consider Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, or Michael Savage Liberal then yeah I would agree that the Media is Liberal. Oh yeah and there are people with TV shows like Glen Beck or Bill Oreilly. Are they Liberal too? Oh, yeah and if the Media was SOO Anit-God then why, why do I have about 4 Chriatian chanels on my T.V. that talk down about abortion and Homosexuality. Why can't I get any Liberal talk shows in my local area. Everytime I turn the dial on AM, there's ONLY conservative talkers. I used to get Allan Colmes but then replaced it with freaking Rusty Humphries. How are there still any Conservatives left anywhere if EVERYWHERE we turn there's the "Gay agenda", and other things they rant about... How are there still kids who believe in Conservative "values" if we are SOO Liberal.
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Why don't the poor just work a little bit harder and become rich?

Asked By: gatorhator21
Why father was born in a trailer, out in the woods, in the middle of God's nowhere in Ohio. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother was an immigrent from another country (Japan) who didn't speak any English and was in a "relocation camp" durnig WWII. To put himself thru college he worked as a janitor at an elementry school cleaning up little kids messed in the bathrooms and cafteria and then worked at a meat packing plant on the weekends. He has now crossed the line where one would talk not of how much his income is but instead about what he is WORTH. He is the owner, president and CEO of his own company with more than 500 employees working in 5 states. What does he owe the poor who started just like him????
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Is America still the archetype of Democracy?

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Is America still the archetype of Democracy?
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Is it wrong to regret shaking Al Gore's hand?

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My parents brought me to a Democratic fundraiser when I was ten. Gore shook my hand. I wish he never did.
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Can you name the shortest Culture Revolution in history? It was actually a joke by the Bush Jews & Exxon----?

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and now they are laughing all the way to the Bank!!! while Liberals and Fake-conservatives fight like dogs and cats.....
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Liberals: How is "some" of you are not able to see the connection between 9-11 and Iraq?

Not that Im calling out a particular questioner, I would NEVER do that, but how dumb do you have to be to ask the same thing over and over and over and over? Too stoned to forget you just asked it Sparky?
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Has Harry Reid surrendered lately?

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or does he finally realize that the war in Iraq has been won?
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The economy, market meltdown and the bailout. I've heard it said on here there is enough blame for both...?

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parties. What I want to know from republicans is this, what part did your party play in our economic troubles?
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If someone follows all of your answers with one of his own, and his answers are very evil and nasty,?

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does that automatically prove that he feels threatened by your intelligence and perspective? Or does it just mean that he is a conservative poser?
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Did you know that after all the hoopla, the messiah is ONLY polling even with John McCain?

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All that bling-bling and that's the best Obama can do!
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