alabama - trying to get solar panels?

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Where do I go to begin doing this for my house? I live in hoover alabama near birmingham. HAs anyone done this in my state or area and could you refer me to somebody?
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What aspect of GCC research is not fully taken into account when identifying solutions?

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For instance, Ramanathan of the Scripps Institute, and Carmichael of the University of Iowa offered a study recently that demonstrated how critical black carbon is in addressing climate change. Other recent studies have seemed to confirm their work. This form of particulate air pollution, most often produced from biomass burning, cooking with solid fuels and diesel exhaust, has a warming effect in the atmosphere three to four times greater than prevailing estimates …” http://scrippsnews.ucsd.edu/Releases/?re... But in general, the topic doesn't come up much. What other areas are inadequately researched?
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In what ways does Global Warming affects our future?

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In your own words in what ways does global warming affect our modern world, and explain its effects?
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I need help with Water and Air Pollution?

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I need help indentifying various ways to reduce the forms of pollution that have been identified. Determine whcih approach would be most feasible in the community. Water and Air Analysis of Home Living in a small town where the major businesses are the local supermarket and the Dairy Queen restaurant, the people of Cooper, TX, may not believe there is a need to be concerned with pollution forms the water and air. Since this is a small town, there are limits to the type of monitoring of pollutants available. When people think of the word pollution, they associate it with chemical factories, manufacture companies, and waste management businesses. Pollution in the water and air can still exist in a community without the reality of these types of companies. With limited tracking methods for pollutants in this community, there are potential risks that the community needs to become aware of. There are not any industrial companies, but farming is a chief source of income for the town. Smog and soot are not high factors for reducing the air quality of the town. “According to research conducted by Scoreboard.com, Cooper ranks amount the cleaner 30% of all counties in the United States in terms of pm-10 emissions” (Scoreboard.com ). Fugitive dust from road traffic and construction are the leading containments for decreasing air quality. In rural communities, while commercial waste management companies pick up trash on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, open burning of trash is very common. Wildfires and open trash burning represent half of the town’s air pollution sources. There have not been any harmful effects from air pollutants detected or linked to causing illness, diseases, or cancer. The economy is affected when open burning gets out of control and results in wildfires. There is only a volunteer fire department that consists of volunteers from surrounding communities in the county. There are two different entities that provide water to the town. The local water company supplies people who live inside the city limits, and the county supplies water to the people who live outside of the city limits. Cooper uses rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes for water usage. Cooper also receives water from a watershed, Sulphur Headwaters, located in the county. (Scoreboard.com 1999) The Sulphur and South Sulphur River and the Big Creek Lake, two of Cooper’s water reservoirs, did not meet all requirements for certifying the safety of the water. The county is required to test the water for over 97 containments and notify the community in writing with an annual report. The report lists tests for lead and copper, total organic carbon, cryptosporidium, and coliform. “As of 2006, Turbidity was found as a result of soil runoff. While it does not have any health effects, it can disrupt disinfection and provide a medium for microbial growth that can cause nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and headaches.” (Delta County MUD 2006) The community of Cooper may not have to worry themselves with smog in the air or stock up on bottle water, but they do need to be aware of potential effects from the air and water. Elderly, infants, cancer patients and others with immune problems are vulnerable to contaminants. By staying alert of the risks of water and air pollutants and how they are introduced into the atmosphere, will help to maintain a safe environment and decrease illnesses.
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what should i do?

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my husband went out for burgers about an hour ago, it should have only taken 15mins and there is a snow storm outside, he didn't take his cell phone and i can't get my car out of the drive way. what should i do?
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help with climate change for skul?

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I have to write a one page proposal on how physics can help effect climate change....any ideas what i could do it on???
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When do you start believing in Global warming ??

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It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create in allusion of rapid global warming. http://www.info-on-global-warming.com
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As a human who lived here 200 years ago with only 1/4 % of the pollution as now, what advice do you have 4 us?

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and, do you wish us good or do you wish us harm?
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Science is theory?

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Science is theory, not fact (until it can be proven). And, yes, I am a physical scientist, so I know what I am saying. Global warming is a theory that some scientists ascribe to, with the political backing of certain "environmentalists." The fact that temperatures are rising as population is rising (there is a lot of data to debunk this theory, by the way) does not mean that it is attributable to human activity. It most likely is just a coincidence. This is less of a question, and more of a discussion starter.
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what do you call a taxi company that runs on bio fuel any ideas?

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what do you call a taxi company that runs on bio fuel any ideas?
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