Who first stated the global warming was caused by CO2? Where can I find the original article or statement?

Asked By: Vivian
Who first stated the global warming was caused by CO2? Where can I find the original article or statement?
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Why is Sonic using stryofoam cups?

Asked By: erbandgerbchuza
Is it any different then a restaurant using throw away plastic cups?
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what is the define problem to RECYCLE???? tell 1 or more?

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I'm doing a project for recycling I want to make the people to start recycling but I dont know how if you give some ideas.....new name to recycle and to do some visual design????
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How much carbon dioxide is produced from the burning of fossil fuels?

Asked By: Valerie C
I just read that 1 kg of fossil fuel burnt produces 3 kg of carbon dioxide. The reason given was simple - 1 carbon atom is combined with 2 oxygen atoms. I don't understand this - can someone please explain it to me? Thanks.
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What is climate change? cooling or Warming?

Asked By: PushUP
My lecturer didnt agree with global warming. As he told that now we r in beginning of high sun activity period. Release of greenhouse gases (GHG) will increase temperature up to some extent. when temperature increases then lots of watervapours will goes up and that lead to formation of massive cloud.That cloud will prevent sunlight to come down to the earth then sudden cooling will occurs. He further said that role of could is not understood yet. Can some scholars discuss on this point. Thank you.
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How much solar energy could we capture?

Asked By: Alex G
If we had the right tech. how much solar energy could we harvest here on earth if we had somthing 100% efficient at capturing the suns rays? how much energy would that be equal to? thanks
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Is California washing its hands of the 'Man-did-it' Global Warming cause?

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Interesting Voting results in Cali: "Nov 05, 2008 Green Initiatives Get Slaughtered in California, Will Media Notice? By Noel Sheppard Californians by very wide margins defeated two green initiatives that anthropogenic global warming enthusiasts in the media and in legislative houses across the fruited plain should take heed...but will they? To begin with, Proposition 7 would have required utilities to generate 40 percent of their power from renewable energy by 2020 and 50 percent by 2025. Proposition 10 would have created $5 billion in general obligation bonds to help consumers and others purchase certain high fuel economy or alternative fuel vehicles, and to fund research into alternative fuel technology. Much to the likely chagrin of Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his global warming sycophants in the media, these measures went down, and went down in flames: Proposition 7 Renewable Energy Generation Yes 3,294,158 35.1% No 6,102,907 64.9% Proposition 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Yes 3,742,997 40.1% No 5,581,303 59.9% Will global warming-obsessed media share this news with the citizenry? Shouldn’t this be HUGE news given President-elect Obama’s green sympathies and his desire to enact a carbon cap and trade scheme to reduce carbon dioxide emissions? We’ll see." http://vote.sos.ca.gov/Returns/props/59.htm
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Can the Tsunami has change the weather of earth?

Asked By: fiberlink58
Because the change of earth spin axel.
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How to convert an electric car?

Asked By: Mr.bea
I am considering converting a gas to electric car. Thinking if finding a used forklift motor.Has anyone had any experience doing this.
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Can or should the US rely on OilCO's & OPEC to transition away from fossil fuels to better energy resources?

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According to Classic Economic Theory they should want to that if they can earn the profits needed to stay in the energy and fuels businesses!
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