What's more harmful: second hand smoke or car exhaust smoke?

Asked By: Rob
In terms of carcinogenic damage, what is more harmful? As far as the comparison details, say hypothetically: - being in a room at a reasonable distance with a person smoking compared to - being at a reasonable distance to a busy street. Has this sortof comparison ever been done before? I'm curious what's worse.
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If food was grown in three dimensions in order to grow 100 times per acre wouldn't it end world hunger?

Asked By: Stan S
If it was done on a large enough scale? Wouldn't it take up far less ground area then we use today allowing the land to be renaturalized as well? Wouldn't this employ a lot of people who would otherwise be doing things like slash and burn deforestation in the rainforest for farming and provide enough food and profit for prosperiety a middle class and sustainible development as well? Would this make sense to do to make cities more sustainible by having them produce there own food near themselves? Wouldn't this help civilization to reverse it's sprawling out in all directions to feed and supply itself trend that it's been on since it's begginning thats been destroying the wild environment the whole time?
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how come stupid people believe in global warming?

Asked By: Anonymous
how come stupid people believe in global warming?
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Fuel Efficiency - Are you benefitting?

Asked By: Charlie S
Hey, I would like to know are any of you doing something about the fuel prices? I have a diesel car which I recently started using Biodiesel in. I made the biodiesel at home by myself and it's really really easy. I save so much money per month on doing this, are any of you helping the cause or saving money by doing this? If you are interested check out this review on making your own biodiesel then really consider it. It seriously works and helped me. http://biodiesel.reviewfunnel.com/ If you don't want to consider it please tell me why not
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is the endangered species of the tiger rate going higher or lower?

Asked By: Anonymous
Are many dying now then before or are they multiplying?
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What is a biofuel??

Asked By: M
I am kind of confused. It is not a fossil fuel, such as oil, right??
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do you have your own favorite places around where you live?

Asked By: Anonymous
like places you go to think, or places where you just enjoy the scenery? i do... i like cosgrey park ohio. just a little park place i love.
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Can we avoid great climate changes, such as another ice age or a greenhouse effect?

Asked By: Anonymous
How can we decide what to do whn the science is uncertain and the risk is great?
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What is the highest mountain in Australia?What is the date of the climb?

Asked By: Anonymous
What is the highest mountain in Australia?What is the date of the climb?
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Wildlife in Phoenix, Arizona?

Asked By: Anonymous
I am writing a story and having some problems with something. Can anyone tell me what kind of large predatory animals live in Phoenix, AZ and it's surrounding areas?
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