How do I research a method for recycling or repurposing a waste product from my company?

Asked By: cedorris
My company prints a type of plastic that is currently unable to be repurposed or recycled. We throw out tons of scrap plastic and would love to have a viable recycling option. Where would I go to research methods for recycling this scrap? Would a University or other organization be able to help with this? Who would I contact and how could I learn more?
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Are the big oil companies really spending enough on developing alternative energy?

Asked By: Bam Bam Obama
Go to BP's alternative energy website and you'll notice that they plan on spending 8 billion dollars over the next 10 years on alternative energy R&D. This includes solar, wind, hydrogen and natural gas. Given the fact that we're in a state of complete disarray with the oil situation in our world with many factors contributing to refinery shortages, crude production, etc., you would think that big-oil would be spending a few more dollars on the alternatives. With that said, is BP, et al just giving us all lip service or are they serious about finding a better way. I know that they want their profits to keep rolling in based upon their current business model, but there will come a time when the old way of doing business costs too much (exploration, hurricanes, wars, etc). Your thoughts on how we can help push them into embracing these technologies and making them viable alternatives for real world applications.
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GLobal Warming by CHris spence?

Asked By: Just Curious
Everyone ever read the book that had to write a report on it, or has a good summary?
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i need a list of things nature provides us with?

Asked By: Sushilove
like animals to eat or cotton for clothes etc
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Do you take Al Gore serially?

Asked By: Anonymous
Do you take Al Gore serially?
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If the United States took radical actions to deal with environmental issues...?

Asked By: Earthling
but China, Russia, India and most of Africa took NO actions to adapt... would the US's efforts be in vain?
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Asked By: CheerChic1022
Why is it that Antratica is way south,but really cold??? Do people even live there?
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Is there any organization or company in alexandria that would support us in our environmental project?

Asked By: lumos
Me and my friends in (Egypt-Alexandria) are part of the Global Environmental Youth Convention taking part in August 2008 in (China). And we were part of it last year in Dubai and took the 1st place prize in the Paper Waste project. In part 3(starting now) of our course we have to do a project related to sustainable development and the environment. We need an organization or company or hotel or supermarket or resort(any of the kind) that would be eager to support our project and idea "by carrying/trying them out". We are going to be dealing with (Waste recycling/reducing) issue. e.g. reducing usage of paper and recycling. or reducing the usage of plastic. I urgently need to find it. Thanks in advance.
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How to attract red fox kits? Please click before you make assumptions.?

Asked By: AtcyJAC
I want to know how to attract a fox. Particulary young kits. What noises smells lights whatever! Something that will attract a young red fox. But anything will do even if it only attracts adult foxes but would prefer them to be young kits. Is there anything you can also do that will make them like you and feel comfortable around you? I would appreciate anything you can tell me! I dont wnt to take one out of the wild as a pet or "eat" one as one person put it and have NO intentions on hurting one! I do consider myself a minor expert on foxes but not an expert, expert. Just a novice expert. I want to learn a little more about foxes. I do know how you should care for one and what to feed it just asking just in case there is something I am not aware of.Thank you and God Bless!
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Should we boycott GM for crushing 70+ Saturn Electric Cars in CA?

Asked By: BC
Watch the documentary "Who killed the electric car" and judge for yourself. I will never buy a GM car again.
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