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non-christians, athiests, and anyone else can answer this question for me please?

Asked By: Anonymous
for those who feel that we have been lied to about christianity and fed crap about christ by religious fundamentals: who would actually have the guts to wear this on a t-shirt in the U.S. bible belt as a symbol of free speech/expression... p.s. Im not a satanist, but a "born-again atheist" who just wants to be left alone by fundies
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How is a gay Bahá'í supposed to seek medical help for their 'condition'?

Asked By: Canchito
The Bahá'í scriptures say that homosexuality is an illness, therefore how is a gay Bahá'í supposed to seek help for it if medical professionals don't view it as such?
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If Asked: What would you say is the average penis size?

Asked By: kat_5
If Asked: What would you say is the average penis size?
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How can "God" be dead when it never existed to start with?

Asked By: Anonymous
What are your thoughts about this statement? If you think that this "god" everyone keeps going on about is in fact real, then please can someone provide some hard evidence that would be permissable in a court of law in china. BTW No answers like "Look at the world around you" This is NOT proof of god... also, no quotes from any holy books please, as this also proves nothing.
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You say you cannot believe in things unmeasurable, and yet you do, without beginning or end?

Asked By: Lover of God
God claims to have no beginning or ending. You say that is impossible, but I submit to you, that you measure your days every day with time. Time has no end, unless you relate it to something. Moments elapse prior to existence and forever after. When did time begin? If you say with the big bang, how long was it before the big bang. We invented the term "time" but moments have always elapsed, it has always been there, and it always will be there. If the earth ends---time goes on, moments still pass. They never really began but always have been. God is not a man, But God is a consciousness. Consider this--if God is a universal consciousness--why couldn't He--like time---have always existed and always exist. Is there a place where time is not passing? In any galaxy--that would explain omnipresence--God can be everywhere just like moments elapse everywhere. Food for thought, what do you think??? What direction does time move?
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How do I meet people in a rural area (Tri-Cities)?

Asked By: Anonymous
Hey, I'm from the suburbs of detroit, I had a huge network of friends, and really cool people to talk to, and now I'm moving to Washington state in a rural part. The tri-cities to be exact, and to be more exact benton city. I'm worried that in a town with a population of 2006 people, I won't be able to find anyone with my interests and knack for fun. It sucks to leave behind all of your friends, but I've done it before, however I just moved to another city. Not a small town. I enjoy people with intelligence, people with something to say. Wordly people.
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I don't want to be tacky...?

Asked By: Maryam
There is this friend whom I really love; and whom I lost contact with over the past 7 months or so. Anyway, I want to send her, her boyfriend, and her mom (who lives with them) Christmas gifts to say that I still see them as friends. My problem is I do not remember her mother's name. I've seen her mother at least twice before; but I can't remember her name... And I'll be mailing all three gifts in one big box each then wrapped and addressed separately. How should I address her mom's gift without being tacky? Especially that I do remember her saying her name to me when I first met her.
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I was wondering if this is gay?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm a 15 year old male. I often want to look at penises. I always tend to stare at penises, at my home and in the locker room. I often think about penises. However, I never think, nor do I want, to have sex with a man. Penises attrack me. So do women. I try to talk to woman, just as I do with men. Is this gay? Somewhat gay? Why do I think like this?
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Do angels like cats?

Asked By: FF
They visit houses with cats in them, but not houses with dogs. Is there a reason?
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What is the difference between a wake and visitation?

Asked By: leachatelizzard
What is the difference between a wake and visitation?
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