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anyone with info on the south?

Asked By: dittty2003
1 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

What is the best branch of the military?

Asked By: JA
What is the best branch of the military?
7 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

I live in the Caribbean, I like to donate to the poor,?

Asked By: triniunispy
I like to give to the poor and their is this children's home a couple blocks from where I live, I try to give what I can but I would like to do more. Where can I get free stuff for countries out side of the U.S, Canada?
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How many kids in the lewisville tx school district are on the free lunch program?

Asked By: Anonymous
How do I find out the number of kids requiring a free or reduced fee lunch in the lewisville indedpent school district?
1 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Have you ever done anything to help the needy?

Asked By: t j
If so, what is your favorite way to help. Or..what is your favorite memory of being helpful. I'm trying to get ideas, of ways in which I can reach out to others during this Christmas season, and I'm not sure what to do. My favorite memory was walking through Phila with one of my friends (we were just hanging around. We were both about 20) and we saw a homeless man lying in a cardboard box. I asked my friend if that guy was for real, and he said of course. Not everyone has a house to sleep in, in this world. My heart just sunk to the floor. I couldn't imagine anyone actually sleeping inside of a box..and out in the cold like that. It just broke my heart. I told my friend that we had to go, and find a way to help. So we took the train home, and I thought and thought of how I could help. I didn't have much money, and I didn't have many ideas. The only thing my mind kept focusing on was that the man was very skinny. So I told my buddy that I decided to make pb&j sandwiches. I didn't want to give them anything perishable. So I made about fifty sandwiches, and wrapped each one and filled all the bread wrappers back up with the sandwiches, and some napkins. We got back on the train, and we walked for ever, looking for that man. We got so tired, and it was getting late and we couldn't find him. My friend said to me in his naive (yeah, like I wasn't?) voice "Gees, where's all the homeless people at?" All of a sudden, this little man came out with a great big smile and said "Here I am!" So we gave him a loaf of sandwiches. We were talking about how cute that was, when we found that little old man again. He must have moved his box to a different area, and he was all curled up inside, next to his bible. I put 2 loaves of sandwiched next to him and we hurried up and walked away. We went looking for others to feed with our pb&j, and as we circled back around, we came back around where the little old man was. He had his arm around the loaves of sandwiches and he was smiling in his sleep. It was really very touching. Especially for someone who despite many disastrous circumstances, has pretty much lived a sheltered life. I want to find a way to help people like that again this Christmas season, but with something better than pb&j. LOL Any ideas guys? Thanks so much :)
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Does anyone know the fastest,safest, and best way to donate money to the Cyclone victims in Bangladesh?

Asked By: Anonymous
Salaam Alaykum, With my sincerest prayers to the victims of the storm...Inshallah you and your loved ones are safe and protected tonight..I feel in my heart a deep loss. I cannot travel at the moment. I feel compelled to do something in addition to my prayers...I can offer a donation...but to which agency is best that finacial and other aid is help being distributed to the survivor's? Please those of all faiths can respond. Cruel and mean postings please do not post..I kindly request. Wasalaam
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Resources for Home ownership?

Asked By: geminijeanna
Anyoen know of any foundations or not for profits - other than habitat for humanity that help people find adequate housing - I am looking for things on a national level - not locally.
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Where can I find a Copy of the 2 nd Degree ceremony the original Brotherhood ceremony in the order of the ar?

Asked By: Ethan R
Where can I find a Copy of the 2 nd Degree ceremony the original Brotherhood ceremony in the order of the ar?
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Are you in need of advice?

Asked By: seekbunny
Of course you are. Otherwise, why would you be browsing an answers site? I'm working on an unofficial advice column, and would love some questions to answer. If you're tired of people not answering questions, or not taking your questions seriously, feel free to direct all advice-related questions to me! just email
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does anyone live in columbus Ohio?

Asked By: Anonymous
i'm just wondering
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