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Do the "black' U.S. troops have to deal with racism and the threat of death from the iraqi resistance..?

Asked By: benayamin y
I know that from the comments I see on this site and on youtube..racism is alive and well in the hearts of many white americans. yet "black" soldiers male and female continue to fight and die for this nations wars. are these same racists minds that I see on the internet and at my job, also in the foxhole? why do whites hate us on site for the color of our skin without even knowing us personally. Why is it that we can fight and die in a U.S. soldier uniform..but we cannot live and share equality at home? How much more of the don imus and hannity mencia can a soldier who is under attack from his enemies enemies take?
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Why do people say "That's a whole nother story" when 'another' is one word. There's no whole in it.

Asked By: Fun Haver
Why do people say "That's a whole nother story" when 'another' is one word. There's no whole in it.
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Why do most Americans think that the world is begging and dying to live in their country?

Asked By: Armchair Warrior
I for one would prefer to live in Holland.
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Opinions on something, please?

Asked By: Anonymous
Everyone will grow up one day. And it’s because you become smart. And once you have become smart, you have lost your innocence and are never able to return to your Neverland. It’s hard for people to accept this. That the reality we live in is quite atrocious. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up. Because in this reality people can still be good and see the beauty that’s all around us. Lately I’ve been lost. I’ve been confused. And I didn’t know what to do. I guess I didn’t want to let go of that innocence. So, it held me back in the dark. But recently I spoke to a wise man that told me something that I wish to share. He knew what had been going on in my life and I came to him for advice. He said to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I did so and he placed something in them. I looked and saw nothing, so I asked him what he gave me. He said “I gave you your life. I know you have been faithful to me and this is something I treasure deeply. Please, take care of it for me. Do me this one favor.” I promised him I would do my absolute best to take care of it. But then I told him that sometimes its hard to take care of such a precious thing when I live in this world full of darkness. And he replied with “Life is black to you. But do you know what colors make black? All the colors you could ever imagine. So instead of looking at them all together take time and look at each one carefully. Find what each color means and enjoy it. Once you have done that then you will be able to see how beautiful black is. I said “Couldn’t you say the same for white?” He replied “Black is life and white is death. Once you find what the color black truly is and what it truly means then you will be able to see white.” Now instead of looking at black, I’m trying to see all the colors this world is made of. Because I want to see the beauty in black. And I made a promise. I know this probably sounds like a stupid chain letter, but it’s not. It’s something I wanted to say. I just wanted your opinions on this. To see if this could help anyone. To inspire anyone. Thank you.
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Do you think the high school dropout rate in the USA will increase or decrease over the next century? Why?

Asked By: Anonymous
Do you see more people getting on welfare as well in the next century?
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what did you fear the most as a child?

Asked By: Anonymous
:| i didnt like those damn California Raisins :| my mother had a California raisins doll sitting in the window, and i swear the bytch was looking at me. lmao. http://www.bowesproductions.com/images/bio_jeff_raisins.jpg what did yall fear?
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Track House question?

Asked By: MainEvent
What exactly is a Track House or Track House Party?
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whats the women nature...? i can't understand all my life..? its really one of the biggest mystry of my life.

Asked By: husbandandwife
i just want to know about women nature....? the quastion is very simple ..i think every body should give me answer of this quastion ...it doest matter whats the answer but you should give me answer of this simple answer..thanks
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My boyfriend is short, fit, and white. I'm tall, thick, and black?

Asked By: Anonymous
Ok so I'm 5'11 and my boyfriend is 5'8 My issue is not that he's white. My issue is that he's shorter than me by a lot. And it' not like I'm tall and thin; I'm tall and thick so my legs are bigger than his. What can/should I do? Plus I hate not knowing if people are staring because we're interracial, or staring because I'm bigger/taller than him?
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What can I do to make sure my little sister dosen't touch drugs?

Asked By: Anonymous
She hasn't shown any indication that she will, but i'm scared for her, How can I make sure my sister will never do drugs?
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