Ducks enforcer?

Asked By: Bob Loblaw
It looks like someone is going to owe me a big fat apology. I mentioned yesterday that Selanne and Neidermeyer are getting ready to retire and you said, I quote " ARE YOU FU**CKED!!!Scott Neidermeyer is NOT going to retire stupid. You wasted points by posting this question. Today an article comes out at "Scott Neidermeyer contemplating retirement." Sorry to waste more points but who is fu**ed now?
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what should i do about this?

Asked By: Tyler M
ok theres this grade 9 and a grade 8 that got in a fight today and im in grade 7 the grade got in trouble and had to go to the office my brother hwo is the president at jr high talked to him and he got mad. so he said he was gonna get my brother but my brother said he couldnt cause he was president so he said hes gonna get the presidents brother who is me what should i do today i faked sick so i could go home what should i do tomorrow
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Paul Stastny or Patrick Sharp?

Asked By: Rich
Ok, here's another one. Patrick Sharp has more points with 16, but i hear u ppl saying stuff like, stastny is the real deal, or stastny is the future. So reply immediately
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Why isn't Jeremy Roenick in NHL 08?

Asked By: Marcus W
He is, for some reason, not at all in NHL 08 for PC, does any one know why?
4 Answer(s) · 15 years ago

Do you think hockey would be better if the goalie carried a 357 magnum?

Asked By: Help me out
And the Zamboni was a tank?
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If a player goes up the ice and passes it and then gets off for a change, the puck holder scores...?

Asked By: LED ZEP66
that guy will get and assist. but when a person scores, everyone on the ice gets a +1. will the passer get a +1 or just a point for the assist. has that ever happend before?
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What best/ safest & practical apartment to live in Bellevue, WA?

Asked By: mai m
no kids, just have a small dog
2 Answer(s) · 14 years ago

What should I know for tonight to enjoy my first hockey game?

Asked By: Anonymous
I don't know much about hockey but my girlfriend is really into it. We got tickets to the Sharks/Ducks game tonight and I don't want to bug her with all my questions. So please, can someone who knows a lot about hockey and/or the Sharks/Ducks just let me know the basics? All I know is that you try to get the puck into the opposite goal and you have to do it with a stick while on ice skates.
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who gonna win the Stanley cup ?

Asked By: Anonymous
who gonna win the stanley cup this year. Ducks from anaheim or senator or ottawa? i prefere the Ducks as the senator and what do you think? Monday the played at ottawa and ducks wined and if the win the second game at anaheim the gonna win the stanley cup and if the win i will wear my shirt for them for the rest of the week, it's what i told to my friends.
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How come the only girls that are into hockey are fat?

Asked By: Anonymous
Just something i've noticed in the crowd on tv & when I go to events
10 Answer(s) · 13 years ago