where can I find a gay beach in Los angeles CA. Or near LA?

Asked By: player 69
Hi I live in LA California,and want to find a beach where me and my partner can go without fear?
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how much does it cost to fly to portugal from the us?

Asked By: Anonymous
i plan on doing that soon
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Ibiza 2007 Sept - Solo !?

Asked By: Anonymous
i want to go to ibiza on Sept 15 until the 30th people say the closing parties are the best on the island ? What would u say ? By the way im goig solo no one of my mates can come would i have fun there by my self ? if anyone going on my dates please let me know we might get together.. What is the best place to stay and how much money one can take with him. i want to rent a car too ... What are the best sites for Ibiza ? Thanks...
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Best & cheapest way to transfer money from UK to Canada?

Asked By: bershka
I need to transfer 700 Canadian dollars from my Lloyds TSB account to my landlord in Montreal, Canada. Is it best to do a wire transfer, Western Union money order, paypal, or another method? I want to pay as little fees as I can. Thanks!
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Have you heard/been to the Bellagio "V.I.P." room?

Asked By: a lady
There is this room near the lobby at the Bellagio in Las Vegas that seems to be some kind of VIP or Members Only area. It's kind of hidden, you can see the door if you don't know where to look. Me and my sister would always try to sneak in there when we visit. They serve finger desserts and tea and coffee. I think their huge chocolate covered strawberries are the best. The first time my sister took me there we got a few teabags and chocolate strawberries, but a lady approached us and asked for our room cards. My sister gave them a fake one saying a friend lent it to us, but we were made and we just got up and left. The second time we went we didn't really have a back-up plan to get out, but we just went in, sat and had some tea and strawberries, and left without getting caught. But on the third time, the minute we stepped foot we got kicked out. I was wondering what room that place actually was and who has been there before. Do you have to be some sort of hotel member to be allowed in that area without getting kicked out?
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Are there supermarket stores in NY like WalMart, Carrefour, HVM, ASDA, etc?

Asked By: oaspice
Specially around Times Square, Central Park, Madison Ave, or nearby? For many reasons, I love visiting those places when traveling, but I don't know what is the main chain supermarket store in NY? Or where they may be?
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Need advise on overnight parking in downtown San Francisco, CA. Safe and not too expensive. Any advise?

Asked By: hyperNRG
Will be there w/ my small family, and staying at The Donatello on Post Street for one week. Parking charge at the hotel is so expensive (USD35/night). Any recommendation on cheap and safe overnight parking garage in the area, with walking distance to the hotel. Your help will be highly appreciated!
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Are art tubes allowed as carry-ons ?

Asked By: aeroquesce
My art tube is about 41 inches long and it has a diameter of 3.5 inches. It is black plastic with a nylon strap. It is expandable/retractable but I need it to be that length in order to bring my work with me (large painting on unstretched canvas) I will be flying from NY (LGA) to Miami International in January with American Airlines. Is my tube allowed as a carry-on or do I have to check it in with the baggage?
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Help - Need to be FCO at 3:45am (Rome to Chgo) - need advice on hotel room and transportation to airport?

Asked By: Anonymous
Looking for moderately pricing hotel within close proximity to FCO Airport. Thanks!
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How long will the flags remain at Halve mast?

Asked By: Mr. H
How long will the flags remain at Halve mast?
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