Top things to do & see in Cayman Islands?

Asked By: Anonymous
Top things to do & see in Cayman Islands?
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i want to buy a villa in egypt do they mind people having summer homes but they only visit every 2 years or so?

Asked By: Moe S
i want to buy a villa there and im going this summer so i need help
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Are there subway stops near all of the CUNY schools, such as CCNY, Hunter College, etc?

Asked By: cowboys fan
I will most likely be living in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan and I was wondering if I could take the subway from my apartment all the way to school (i will be attending one of those two).
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When was Israel created?

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1. When was Israel created? Was it after WW2? Who had the land before the creation after WW2? 2. Why and by whom? 3. Whose land was it to begin with? 4. Has Israel grown in size over the years? 5. Is it right for Palestinians to complain/fight back for what is theirs? 6. If you were to be told this could become WW3 ( World War 3 ), WHO WOULD YOU BLAME?
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Do I have to go through customs and security (again) if I'm just catching a connecting flight?

Asked By: Diana
I'm flying from Sweden to Greece, but I have to catch a connecting flight in London. I was just wondering if I'd have to go through security and customs in the U.K. if I only need to catch a connecting flight out of the country. It would be nice if I didn't.
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Any Help??

Asked By: Claire S
I'm going to Egypt on Saturday and was wondering what the best things to see/do are?? I'm 19 and going with my boyfriend who is 23. Also what do you think the weather will be like this time of year??
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which job shall i accept?

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asalam alaykom bro and sis ,if you remember me ,i`m ahmad hassan ,a graduate from faculty of science in the field of special microbiology with a very good degree with degree of honor ,anyway i got a job offer ,to work in faragallah with salary 275 L.E basic+90 (not constant but top bonus is 90) ,no vacation for first 6 months ,work is 12 hr+4 transportation ,work is in form of shifts i.e sometimes at night and other at day time ,no vacation during official celebrations of egypt and they said sometimes there are work in friday only good thing is that i get experience ,and i work as an microbiological engineer i.e with my specialty or there is another job working in cyber salary 300L.E no vacation but friday after pray ,i may gain more money by copying CD,downloading files
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Can any one tell me please..what is the meaning of "time sharing" and how do we operate..?

Asked By: cheekhajo
I have been told about" time sharing " ..It look like we will have some place to stay abroad ..but is this possible..and how..??
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Are there vacation/expedition packages in Canada to club baby seals.?

Asked By: James P
I have always wanted to join the seal hunt in Canada. Are there any guided expeditions?
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Where can I read news about celebrities coming to Malaysia?

Asked By: ♡。✿*゚’゚・✿。☆╮conn1e l
Today I found out on the newspaper that John Woo came to Malaysia but I didn't hear anything about the news.. I wanted to know which is best site for this kind of entertainment news.
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