Adoption possible?

Asked By: Anonymous
Is it possible for a non Jewish family to adopt a Jewish child from an orphanage in Israel? Does anybody know how this is handled in the USA or other countries? Thanks in advance.
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does usps express ship on saturdays?

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I ordered a pair of grillz from an internet company. I selected usps express yesterday about 7:30 P.M. Can it come today which is saturday because i ordered it yesterday. Was it to late last night
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damage to hotel room in London--what were my legal rights and the hotel's legal rights?

Asked By: Anonymous
when i was in London with friends about 5 years ago, we had a really bad time. lots of bad things happened but what i'm asking about is this: my curling iron burst into flames (even with a converter thing) on the desk which had glass covering the wood...i was about to douse it with a glass of water when this guy who tagged along on the trip leaps through the door and throws the thing on the floor, causing the carpet to burn. before we could leave, the front desk people said i had to pay $600 for the damage (it was small spot like maybe 5 inches in diameter). i didn't think i should have to but of course i was young and afraid they would arrest me or something. we couldn't get in touch with anyone on the phone in the states. so, what should i have done?
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North Las Vegas compared with other parts?

Asked By: luvrgrl18
Is North Las Vegas a nice place to live?
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Flea Market in Houston, TX?

Asked By: joe
my brother went to this flea market in Houston Texas about 5 months ago but forgot the location of it the only thing he remembers is that i had a name like "Estrella"(Spanish for star) or maybe its in English "Star" but anyways he said there where like three different flea markets in that area and one of them was "Estrella" or "Star" well thats all the info he could remember
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who is the BEST DENTIST in INDIA?

Asked By: L.E.B.
can you please hook me up with the names / websites or phone numbers or addresses of the BEST COSMETIC DENTISTS in India? I want a dentist who is FAMOUS (works with celebrities) , with great reputation, and cares about his or her reputation. I need to 1) change my crowns (upper teeth) 2) perform an implant (bone implant to replace a tooth root) 3) whiten teeth (lower teeth) 4) clean up (tartar , treat decays etc...)
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How can I get an address of someone from Chihuahua,Mexico,they have no phone !!! Urgent...Nina?

Asked By: Anonymous
I only know the last name of the ranch...Gutierrez.
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What are some good Cuban salsa artists?

Asked By: prepsk8er
What are some good Cuban salsa songs and artists?
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What are some native animals to Mexico?

Asked By: Harsh
Please describe where the animals are found and their name. Thanks! =]
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How much does a taxi from LaGuardia to Long Island?

Asked By: Concerned
I need to take a cab from LaGuardia airport in New York to Oceanside (Long Island). Is there a set fare for that, and how much should it cost?
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