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Are you as sick to death as I am about racing series' squabbles?

Asked By: irl.kanaan_fan
IRL, CCWS, Nascar: They're all GREAT series', packed with loads of talent worthy of our admiration. WHY must the fans vehemently bicker about which is "THE BEST"? Can't folks just enjoy their preferences without ignorantly comparing apples to oranges? Each series seems to have it's own particular strengths and weaknesses (as well as plenty of drivers/teams/sponsors with squabbles amongst themselves, to boot!), so who can say which is "BETTER"? If YOU like one or the other; enjoy yourself! Attend their events, PAY for your tickets to show your support, yak it up with other fans on the message boards, and keep your vile mouth shut when it comes to "OTHER" leagues (because you're boring when you gripe about something you know nothing about -- other than it's not your fave!) It's all just so juvenile...
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What do you all find to talk about on here after the season is over?

Asked By: Anonymous
I'm not on here all the time, as I get bored and will go back to knitting or something else instead of sitting at the computer all the time. I'm sorry, but it's kind of a slow night, and if it's this slow now, what goes on during the longest 3 1/2 months of the year? You can't talk about Junior and the 88 all winter, or can you? Maybe you'll all just be talking about what a great champion Tony Stewart is...=)
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who will win the 2007 AMA Supercross Series?

Asked By: jc7rc4
James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, or Chad Reed i say Bubba Stewart
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Is Kyle Petty a Disapointment?

Asked By: Anonymous
Is Kyle Petty a Disapointment?
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How do NASCAR pit crews get the holes lined up and the tires on so quickly?

Asked By: ?
There must be some trick they use because the NEVER miss the lug bolts.
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images of 2000 world vet champions at glen helen race track?

Asked By: brian m
over 40 junior class
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How do you become a pro rally racer?

Asked By: Anonymous
How do you get started if you are not born rich enough to buy publicity. Who do you need to impress? Where do you start? Would a canadian have any chance at this dream?
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NASCAR TRIVIA---Can you name this driver?

Asked By: Jeff C
My first career win came in the Daytona 500, while it was supposed to be a happy occasion I ended up crying. Although I have been close a few times I have never won on a short track. My loud mouth can sometimes get me in trouble but it can also make me alot of money too. My current sponsor has been with me for awhile. My car # is the same as Ted Musgrave's during his rookie year. Ok enough hints and clues....can you name this driver? Good luck and have fun with it.
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What exactly is the NHRA "Pit Pass"?

Asked By: Anonymous
um,okay,so i plan on buying two tickets (for me and my dad for his birthday to the september 20th dallas races) and i have no idea what the Pit Pass is... lol. thanks for any help! god bless, <3
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I'm no #18 fan, but do ya'll think it's fare that Toyota gets penalized for testing harder over the off season

I'm no #18 fan, but do ya'll think it's fare that Toyota gets penalized for testing harder over the off season
7 Answer(s) · 15 years ago